To be your Guy

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Having a huge crush on someone who doesn't even notice you makes Ainsley wants to give up and move on. Ainsley, a typical guy, having crush on someone that doesn't notice him. He is invisible in his crush eyes. After a while, something happened.

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

Ainsley’s POV

The room full of people chattering with their friends. Some are busy studying to their lessons. This is supposedly a library but I don’t care because I’m busy tapping my phone, playing Cytus II. Heard about it? No? Sad.

The music that is blastering on my earphone, deafening the sound outside. What a life...


Not again, do you ever had a friend that has a minimum height than an average person and a voice that is loud as a megaphone?

“Yeah..?” I replied, taking one of my earphones out of my ear.

“Soooo, how’s the letter? Did you finished it?” Shea said as she put her bag in the chair beside her.

Yep. This is my homie, Shea. She is that “friend” but she is supportive AF kind of homie. She is a friend that you can tell any secrets you had.

“I already made a draft but...” She looked at me with plain eyes .
“Don’t tell me, you didn’t finished it?” she asked, dissapointed.

I looked the other way and saw her. An angel. Her eyes that is so beautiful. So pure and innocent.

“Uh.. Dood?....Ohhhh! Seems like your angel is her-” I shut Shea’s mouth using my hand. She’s too loud.

“Lower your voice, dood. Everyone is looking at us. ” She rolled her eyes and nod her head as yes.

“Dood, come on. Just go talk to her and don’t be a p*ssy.” She said as she motioned her head to go on Marianne’s way. Easy for her to say since she already have a boyfriend. How nice to have someone in your life..

Shea is more like a coach that train her students. A how-to-let-crush-notice-you kind of coach.

“What’s her name again?′ she asked as she looked at Marianne, being surrounded with friends.
“She’s.. Marianne” I said as looked at her way. She’s cute. It’s nice to see her smile. She’s really an angel.

“Dood, I don’t think I can do that let-” I cut my sentence off as I saw Shea smiled at me with a fist. What a sarcastic smile.

“Oh really? Or maybe you’re just a p*ssy. If I were you dood, I would totally ask her on a date even though there are many guys that loves her. Who knows right?′
I heaved a sigh as I reached a paper inside my bag. ’Here, read it but don’t read it aloud. It’s not necessary to let other people know.” I let Shea read my letter before it will be sent out to my crush, Marianne.

It was a quite and cold Friday night as Ainsley lay on his bed, scrolling on his twitter. Stalking his angel, Marianne. Ainsley can only secretly save her photos and with that, he is happy.

“Oh my God! He is so HOTTTT!”

Oh, so she is into this guys. Guys who are handsome that can showcase its abs. Ainsley thought to himself. Ainsley stood up and walk towards his mirror and removed his top.

“Oh la la! I have abs. ” Ainsley said to himself as he posed himself as the-most-handsome-and-hot kind of guy.

“Oh, hello there. Hi, I’m Ainsley Isyck Navarre. And I believe you are Marianne. Marianne.. Can you be.. mine?” He said as he try to look cool on the mirror, imagining it’s the love of his life. Ainsley brushed the thought off. He shudders of the thought and picked his shirt that was on the floor.

Ainsley, the probability of being with Marianne is impossible. Just stop, Ainsley.

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