The Alpha Made My Dream Come True

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Chapter 5 part 2

Xavier's pov

The next morning…

I plan on telling her today, and make her dreams come true. To start off the conversation I got her a romance book about werewolves, so I don't seem like a weirdo just bringing up werewolves. I know she loves to read, I saw it in her eyes when we entered my library. She was so excited to see I had my own personal library, which I hope to share with her one day. She loves books which made my wolf mad because he does not want her loving anything but me, but I had to keep control.

I know I only just met her but I love her so much, the bond is strong, but I am nervous to tell her, she is my mate but she is not a werewolf so I don't know if she can feel the bond, or if it is as strong for her as it is for me. I have never been so nervous in my life, I am the big bad Alpha, I am not supposed to be nervous, but I am. She is my weakness, she was right, she just does not know that it is her that is my weakness. She doesn't even know what she does to me, when she smiles, when she laughs, or even just the sound of her voice, makes my heart melt. Whenever I touch her it is like fireworks. I hope she feels them too.

Alexa's pov

I never told anyone my dreams to have a werewolf mate, except for Katie. The worst part is I can't talk to her about it, my parents made me promise to keep this a secret. It kills me to not be able to talk about it, but it is for the best. Even though she was super supportive I could tell she thought I was a little crazy. If I told her then she probably would've thought I went bonkers, she might have forced me to go to therapy. It's just I am lonely, I want somebody to love. I might have a major crush on Xavier and feel this pull towards him but he would never want to be with me. I am nothing special, I am just some crazy girl who is obsessed with werewolves. Whereas he is the most extraordinary person in the whole world, he is hot, handsome, tall, very muscular, and in my opinion he has the best name. I don't know why but I love his name. His smile is something I would kill for, it brightens my day. But I don't want to get hurt so it would probably be best if I distanced myself from him. Yes, that is exactly what I should do to avoid getting hurt.

My last hope of love is crushed, nobody would like me so I have always had a tiny hope that werewolves were real and I would have a mate, but that could never happen in the position I am in.

Today I have to go to school, but I have been crying and my eyes are bloodshot red, and the only way to hide them is putting on sunglasses. People will think I have a hangover on my second day but that is better than them knowing I have been crying. So I sneak out of the house so I don't have to face my parents. After I ran in my room they confronted me, and said they know I have been reading werewolf books even though they told me not to.

Xavier's pov

When I got to school I went to search for Alexa but she always got away, when I entered a hallway I would smell her scent but it would quickly disappear, during class she managed to switch places with another person, and during lunch she wasn't there. It pissed me and my wolf off that she was avoiding me. But she won't be able to avoid me in English because we have a project to do.

Alexa's pov

When I get in English class Xavier waves me over to the seat next to him, I don't want to be rude and we do have a project to work on so I reluctantly take the seat right next to him. So far trying to ignore and avoid Xavier so I don't get hurt is working okay, but I miss him for some strange reason and I want to be with him all the time. During lunch I was in the girls bathroom crying and so I had to put my sunglasses on. Slowly during the classes after that my eyes were not red anymore but then I left my last class 5 minutes early to "use the restroom" but really I was crying. But I hope Xavier does not notice.

"Hey Angela, where were you during lunch."

"I was in the library," I lied.

"No you weren't, I checked. What's up with the sunglasses?" Shit he noticed. Can he tell? After 10 seconds of silence he said,

"Okay, well since you're not going to answer I will get to the point, You have clearly been crying, I have seen you in the halls with the sunglasses on and when you did not have them on your eyes were a little pink, what happened?" Shit he noticed, I finally just got myself to calm down and then everything came back to me, I was trying so hard to ignore it. I tried to not let the tears fall but they did not listen. It was too much to handle, so I ran out of the class and out of the school and just kept running.

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