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Chapter 1 - My First Love

Hello my dear readers. 'My First Love' is my first attempt at general fiction.

Enjoy Reading!!

Love is the flower that blooms and spreads its fragrance among those who savour it's sweetness.

But love isn't that easy. Along with the honeyed flavour comes the thorns enough to render acidity in the platter of emotions.

"Get up fast Myra.You gotta beat that cheater."

"You deserve to win."

"Come on get up now."

"Now just run as if your life depends on it."

"You gotta win Myra"

"Run Myra run!!"

My head turned towards the sexy voice that motivated me to run despite being crashed down by my opponent.

Few seconds before my hopes had shattered but his words renergized my lost potential. And with great determination in my mind I crossed the finish line.

I was panting but his one smile drained away the tiredness from my sweating form.

The very first smile from My First Love.

That was the start of my love story - The story of a nerd and the hottest guy of the Park East High School,NYC.

I had no friends because I wasn't hot like the other girls. I was just an average Indian Girl among the Americans. I had been living with my parents in New York City since the sixth grade.I had had received racist comments for hailing from a developing country. But that didn't stop me from winning laurels in academics and sports.

The day I stepped into my high school my eyes landed on Aarav Kohli, the school jock. And there was no looking back because it was love at first sight.

But why would the school player spare a glance at the nerd with big rimmed glasses and books stuck to her bosom all the time?

Since the very first day of my freshman year my love story changed into 'The Boy I admire from Far' until the annual sports meet held at junior high school.

"Myra will you please have some mercy over the coffee?" Aarav's husky voice brought me out of my nostalgia.


"Come on drink it."

He was about to snatch it but I glared at him and he bit his bottom lip.

Those pink lips that I had dreamt of kissing since day one.

I took a sip of the coffee that had rather turned cold.

"By the way what were you thinking?" he asked siping his coffee.

"Umm about our journey from friends to best friends." I stated nonchalantly.

Yes the day he noticed me for the first time in the sports grounds marked our anniversary of friendship and eventually we became best friends but not lovers.

"Yeah best friendship between a nerd and the hottie." He chuckled.

"You were lonely." He shrugged off.

"Admit it you were lonely Angel Face" I demanded

"You were dying to be my friend Buttercup!" He smirked.

I rolled my eyes at the smirking hottie.

"So what are your plans for college?" I asked having the last sip.

"Leaving for Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London."


This means we are going to live in two different countries.

"What about you?" He asked looking down at his phone.

"Umm English Literature" I chimed.

I saw him texting his girlfriend.Yes he had a girlfriend. He was dating her for the last three months. He actually dated many girls in one year. Jock you see. And here I gave my heart to a player,my best friend.My heart broke everytime I saw him hooking up with random girls.

We were not meant to be lovers!

We were just best friends!

"Is she moving in with you?" I asked placing a boulder on my weak heart.

Please say no.




"Yeah she will share my apartment in London" He told without looking up from his phone.

Wow great!

Awesome piece of news!

Until now he hadn't moved in with anyone which means he was serious about her. Oh God what if she gets pregnant and they marry a few months later?

No chance of being his girlfriend!

My heart sank at this pathetic thought.

"Aarav are you serious about her?" I asked brushing off my weird thoughts.

"Kind of! What about you and the guy who used to send you flowers?" He asked shoving his phone into his pocket.

Oh he knew about Ashley.

"He was a just a sweet guy that's it. I haven't answered him yet." I gave an honest answer.

"Are you planning to give him a chance?" He furrowed his eyebrows.


"Shit I gotta go Myra.My flight is in two hours. Are you coming to drop me at the airport?" He cut me off without waiting for my answer.

"Sure why not?" I faked a smile

We hugged each other and departed.Two hours later I came to see him off.

Aarav looked hot in his white Tee and ripped jeans.Even casuals made him look the hottest hunk in the world.

He smiled at me and kissed me on the cheek.I wish I could feel his soft lips on my lips.However being friendzoned meant that wasn't a possibility at all.I was unhappy that I wouldn't see him for the next two years.

His girlfriend Daisy hugged him tight and they kissed on the lips in front of me.Their sudden PDA was like someone splashed a bucket of ice cold water on me.

I knew they were dating but I haven't witnessed them kissing right at my front.So it was more like a bolt from the blue.

