The Other Side

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I sleep by day. I live by night. I'm from the other side, a side only few know about. The only way you'll know what I'm talking about is if you've either experienced it or know someone who has. Daylight is my enemy. No, I am not a cheesy vampire that sparkles in the sunlight or sucks the blood of strangers. I'm purely human, breathing air; heart pumping blood. Claire has a special and rare disease called Erythropoietic Protoporphyria. EPP for short. She's allergic to the sun. She's not allowed to go outside or her skin will start to bubble and burn unless she's wearing full body clothing including a hat and an umbrella over her head. She doesn't understand why she has this disease, but she deals with it. Staying home all day and living at night, traveling the city in the protection of the darkness is a norm for her. She knows more about the big city of Manhattan than anyone else around. She knows all the faces of the few people that travel around at night. Other-siders or night-timers, she calls them. So, when she bumps into Mr. Day-timer himself, she rubs it off like it's nothing. But Mr. Day-timer has grown a large infatuation with her. She thinks he's nothing other than an annoying pain in the rump. Especially when he starts trying to get to know her. Claire is used to being alone. Now that she isn't, she's afraid. Can she love someone from the other side?

Romance / Adventure
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Story Intro & Author's Note

Hi everyone.

This is my new story that I’ve been working on since I was in eighth grade. I’ve been working and editing this story continuously for the past eight years and I now, after all this time, feel it’s ready to be shared with the world. I think. (My lack of confidence even after all the other stories I’ve shared is huge).

Anyway some information for some of you that do not know: Erythropoietic Protoporphyria is a real disease that people suffer from. The character in this story, Claire, suffers from this disease but only mildly. Many people who have E.P.P. are affected by the sun and temperature together which makes it really hard for them to go outside at all.

I first learned about E.P.P. on an episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition that I was watching. A little girl who suffered from E.P.P. was in need of a better home to help her with her condition. I was curious to know more about this disease and did some research on what it was. A few mornings later, I was riding the bus to school and the song “The Other Side” by Bruno Mars began playing and...boom. This story was born.

While this story is about a girl who has a real disease, the characters and the plot are completely fiction. It is also written in a different form then the normal chapter form, as I felt that this was necessary for the story.

I also have not done a TON of research, but enough I feel to suit the needs for me to write this story. If you wish to know more about E.P.P. please look it up. Erythropoietic Protoporphyria is such a large disease that very few people know about and I’m hoping this story brings to light this disease.

On another note, if anyone out there reading this has E.P.P. or is suffering from any type of disease, be it physical or mental, you are not alone. You have other people out there who understand you and are here for you. Please. Keep fighting.

As always, thank you for reading this author’s note and for taking an interest in my story. Enjoy.

~ xoxox mollysue

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