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A married couple venture into new ways of pleasure to rekindle their marriage and find a way to stay connected during what seems to be a dry spell in their marital journey. Mr. and Mrs. Yorke have been married for 15years and feel the spark of their marriage needs rekindling. At a suggestion of a family friend, they decide the loosen up the rules of their marriage and allow new ways of pleasure to seep in. Will Jennifer and Michael be able to enjoy the pleasures of the world and remain faithful?

Keitbru Douglas
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Just another day

The sun was beaming hot and Jennifer simply wanted to finish her day, go home, make dinner and curl up in bed. She checked her wrist watch for the time again as the day seems to be creeping along so slowly.

“Gosh! It’s only 3:45pm?” She said with utter dismay, she was already knackered and really wasn’t looking forward to her next lecture. Dr. Jennifer Yorke, is a history lecturer at the University of Westerville, teaching has always been her passion but lately she found it boring and wanted her days to end quickly. Walking to her next class, which happen to be at 4:00pm, her phone rings which startled her as she was getting lost in her own thoughts.

“Hey love, how’s your day coming along?” Michael asked, he seems to be a good mood - which was a daily occurrence.

“Nothing special, I’m just too tired and want to get the hell out of here already” she responded.

“When does your last class end?” Michael asked, though he knew there was nothing he could say to cheer her up, she loved teaching but lately all she does is complain. He wanted to be supportive, but just didn’t know how.

“It’s an hour class, I should be out of here by 5:00pm” she said, “any idea when you will be getting off work?”

Michael is a pediatric doctor and a very good one too. He works for one of the biggest hospitals in the city and rarely makes it home in time for dinner, but Jennifer is always hopeful and made enough for two most nights.

“Don’t know love, there’s a surgery I need to oversee” Mike could sense her disappointment on the other side, he simply added “I have 3 days off honey, we will do some stuff together” with that Jen replies “okay, gat to go” and hangs up.

She walks into her class and looks at her students with a half smile on her face, seems like just yesterday she was a student herself. She had some of her most memorable days while a student on this campus, now she’s 35, married and bored to a fault. Where did all the time go? She wondered, she loved Mike with all her heart, but she felt they were drifting apart and a marriage without children was not an easy one, most especially if both partners wanted kids badly.

“Ladies and gents, can I have your attention? It’s 4:00pm and we need to begin our lesson” with that her whole mood changes, she loved teaching history, so much that she transforms when teaching any topic. Tonight’s lecture was on the European Renaissance and she taught it with all the passion in her, most of her students were enchanted as the lessons were being taught. At exactly 5:00pm, the class is ended and as always, she is rewarded a resounding clap.

“See you guys next week, and don’t forget to turn in your assignments, I need them hand written please” with that she leaves the lecture hall. Walking to the staff parking lot, her mind begins to replay what ingredients she may have at home to make a decent dinner for two, aside teaching, cooking was her other passion.

The traffic today seems to be just okay, she really couldn’t wait to get home, she and Mike had their home in one of the serene neighbourhoods, it had cost them alot to afford such a beautiful home, but it has been worth every penny. She turns onto her street and sees her neighbour, Alvin the play boy, as nicknamed by her and Mike, cleaning his garage. She honks and waves at him and turns into her drive way.

“Hey! How’s it going? Been a while since I saw you last” Alvin says, he’s all sweaty and has his usual play boy looks on.

“Hey Al, yea, I’ve been hiding indoors alot lately. How have you been?” Jen says while collecting her books and bag, she had no interest in continuing the conversation, but also knew it would be downright rude to just ignore Al and walk inside.

“Not too bad, lost a business deal today and want to use my venting energy to clean up my garage” just then, it dawned on Jen, that she had no idea what Al did for a living, aside bringing a new girl home almost every weekend.

“Oh! That’s sad to hear, hopefully something better should come your way soon” she really needed to go, but something in his eyes made her think though he was venting by cleaning, he really needed to speak to someone. It wasn’t like Mike will be home soon, she could invite him over for dinner and just speak to him.

“Hey, I’m making dinner, Mike isn’t going to be home anytime soon, wanna come over and eat with me? Then maybe I can hear all about your deal going south?” She managed to smile as she made an offer to have dinner with him.

“Cool, if you are sure I’m not crushing your peaceful night” his eyes darted away as he spoke, like he didn’t mean to be a bother.

“I’m sure, just ring the bell in 45 mins” with that she left to go prep dinner.

Unsure of what to expect, Al went in quickly to finish the task he had started, showered and walked up to the Yorke residence in exactly 45mins. He had admired their house from the outside, but when Jen opened the door to him, he was completely blown away by the modern and chic decorations and furniture.

“You have a lovely home Jen” he said making his way to the dinning table as dinner was ready as promised by Jen.

“Thank you, owning a place with so much space has always appealed to both Mike and I, sit, let’s eat. I hope you are a fan of pasta and minced meat sauce” she said as she passed the dish to him. “Now, tell me about this deal gone wrong” Jen said, dishing some greens to start eating.

“So this client I’ve been chasing for a while decided to award the contract to my competitor, but they did so after they had received all the drawings and dimensions of the new project” he said after taking a bite.

“Now, what kills me is that I didn’t sign a non disclosure agreement with them, so now, they are using my work to complete the project and I won’t get a dime” he said so gutted.

“So many deceitful bastards in construction, I tell ya!” He finished, that gave Jen a clue what his profession is, she really had no comforting words, to be honest she didn’t expect to enjoy hearing him speak so much about his job. She had never studied his features before, though they have been neighbours for close 5 years. His age could easily be between 35 to 40, he was single for sure with many conquests and companions but she had never noticed how refreshingly handsome he was.

She sighed, “I guess now you need to plan on next steps and actions, do you want to sue them?” Leisurely biting on her green beans as she asked.

“What’s the point Jen?” He sounded so defeated, “I was the foolish one”...

Dinner with Al was very pleasant, Jen hadn’t expect to enjoy it as much as she did. She found it refreshing to have company for dinner and didn’t have to worry about him being called into work for an emergency.

After clearing the dishes, and packing Mike’s dinner, she walks to their bedroom to lie down. She often wondered what their lives would be like if she had been able to bear children, she knew the time for child bearing wasn’t over, but she often wondered if it will happen to them and when.

She met Mike at the age of 19 in uni, it was a calm love at first, no sweeping off one’s feet and all, they tied the knot a year later in a simple ceremony attended by their family only. After finishing uni, continuing to pursue her career while Mike finished medical school, they bought this house to make it their home.

Marriage to Mike has been peaceful and very standard, Jen often wondered if she had settled, if she could have found the kind of love that is all sparks and lightening.

She couldn’t sleep and her mind wondered to Al, she was wondering if he was asleep. Still tossing and turning, she heard the text beep go off in her phone.

She reached for it

Thanks for dinner - Al

She decided not to reply immediately, but wait till tomorrow morning. Stifling a yawn, she heard the front door open, she glanced at the clock, it was 9:55pm, surely Mike will be exhausted. She quickly went to run the bath for him. Heading to the living area, she could hear him on the phone. Mumbling some words which weren’t clear to her, she cleared her throat to announce her presence.

“Let me get it done tomorrow, it’s late and I just got home” he said and he cut the call.

“Hey!” She managed to say “I left you some dinner and also run the bath for you”.

“Thanks love, let me go bath and eat my meal, don’t wait up for me”. As he left Jen studied him, she was slightly confused with his tense behaviour, perhaps he had a bad time with the surgery.

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