A Farm Girl's Love

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Chapter 5

The next morning I woke up feeling more refreshed than I had in a while. The dreams of the black haired girl plagued my dreams, like something I couldn't get rid of no matter how hard I tried. Oddly, I didn't want the dreams to stop, even though I wasn't sure what they meant.

I got dressed and ran downstairs. Everyone else was already up and mama was cooking breakfast as usual.

"Hey, everybody," I greeted as I poured myself a cup of coffee.

"Mornin'," daddy greeted.

Mama rubbed my shoulder as she walked by with all the food. Beau was almost asleep at the table and dropped his head with a loud bang on to the hard surface.

"Ouch, sonofabitch," he exclaimed. He sat up and rubbed his sore forehead. I chuckled, grabbed an ice pack out of the freezer and went to sit next to him, sipping on my coffee.

"Y'alright? You seem more tired than usual," I mused, handing him the ice pack..

"Yeah, 'm okay. Just tired. Exams are coming up here soon and I have been studying harder than normal," he explained. He took the ice pack and placed it gingerly on his forehead.

I nodded and began piling food on my plate. Some how, I thought he was hiding something but I didn't want to pry too much in front of mom and dad. Instead, I shoveled food into my mouth and asked Beau about Luke.

"Figure you can take a look at Luke after breakfast? He broke down again the other day and I miss him."

"Yeah, o' course. He could probably do with an oil change and general checkup, anyway. I'll get to it after I go see ol' Buttercup and pay Atticus a visit, too."

"Thanks, Beau, you're the best," I exclaimed.

I got up and put my dishes in the sink. I gave mama and daddy a kiss on the head, which neither seemed to notice as they were deep in conversation. I headed back upstairs and pulled out my homework.

A while later, in the middle of me studying, mama came and knocked on my door.

"Come in," I called absently, still absorbed in my anatomy work.

"Hey, baby girl," she said softly.

I glanced up. "Hey mama. I - well, what's wrong?" I asked, noticing her dismal expression.

"Well, Beau was just out lookin' at Luke and it ain't so good, honey. He figures it ain't worth fixin' him, that it'd be more financially efficient to just buy a new one," she explained apologetically.

"What? Ma, I don't want a new car! Is he sure? There's nothin' we can do? At all?"

Mama shook her head sadly.

"Sorry, sweetheart, but there's nothing we can do. Beau's gonna take Luke apart and see if he can use the spare parts for work, okay? We'll see about getting you another truck, yeah?"

"O-okay, I guess," I stumbled over my words.

Mama pulled me in for a hug which I half-heartedly returned. She left and I eased myself back onto my bed. I can't believe this. My favorite thing in the world finally gave out on me. I laid down, curling under the covers. It's just so hard to believe. I knew he was rather beat up but I never woulda guessed he'd have given up so soon. That car was my everything and now I don't know what to do. I eventually drifted to sleep, disbelieving thoughts still running though my head.


When I next woke up, it was past supper time. I rubbed my eyes and yawned. I glanced at my phone to see that it was 10:30 pm and that Mae and Hailey had texted me.

Hailey wanted to know if Luke was fixed yet. Mae asked if I could giver her a ride to school tomorrow. I texted them both with the news about Luke. Still devastated by it, I sighed heavily and sat my phone on my bed. Just as I was about to go re-heat dinner, my phone chimed twice. Checking my phone once more, I saw that Mae apologized and said to tell her if there was something she could do for me. Hailey offered to give me a ride and said she'd take me for breakfast as well. I smiled, loving how thoughtful my best friends were being. She sent another text saying she'd give Mae-Ellen a ride as well. An image of her smiling face popped into my head, and the butterflies erupted once more. Something about her drew me in.

I shook my head from those thoughts and replied to Hailey, accepting and thanking her for the offer. I stood up and crept across the room, trying to be quiet as I knew my family was asleep now. I snuck downstairs and reheated dinner in the microwave. I turned to sit at the table and nearly had a heart attack.

"Christ all mighty, Beau, give a sister a warning next time!" I went and sat down across from him.

"Sorry," he said sheepishly. "I just wanted to apologize about Luke. I know how much he means to you and I feel bad that I can't fix him up for ya."

"Oh, it ain't your fault, Beau. Sometimes shit happens and you gotta deal with it. I know you'd fix him if you could, I trust your judgement. Didja get any good spare parts outta 'im, at least?"

"Oh, yeah," he nodded. "He had some good left in him, just the bad outweighed the good, unfortunately. Well, kiddo, I'm back off to bed. I'm leaving same time as you, which means getting up early. Night, Ash." He got up from the table and left.

"Night, Beau," I called after him. I ate my food slowly, thinking about what tomorrow would bring. As I crawled into bed again, I found myself hoping that the black haired girl would return to my dreams.

'Maybe she could stay forever,' I thought just before I fell asleep. 'She's got a really pretty smile.'

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