A Thousand Kisses

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Glenn Crawford is an enthusiastic passionate Formula one driver. He is also a sexy playboy who changes women like his car tyres. With a new investor from Dubai, he is bound for a change when he meets Nadia Hussein, the daughter of the new investor. Nadia Hussein is the daughter of Ahmed Hussein the new investor of Eagle. She is a beautiful elegant young model. When she meets the famous playboy, her mind games might as well land her in trouble putting her heart as a prize. When Glen finds out Nadia is engaged to a rich Saudi mogul, he is beyond heartbroken. Will he be able to fight for his love?

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The feeling never gets better every time I win a race. The vigorous rowdy crowd chanting my name like a mantra is like a very soothing cold Margarita in the scorching Florida sun.

The freaking paparazzi taking snaps of my sweat covered face but my smile is the brightest at this time as I wave to the fans causing a whole lot of another chaos to the fans. My heart beating erratically against my ribs and that feeling never gets better.

It is all the effect of the adrenaline that is surging through my body from a great day from the track. I mean I am a champion and today I still I am. Down here in Monte Carlo, I have earned my title again as a four world formula one champion.

Fuckin perfect

I guess mother is reciting her novenas as usual but I am glad she has also watched my race. I don't know why, but ever since I was young. There is some thing about cars that rocks my world.

Something about hearing the roaring of the engine that gets my heartbeat erratic but in a good way. It is like I can never live without it. That has always scared my mom ever since she heard I was working in my uncle's garage at just eleven.

I don't blame her though, Monica Crawford is an American-Argentinian whose family has a background of mechanics and formula one drivers. Her brother died on the track when his car got on fire. She has never forgotten that tragedy and that is why she has been a pest I cannot get rid off in my entire career.

What can I say, in the end, the blood rubbed off onto me. I actually resemble mother so much, bright blue eyes, dirty blonde hair just like her. I guess she is going to give me one of those lectures today too.

As I make my way through the uncontrolled crowd of photographers and fans, I feel sweaty and exhausted and in need for a freaky celebration. Thanks to my body guards Eric and Flynn, I wouldn't survive the crowd.

A high pitched voice from the crowd gets my attention and when I turn to see the owner of the voice, I find a beautiful brunette mouthing 'I love you' to me. This is what I like about all this, the fame and money.

The women

Dealing with popularity hasn't been easy but also not hard. One good thing I have earned is having women falling at my feet with just a smirk. What feels better after a win on the track than my sweaty body sinking into a warm confinement and becoming sweaty allover again.

I wouldn't hesitate to have that body writhing below me as I pummel into that wet heat. I doubt she is wet already but I guess brunette today is just so unlucky because I am bloody exhausted after an eventful week of relentless training.

A man needs his rest too and I think I am going to have one tonight maybe after hitting the club. I have to celebrate my victory with the crew tonight after all life is too short to waste.

I am glad now I am far from the paparazzi and the many fan girls. I sigh hard entering the spacious room where the crew sat, vibrant smiles up their faces.

"Congratulations," Danny my manager hollered.

"Thanks man." I join him on the sofa.

I grab the cold glass of water from the table and finish it in one gulp.

"Christ Glenn! You are a fucking god on the track." Percy, a crew member compliments.

"Percy is right. That damn Albanian had no chance out there. You whooped his ass real bad man." Ricky said making us all chuckle.

This is why I love these guys, not only because they have been with me through thick and thin but also because they are closest thing to family. I know them more than I know my brothers of which I have three of them.

The unity ever since day one sparked success and I strongly believe they are one of the many reasons I am a four world formula one champion.

"Well I wouldn't be if it weren't for you guys." I said with a smile.

"Come on man, don't get too mushy on us right now." Maverick muttered.

"I am serious guys. I really owe you big time."

"It is because you are hardworking and you are natural at it." Danny sips his coke.

Before I reply, my phone rings. I don't need to check the caller ID to know it is mother probably checking on me. I swear the woman worries so much for nothing. I excuse my self from the guys walking to the nearby room.

"Hello mom," I answer calmly.

"Glenn freaking Crawford, are you trying to avoid your mother's calls." she scolded.

"Of course not mom, I was just from the race and having a recap with the boys." I defended.

"And you didn't think to call your mom first? Do you know how I was sick and worried about you?"

"Mom, but you watched the race and I was fine. No need creating a fuss." I rolled my eyes like she could even see me. For Christ's sake she was a hundred miles from Monte Carlo.

"That is no way to speak to your mom you bozo. Now why don't you be a good son and return home, fall in love and get a life, a simple peaceful life." Monica coaxed.

"By simple peaceful life, you mean running father's business with Blake. You know that life is not for me mother." I murmured softly.

"Whatever, just come home. I miss you and your brothers. You never come home and they don't either. I feel lonely most times." she muttered sadly.

God knows I hate hearing that sound from mother. Out of my brothers, I was the closest to mom. I don't know if it was because I was the second youngest if it really counts. We were just so inseparable and when something terrible happens to her, I feel terrible. I guess I am so overprotective of her.

There are sometimes I regret this life I chose. I left home just after college and since then my life has consisted of moving from continent to continent. However fun and exciting it all feels, it never feels like home even if I want to so badly and I don't think it will ever.

I only go home for Christmas or sometimes not. It sucks so much but on the brighter side, racing is also my life. I can't just abandon it, it will be like losing a half of myself which I would hate.

"I heard Natasha comes over with the kids over the weekend." I said.

"Yeah and it is like the most exciting days of the week other than that, every thing is just boring."

Natasha Carmichael is the wife to our eldest brother Arthur. They got married last spring and damn, the love was floating in the air the whole time.

"What about dad?" I asked.

"He is okay. I know he misses you all so much but his ego is just too big to admit it but I know he wants it too."

"I am not surprised, that is father being father." I sighed.

Ray Crawford, ever the egotistical man I have known. We were not so close growing up but we talked sometimes. He is the most passionate man I know besides me when it comes to business. Even when he missed those dinners at home due to work, one thing I know was he loved mother so deeply.

However egotistical father can be, mother has a way of bringing him on his knees and I think one person apart from mom who has that power is Arthur.

Nonetheless, he still loved us all. Even when he came back late from work, he never failed to drop by our rooms to kiss us good night. I love him and I miss him too.

"Okay but promise to take care of yourself. And also don't forget to call me when you need help." she cooed.

I just felt do guilty when mother was being herself, the good mother everyone deserves.

"I will mom and tell dad I said hi. Take care of yourself too." I mused.

"And when have I never?" I could hear the smile in her voice.

How I missed the damn woman!

"Okay bye mom."

"Bye Glenn." with that she hang up.

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