Broken and Gone

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A girl must have some closure with her past before she can start her new life with her husband. On this journey for closure, she learns a lot about her past, and discovers a lot about what the future holds for her, makes new friends and discovers a secret which changes her whole life

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

As I opened the door, he walked in ,calm and collected, as if he hadn't run 2 miles just to see me. The first thing I noticed was his smell. He smelt of sweat and and body spray, a smell which comforted my nerves.
As I went to hug him, he pulled me closer and whispered, 'I see you've missed me too, Ally.' When I opened my mouth to respond , the alarm started beeping,waking me up.
As I tried to get up, I noticed my fiance sleeping next to me, with his arm around my waist, I slowly moved his arm and made my way to the bathroom.
As I splashed water on my face and ran myself a bath, I started thinking about my dream the previous night. It was about my ex-boyfriend, who died in an accident. It was hard to move on, but I eventually did, 2 years ago and I met Elliot, the love of my life who I was due to marry in a few months.
I finished my bath dressed did my hair and stepped into the kitchen. As I made myself a cup of coffee, Elliot hugged me from behind, 'I'm sorry for last night ,love, but mother has made her decision', he whispered firmly.
'It's alright, I'll hand in my resignation by the end of the month, you matter most'.
'Thank you for understanding, I'll see you tonight?'
'Yes' I said as I hugged him and walked out the door.

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