Dawn of Red Destiny

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Mysteries are cool and all, but what happens when your life becomes a mystery itself? Life ensures that you meet someone and may experience a situation for a very good reason. Evelyn Brooklyn leaves her little town in Keswick heading for the woods to sum up her documentary where she fortuitously explores Tyler Hechlin and why destiny brought them together. Evelyn highly conjectures that individuals meet each other either to uncover the past, understand the present or discover the future. Coming from a broken home could be connected to the perfect man she runs to ground. Can she and Tyler dent the chemistry that exploded between them after the denude?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 “There my alarm goes”

Knock, knock, knock and a loud BANG on the door of my wooden room made me bump off my bed to Cloyal screaming "I'm leaving in exactly ten minutes and nothing more".

With a lazy yawn I opened the sheet off my face and looked around. The rays of the awakening sun touched my mild skin with the utmost warmth.

I released a deep breath and walked my way to regard the priceless beauty of Keswick's lake Derwent-water, through the large French windows.

Fluffy clouds started gliding across the awakening sky while the golden sun is setting straight to the peak like an artist adding color on a black canvas.

I nudged the window open to hear little birds simultaneously tweeting to each other in a chorus playing around the famous iconic lake.

Keswick has always been a treasure to England, situated between the huge bulk of Skiddaw and the gentle beauty of lake Derwent-water.

I had to pause my admiration to run a quick shower to catch my brother before he leaves me.

I dressed into a pair of ripped black boyfriend jeans paired with a white laced tank top that settled just above my hip.

A messy bun with escaped bangs. I touched up my cheeks with a little pink blush and pulled a thick blue eyeliner placing the wing into the edges of my hazel eyes. And to seal my final look, a generous amount of pale pink lipstick.

I grabbed my RayBan, tossed in all my essentials for college into my crossover, oh! almost forgot my phone and AirPods. I rushed down the stairs and saw mom working.

"Maggie (in short for Margret Brooklyn which is Evelyn's mother's original name), good morning!" I whispered into her ear sealing a "love you" kiss on her soft forehead.

My busy mom hugged me with a heartfelt hug placing my oversized denim jacket on me.

I started sipping my coffee until she placed my breakfast in the crossover.

Cloyal drove me to college in his neon orange Lamborghini that was "THE" thing for him that helped turn heads of girls and boys alike at college.

Krystal and Cheryl, my best friends, were chilling across the cafeteria consumed in a deep conversation with Professor Jess probably discussing the end of semester results.

Krystal, Cheryl and I were considered nerds in class since we managed to hit the first three ranks despite not studying throughout the semester like the rest.

Krystal lives a few meters away from my house, in a gorgeous three-storey classic style house called the "Queensland Cottage".

We grew up together so it's fair to say that she has been my soul sister since childhood. Born in The States, she moved to Keswick when she was three.

She is gifted in the art of ballet and currently heads the ballet troupe at college. She is also the prettiest girl with blonde hair swaying gently as the breeze takes over and deceivingly beautiful crystal blue eyes as beautiful as the Caribbean. A simple glance was a mere pleasure to any man in college.

I met Cheryl during high school. She is immature yet an attractive character who is quite playful. We spent countless hours together playing our guitars and composing songs.

Cheryl is an energetic girl who has a positive vibe and, in her presence, no negativity can reach her nor those in her surroundings.

She enjoys adorning herself in the most classical sense of style with a vibrantly colorful bandana creating an elegant chic look.

Her fashion sense never fails to turn heads at college. She has also been seeing my brother since she was fifteen. I know it's generally weird when your brother starts seeing your best friend, but I didn't mind because she genuinely gave us both her time equally. A lot more to me (wink).

I made my way to them and greeted the professor with a "good morning!" while exchanging hugs with my besties.

"Amber has topped the editorial fiction module says Professor Jess and Clara has already started working on her research for the annual documentary processing primary research issuing questionnaires to most colleagues at the college" uttered Krystal not feeling convinced.

"Have you started your documentary Ev?" Cheryl puts me in the spotlight.

"Nope! I'll wait for the summer break in two days. It's too much to digest" I said vaguely.

"Ok ladies, I have to prep for my class. See you all then!" Professor Jess walked away, glancing at me over his shoulder. I guess my reply did not please him.

"It seems to be quite a competition this year and they did announce the prize lately, saying that the best documentary project holder will stand a chance to work on NATGEO's next documentary project in Russia" added Krystal.

"this is an ultimate dream prize for every journalist Ev" exaggerating on how prestigious and critical the win is.

It was time for class. We headed for the Digital Production and Safety module, which we call DPS. This was the class in wing 2, next to Cloyal's class.

"Have you guys brought your photography homework?" whispered Krystal.

"Yes" Cheryl and I chimed in unison.

Professor James called out for homework and picked Cheryl (not surprising, since she is his favourite) to show-off her work.

She had an iconic collection of red macaws and their habitat along a stony wreck. She deserved all the applause for her awesome work portrayed through that projector. It was splendid!

After class we went to our favorite catch-up spot, Foxes Café, which was a few meters away from our college.

We come here to gossip, relax and sing over the mic. The surrounding environment at the café is truly mesmerizing in its countryside setting and detailed vintage photography displayed on the walls that give the sensation of being inside an art museum.

The atmosphere makes all the coffee tasters feel like a slacker in the forest. The dim lights on the 9-foot high ceiling are just bright enough to complement the chestnut coloured furniture and the environment is filled with the rhythm of guitars and some whirring sounds from the coffee makers.

We spent time discussing how we plan to use our vacations while sipping on some hot cappuccinos, which gradually warmed our freezing hands.

We ordered a few slices of Tres Leches and it was served in fancy floral old-town platters set right in front of us with some passion and lime cheesecakes.

While taking a bite off the cheesecake, I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. I pull it out and read a text from Maggie;

"Hello sweetie, I heard your second class was cancelled so come home early. We need to bake Cloyal's birthday cake. Love you, Maggie"

"Sup Ev?" muffled Krystal while sipping her coffee.

"I gotta go help Maggie with Cloyal's birthday party prep. Wanna come?" I asked.

Almost choking, we stuffed ourselves with cakes and coffee and settled the bill and rushed out to the parking lot to Krystal's flashy magenta Benz.

"Shotgun!" screamed Cheryl and ran to the car. Krystal and I laughed and got in and we were on our way.

Author's note ❤️

hey guys, this is my first novel, i probably should be having a truckload of errors, please feel free to let me know. further, the script is based on the authors personal inspirations so don't judge. i hope my fellow readers enjoyed the first chapter please comment if so❤️.

Stay updated for the next chapter, love you guys❤️

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