I was head over heels in love with Aarav.It was more of a one sided love. I hadn't expected anything from return but that particular sight felt like thousands of knives twisting and piercing through my already broken heart.


Maybe I had no control over certain emotions called jealousy.

Of course Aarav wasn't at fault. Heck he wasn't even aware of my feelings for him.We were just best friends in his eyes.

In fact I should have been happy to see him happy with his ladylove.But happiness was far far away from my heart and mind. I failed as a best friend. I couldn't see my friend happy with the happiness of his life.


Because my stupid heart had fallen for this best friend of mine.

The outcome of one sided love and jealousy marred the very existence of friendship!

No matter how hard I tried to fake a smile I couldn't.I turned my back towards them fighting hard to resist my tears.

"Buttercup!" I heard Aarav's steps towards me.

He turned me around and I blinked back my tears.He was about to hug me but I stepped back.I couldn't take this anymore.I couldn't hide myself behind the veil of friendship.

Just then there was the pre boarding announcement.So Aarav unwillingly took a step back.

"Bye Myra, see you soon!" A sad smile adorned his handsome face.

"Bye Aarav!" I managed to utter and left the spot immediately.

I vowed to myself to break all ties with him. Because if I continued this I could no longer hide my feelings for him. And confessing to him meant the end of friendship.So to save friendship if I had to stay away from him I would happily choose that path.

Hence that was the last conversation I had with Aarav at the airport.


Four years later

"Yeah mom don't worry I'll be back soon."

"I'll be back before its starts snowing, okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine. I'm an university graduate Mom. I can take care of myself. Stop fretting please.See you soon.Bye!"

I hung up and turned only to be knocked down by a wall.

Wait a human wall.

"Oww my nose!" I winced rubbing my nose.

"I-I am sorry for hurting you.I didn't mean to."

I heard that same sexy voice after four long years.

I looked up and saw a six feet two inches man looking at me with concern.Those dark brown eyes peeping into my hazel ones.

"Buttercup!" His voice cracked.

"A-Angel F-Face" I stuttered.

"Where have you been these four years?" he held me by my shoulders.

"I tried every means to contact you. You changed your number,address,in fact,I couldn't find you on Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Snapchat.What's wrong Myra?" He asked literally shaking me up.

How could he find me when I didn't use my real name on social media.

But I couldn't say him the real reason,right?

"Business! Due to business we shifted to Canada and I lost all your contacts and I'm not on social media. " I lied the last part.

Yes I was now living in Canada far away from Aarav.But I didn't know he would be here someday.

"Okay! Well I'm so happy to see you right in front of my eyes." The corner of his eyes crinkled.

"Me too" I forced a smile.

Why God? Why did you bring him to me? How could I hide my feelings now?

I couldn't jeopardize my friendship right?

I gulped the lump formed in my throat and looked away from him.Just then I saw a couple kissing few metres away. It brought back a painful memory.

I found Aarav gazing at the couple exchanging their saliva.Did it remind of his girlfriend Daisy?

"What about Daisy?" I averted my gaze from Aarav.

"We broke up years ago." He glanced up at me


"When?" I asked of curiosity.

"Four years back. We hardly dated for a month of our stay at our apartment." He pressed his lips into a thin line.

"But why?" I trailed off.

"It simply didn't work out.We weren't meant for each other." He shrugged off.


My heart saw a ray of hope. But what if he was dating someone else?

"So did you find someone else?" I cocked up an eyebrow.

"Not yet but possibilities are high you know."He smirked.

"What about you Myra and your boyfriend who sent you flowers?" His forehead creased.

Okay he didn't know that I wasn't interested in that guy.

"He wasn't my boyfriend Aarav.I never gave any chance to him."

"Ohh" He sighed.

"So you're single?"


"I missed you Myra" He suddenly pulled me into a hug.

Hot tears welled up in my eyes.How long I had been craving for his touch.And finally after four years I had the luck to touch him.I wrapped my arms around his waist and leaned my head on his chest.

"I missed you so much Aarav" I said pressing my cheeks against his chest.

A lone tear escaped my eye.I had to control my emotions.I couldn't let him know about my feelings.So I pulled away from him.

"What are you doing here Aarav?"I asked.

"Just came to shoot for an ad."

