Hating Loving You..

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Kabir stopped for a minute and then step backward "love pls play along, pls" He whispered. I was confused but got numb when I felt Kabir's hand on my waist. I was dumbstruck but Kabir literally start dragging me. lots things were going in my brain but the train broke when that girl hugged him and a sudden pain hits my heart. But Kabir was quick and pushed her after a sec. "Hey babe, missed me? " asked that girl with a super seducing tone " well no, not at all " Kabir said and a smirk made way to my face after seeing her expression which worth trillions." And Natasha meet my Girlfriend Jiya and Love meet my cousin Natasha " He completed " Girlfriend? " I and Natasha said in unison. " Ya girlfriend " Kabir said and looked in my eyes while signaling me to play along. " Ya girlfriend " I said and nervously chuckle" And assistant " Let's Join the Journey of this two to see what future awaits for them!!!!

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter- 1 ( Ps - I Dint Kno What Should I Name I

"jiya wake up" said my mom, Nitu Gupta . it's 6:15 in the morning and I have to get ready for school it is our 1st day after summer vacation.

"yaar mumma bas 5 minutes aur (5 minutes more mumma) " i replied hiding under my duvet tho it's summer I cant live I mean sleep without a blanket it just make me feel protected u kno..

" jiu u r saying the same thing from last 10 minutes now wake up or else I'm calling Ur Papa(Rajesh Gupta) " mom screamed..

I sat on my bed and started rubbing my eyes mom asked me what I wanted for school i just asked for a sandwich.

I went to washroom it's a small bathroom.. I brushed my teeth and stepped into the shower and started humming and singing 🎶 both hindi and English songs.

I came wore my school uniform. I'm studying in class 8th tho people say I don't look like 13 but who give a shit to them.. I'm a bit chubby but I'm losing my weight too.

After saying bye to my family and my smallest brother(Rohan Gupta) i left for school with my small brother(Rishu Gupta) . Ya I have 2 bro. One is 3 year smaller than me and the other one is 9 years smaller than me.. Yup freaking 9 years.

I reached the stop the bus came and I was sitting with small kids cuz the big kids (class 7, 8, 9, 10,11,12 students ) sits at back and none of them is friend of mine ya my bro have friendship with them but I would like to not stay with them cuz I'm just not comfortable from starting.

So I'm Jiya and u guys must have came to know what kind of person I'm.. So my friends call me marshmallow cuz they think I'm too warm and sweet but only one of my friend kno the bitch and savage side of mine.. Me, Ekantika, Tanika have been very very very good friends from class 7th.. And Ekantika is the one who knows my most of the secrets..I want to be an event organizer and fashion designers tho my Papa want me to be an IPS officer or a doctor... I never told him abt my dream and I don't think he care.. Hey don't take it wrong my mom and dad love and hate me... Haha confusing isn't it!! Idk either because no one ever bullied me except my parents no one have ever beaten me or have abused me verbally expect my parents but they luv me cuz they listens to me i nearly get what i ask for and I know that their reactions r out of anger but still I'm stubborn person and can't swallow my pride easily so ya it's still fine relation with my parents

After reaching school we all met and talked... there was a new admission in our class, his name is kabir mithal..

After completing I went home and the day went in blur actually not a day a 1 week went in blur cuz of me submitting and completing the work.. And in this mean time I came to kno abt that kabir. He is a brilliant student , he is 16 years old, and is a perfect definition of spoilt rich brat...he answer back to teachers... me and my friends do bitch about him... He have been called to the office.. I mean how can person be this much of attention seeker cuz he 24 * 7 want be in the spot light.. Tho he is nice in studies but still have lots of faults .....

{ok guys ik this is getting boring so I'm just gonna cut short it so if u hv any doubts so comments}

Another week passed and our new school counselor said me to share my work with kabir as he is new comer and no one is helping him... And me being an obedient student gave my work to him..He too helped me in studying... He was the topper but still he was a perfect back bencher!!

After a week our class teacher made me sit with kabir.. We talked and he is a nice person the thing is he is short temper and is craving for luv and attention which his parents cant give cuz they both r working and i really pity cuz i have started liking him but I never told anyone cuz he is a bad guy people will judge me he was my 3rd crush but the feeling were very strong this time.. But i just ignored him more cuz i wanted a simple school life and not any fuss... when i asked ma'am to change my seat he declined but after 2 months he agreed and from then we stopped talking.. I mean we never talked if fighting was not included ya we started fighting alot cuz he dint like my friends and whenever i take there stands he starts fighting with me so ya.. Gradually after the time the feeling of liking from my side increased and wasn't able to stop myself and told these feelings to Ruchi, joy(they both r my old school best friends) and Ekantika.. I talked abt this matter more to Ekantika. Even in holidays i will just remember my and kabir eye locks or the time when he teased me or irritated me, yes even after we use to fight he dint left any chance of irritating me by screaming in my ears or showing me creepy things like spiders or making me jealous.. U kno the feeling when heart beat fasten... I felt that when he sat with me after 2 years just for 1 minute cuz he wanted to talk to a girl who was sitting behind me.. My friend say I care for him cuz once he had beaten a child from class 7th and he was than not allowed to come on the tour which was just after 3 days.. So me divya, Ekantika and bianca were there talking abt stuff and HIS topic started and i took his side so they started teasing me especially Eka I mean she knows the truth but dint tell anyone.. I tried to hate him But i was not able to do that... I really tried my best to stop liking him but i wasn't able to do that.. He had many flaws but people never saw the true him which was a cute little boy who wants love...

I have caught kabir stealing some glances of me but I just ignored it cuz we both never approached each other tho ik he had an ex whose name was Mia and she made his life difficult cuz she accepted from our own mouth that she used him for his money and he is not even a virgin, u will be thinking how Ik this.. Ik this because we have some common friends and I have some eavesdropping skills .. And I was happy that we don't have any thing in between us...

I was out of school after four years and started studying in new york and never connected with him again the fare well party was the last place i saw him he was staring at me continuously and it was really damn creepy cuz he was again again licking his lip.. I was wearing a simple blue gown.

He was looking perfectly handsome in those goddamn blue color suit with black shirt underneath

He seemed like he wanted to say something to me but I tried my best to ignore him. I was sure if he come in front me in this sexy attire Then I was going to kiss the shit of him... And I was happy when this torture ended I mean when the farewell ended and I passed 12th class with 87%..

It was a bit hard to make papa understand about career choice. I somehow, somehow r u kidding j?, made papa understand and started studying event organizing in new york, ofc i was 18 till that time and had lost very much weight.. My parents and even teachers used to say i got an really innocent face with beautiful big dark brown eyes and dark brown hair which reached till my back and my height was 5'7, long, isn't? ..

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