Cammy & Rider's Story Continues: Book 2, Series She Moved Across the Street from the Rough Riders MC

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Cammy divorced Spirit and he moved to Florida. Jim sent Reaper and Jeannie to take Spirits place. I moved to Ohio City right behind Rider's MC and didn't know it until I was told. He is handsome. But i don't need another man. I have the twins to think of and raise. I don't hate men. Don't get me wrong. I just don't trust them. Not a dam one. They will tell you they won't cheat on you. Don't believe them. And if they do. You make them pay for it. I learned the hard way. I won't divorce the next man that claims me but I won't make it easy for them. He cheats, you find the whore he cheated with and cut her face up. Give her something to remember you by and what man to stay away from. That's what I told him and my brothers. I was at the Rider's club when I saw him with a whore sitting on his lap. I walked by and ignored him. That pissed him off. I shoved the whore off my lap and walked over to Cammy. Why are you ignoring me? Because you are a whore mongrel that's why. What the hell does that mean? You are a lair and would rather fuck a whore than someone you say you want. Stay the hell away from me Rider. I walked out of his club got in my car and went home.

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Chapter 1: What Rider Wants

Cammy divorced Spirit and he moved to Florida. Jim sent Reaper and Jeannie to take Spirits place. Jeannie is Cammy’s half-sister. I moved to Ohio City right behind Riders MC, the Red Dragons, and didn’t know it until I was told.

He is handsome. I remembered he is the biker I kissed before walking out the door after I divorced Spirit. I remember he could kiss. But I don’t need another man. I have the twins to think of and raise.

I don’t hate men. Don’t get me wrong. I just don’t trust them. Not a dam one. They will tell you they won’t cheat on you. Don’t believe them. And if they do. You make them pay for it.

I learned the hard way. I won’t divorce the next man that claims me, but I won’t make it easy for them. He cheats, you find the whore he cheated with and cut her face up. Give her something to remember you by and what man to stay away from.

That’s what I told him and my brothers. Cammy, you just can’t go around and cut a whore’s face. Who is going to stop me I said looking at him? She has a point. She has a temper when she is pissed.

I could use my whip on her. Don’t do that either. Just stop thinking that all men are cheaters. Do we cheat my brother asked? I don’t know have you cheated. No, I have never cheated on my woman and I don’t intend to.

She gives me everything I need. So why cheat. Oh, I don’t know the different flavors of the month I said. Where the hell did you hear that? A club member. A VP to be exact. From fucking Spirit my other brother said. Oh, and let’s not forget this one.

When a man is on the road, he still has needs. He has an itch that needs to be scratched. And when a fine-looking woman walks by you and your cock stirs well it is there for the taking. Fuck he has warped your fucking mind.

No, he has not. Another one we girls hear men say is “it’s free pussy, and a man can’t help but get a hard-on when it is walking around in his face and free for the offering.”

Well, let me tell you all something. The difference between most women and men. We like to look at the eye candy. The men that have six or eight packs. The man with strong arms and depending on what we like how tall or short a man is.

So, Cammy, my mom asked what type of man you like. I like a man with dark hair, preferably long, with brown eyes and an eight pack, strong arms, long strong legs. Tall at least 6′4" tall or taller. I want a man who can pick me up without trying.

And what else? I want a man who knows how to treat a woman, to take his time with her. To make me feel special. Not a man who shoves it in gets off and rolls over in the bed. I want a man who makes me forget where I am and who is there when he kisses me. Have you found that man, yet my brother asked? Please, he doesn’t exist.

If I find him, I will keep him. If you have a man like that. He wouldn’t have to cheat. His woman would have him in bed every chance she gets. Hell, if a woman had a man like that, she might surprise him in many ways.

But there has been no man out there like that or I would have heard about him. Tell me brother dear. Do you make sure that your woman is satisfied before you finish with her? I saw his face turn red. That’s what I thought All most men do is shot their load and don’t even care if their woman had even on orgasm.

I was leaning in my chair listening to every word she said. I knew this all by heart. My mother took me to my first whore to be taught how to please a woman when I turned 16 years old.

