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A Story of 22 year old girl with seven boys and about her life as she is the epitome of their lives.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1


This is a story about a girl and six boys life, about how in a moment their life changes in a such a strange way. But they doesn’t know that the destiny bring them together for a mission and to deal with their uncertanity in such a way that their life will depend upon each other.

A GIRL NAME HADLEY PARKER with such charisma that make everyone believe that she is rude,freak and a weirdo in dark sense and in positive sense all the belife you can think she is, but they doesn’t know that she chary* that her too many questions to them will bring them a regret to be in her life.

Nevertheless whatever people think about her she dosen’t care what what she care is she doesn’t get any attention of people of her darkness which is burried by her beside the so called happiness disguise.

“ALL day my senses is saying that SOMEONE IS WATCHING AND CALLING ME , but i don,t know just how to accept and deal with these “-Harley Parker

A girl who doesn't want to break a wall of emotion built around her and disguise trueself by not showing how her mind and heart is messed up.

The family which think that the rudeness and mannerless is her nature but they does’nt know that they are one of the reason for such.

The Boys with different personality background come together as fate make them collide with each other and they live together like brothers in this century where own blood relation doesn’t care of their own family.They all get attracted to one girl with average personlity even they have chances to date model type girls as they have greek gods personality which will make any girl to fall for them but their only fascination was towards harley which make them to take interest in her life and make them to fall in love with her in such way that she become oxygen for their living even when harley is unaware about all their intensions.What will happen whether the boys will break the wall of emotion of Harley and make her fall in love with all or she will ignore them even she know that they are answers for every question that she has ?

What will happen to a Harley with a life having full of darkness is doesn’t want to show and questions she doesn’t want answers and her answer of all the question is all these boys .


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