No more " i love you's"

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Lasy was a happy and naive girl till her heart was shattered into pieces by the guy who claimed to love her. She grew up into a beautiful girl who hated the word " i love you". Her life turned around when she met twins who were desperately in love with her.

Romance / Drama
Lilian julia
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Chapter 1

I love you , hailey . I love you more than anyone or anything else. Laim said with his eyes looking directly into hers.

I watched my boyfriend confess to another girl. How could he? i said as a broke down into tears.

Who is that girl ? She asked liam,pointing at me.

He looked at me with angry eyes and said, i don't know her. I don't even care about her. Its only you i want .

I could stand it. And his words kept rewinding itself into my ears.

I don't care about her. Its only you i want.

I woke up with tears in my eyes its been five years and i still feel like there was a scar in my heart. I've avoided guys so my heart will heal but it isn't working .

Lasy , wake up your sister is up and ready to take you to school. My mom said shouting.

She was right no more think about the past. Today, i'm going to high school and first impression really matters.

I quickly took a shower and wore a tank top and jeans with my faviourite cannvas.

There you are !Ready to experience high school . My older sister,Gemini said

Yeah. i repiled hidding my tears. Gemini was really cool, she was in the third year of high school and she has the best boyfriend. Not only that but she had the best grades and was really pretty. I was envious of her since she had everything. I hated boys,except gemini's boyfriend. All guys wanted to do was to get in my pants and leave me heart broken. Not me. I'm far gone. No amount of gold or diamonds will fool me. I lost my soul when liam damped me.

Lasy, you class is at the left. My sister said as she run away.

Coward😑,she knows i don't like walking the halls on my own. I could see everyone starring at me like i'm a piece of meat. I couldn't take it any more so i run to the left . That's when i bumped into a boy with light skin. He had blonde hair with bright green eyes. He looked like some kind of model.

Wow! He said .Slow down . Err

"Lacy"i repiled

"Adrien "he shot back.

Where are you going lacy? he said looking confused.

To class obviously. I replied as i entered the class. And took a seat.

Hi,are you new ? A unfamiar voice said.

Yeah! i repiled looking at the teacher before she caught us.

I'm jessica she said and you are.....

Kacy. I repiled with a big smile on my face .

Attention,our teacher said.My name is mrs bincle berry . I'll be taking you for literature. She said with seriousness in her eyes. She kept speaking till someone entered the class. Guess who it was?

I'm sorry miss bincle, i was called to the principle's office. Adrien said as he sat next to me. Obviously we'll be seeing each other a lot and i'm not excited.

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