I sat grinning at Cammy thinking. You don’t know it yet. But your dream man is out there. He is setting right across from you. Well hell, Cammy since you are shooting the shit. How was Spirit in bed?

At first great, wonderful. After three weeks. Not so great. Did he ever make you have an orgasm? Nope. Don’t even know what it would feel like. I saw their mouths drop open. You are kidding. Tell me you are kidding. No, I am not kidding. But it didn’t matter I was claimed by him.

Fucking hell. We need to take our little sister to a man whore. No thank you. If it is one thing, I do know how to do is to please a man. To give him a hard-on, to suck his cock until he begs for more. So little brother I can continue and let you know what I can do for a man. Please do tell us.

I grinned. I can rub oil on his back and rub my naked body down his, I can massage him then roll him over and massage his shoulders, then his chest, and down to his hips, barely touching his penis and rub on down his thighs then back up to his hips and then wrap my hand with the hot oil on them and massage his cock until he cums. Enough Cammy. Well, you did ask. But now have a man do that to us women. That has never happened.

I was adjusting my cock and so was everyone else sitting around the fire. Jesus Christ what the hell was wrong with Spirit. He had a woman who could make every man’s fantasy come true. But he kind of made her hate us now.

But I will have her. I knew when I met her, she was special. But to never have had an orgasm. That blows my mind. Spirit must not have been that good of a lover. Or he never took his time with her.

I looked over at mom and she was laughing. I’m going to bed. The twins get up early. I stood up and carried my blanket into the house. I walked up the stairs and checked on the kids before walking into my room and shutting the door. I took a shower then put on a long tee shirt I stole from one of my brothers and climbed into bed.

We looked over at mom and asked her. Just where the hell did Cammy learn how to please a man mom? Where else. Big Betty’s. You took her to Big Betty’s. I sure did. Just like I took all of you when you turned 16. You let a man teach her all that? Why not? It is good for a woman to know how to keep her man happy. But it didn’t seem to work with Spirit.

Or, it did but he didn’t deserve to receive it. With all the cheating he did. Why should she treat him the way she wanted to? I see your point. So, the man that does get her and doesn’t cheat. Will get one hell of a surprise. From what she told me she and Spirit never had sex until he claimed her.

Then it was too late. After the first few weeks, he did try to take his time, but he is very immature. He would always drag her to the bedroom throw her on the bed, and either shove his cock down her throat and shoot his load and walk away. Or he would just shove his cock inside her until he finished.

She never had a real man take his time with her. And after Spirit. Let’s say I don’t think she believes her dream man exists. That’s why she doesn’t want a man. She thinks you are all the same. Fuck, mom. She didn’t deserve to lose her virginity that way. But she did and we can’t change that.

I know what you are going to say. And, yes you would be right in thinking it. It was just like being raped. So that’s why we saw her crying the next day. He didn’t prepare her body for sex. No, he didn’t.

But that was not a reason for her to leave him and you all know that. She waited and planned for the day she had enough evidence to divorce him per biker laws. It took almost three years, but he finally fucked up.

At least she doesn’t have to continue to live like that anymore. No, she doesn’t. We can be happy about that. But he did ruin other men who might want her. She will fight them.

She will do whatever it takes to make them hate her and not want her. I lay in my bed and thought about how I would hear my brother’s women talk about their sex lives and envy them.

I was never treated that way. He never took his time with me or gave me any kind of pleasure. I want to feel that just once in my life. I could have made Spirit feel so good if he had only shown me some care, but he didn’t. He just wanted me to suck his cock and fuck me that was it.

I will show her one day if she would only give me the chance between the difference between a boy and a man. I could give her so much pleasure and so many orgasms before I even put my cock in her.

I would have her begging for release. And I would do it more than once. I would make love to her until the sun starts to rise in the sky. Just thinking about how I can make her feel is giving me a hard-on.

Fuck I need a cold shower. But what I really want to do is go into the house to her bedroom and lock her bedroom door and show her the pleasure she never had. She would never want to leave me. Hell, after hearing her talk to her brothers I would never want to leave her. I am going to claim her one day.

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