Oh he is an actor now.

"Okay so see you some other time.I gotta go."

I turned on my heels but he tugged my arm and then forced me to turn around.

"Myra are you avoiding me?" He asked pressing his hands on my shouder.

"No" I looked down.

"You're lying."

"No Aarav I'm not lying." My gaze was fixed on the ground.

"Then why aren't you looking at me?I know when you are hiding something you can't look me in the eye"

"Come on say what's wrong? Why are you avoiding me Myra?" He chinned me up with his right thumb while his left hand was still resting on my right shoulder.

"I'm not avoiding you Aarav I just need to go.You see the weather isn't good." I looked him in the eye.

Then I slapped his hand away and walked past him.

"I like you"

I moved a few steps away from him when I heard him say and I stopped right there.

"As a friend right?" I gritted without turning back.

"No more than a friend." He answered back.


My ears were ringing perhaps.

"What did you just say?" I probed.

The street was now almost empty because of the bad weather.

"I love you!"

Aarav's voice was loud and clear on the empty street



No no this is a dream Myra!

"I love you Myra!"

"Oww " I pinched myself

No I wasn't dreaming.

"You love me as a friend?" I uttered all at once.



I closed my eyes fighting back the tears.

"I love you as a man loves a woman."

As soon those words reached my ears I turned back to face him.

I saw pure love and affection in his eyes.He said he loves me.But how could he love me? I am just his best friend.

Shut the fuck up Myra!

Stop overthinking!

"I love you Myra.I love you very very much.Not as a best friend but as a lover. Don't you feel the same for me?" He pleaded through his eyes.

"Yes yes I-I love you Aarav" I croaked.

I took a deep breath.

"I had been loving you since the first day I met you.But you didn't notice me until the annual sports meet.Later on you friendzoned me.I felt heart broken.But I didn't gave up hope.But when you left for London with your girlfriend I-I couldn't take it anymore so I severed all ties with you. Because it was too hard for me to hide my feelings for you. And I didn't want to ruin our friendship.So I just walked away from you." I blurted out everything.

"And here I thought you didn't like me more than a friend.I thought you liked that flower sending guy. I was attracted to you since the day I met you but ignored my attraction.Then we became friends and all but still something was there.However I thought how could I date a nerd so I just pacified myself being Just Friends" He air quoted 'Just Friends'!

"What?" I asked in disbelief .

The snow began to fall straight and steadily from the sky.We were just one metre away from each other.

"Uh I was stupid you know.I was a player since beginning so I just dated random girls you know.It was in London that I felt your void.My relationship with Daisy,the last girl I dated didn't work and I realized your importance in my life.But couldn't contact you.I tried hard these four years to find you but nothing positive came up.But see today we're here under the night sky amidst the snowfall confessing our feelings for each other." The corners of his mouth turned up.

My eyes glistened but I managed to smile through the tears, rather say happy tears.

Aarav stretched wide his arms and that was it.I couldn't stop myself from running into his arms.

Aarav locked me up into a tight embrace lifting me off my feet.Few minutes later he put me on the ground and whispered 'I love you' in my ear.

"I love you too Aarav!" I palmed his face.

A lone tear coursed down my cheek. Aarav kissed away my tear and dropped a peck on my forehead.

"Where are your big rimmed glasses?" He asked brushing my cheeks.

"Replaced it with lenses." I stared at his handsome face.

"You have grown beautiful Myra!" He kissed my cheek

"You mean I wasn't beautiful back then?" I frowned.

"I didn't mean that.Myra you're beautiful with or without your glasses!"

I looked away from him and watched the flakes,silver and dark,falling obliquely against the lamp post.

Aarav pulled me closer that my breast crashed against his hard chest.He made me look up at him by pulling up my chin with his thumb and his other palm tilted my neck.His eyes lowered into my lips and I knew what was about to come.

In a fraction of seconds, Aarav pressed his lips firmly to mine.First he lightly kissed me and then ran the tip of his tongue over my lower lip asking for entrance which I quickly granted.

Aarav gripped my face tightly as his tongue slid into my mouth.He tasted damn good and it felt so right to kiss him.His slender fingers tangled through my hair and it turned into a passionate kiss in a matter of seconds.

Aarav's hands left my face and travelled down my arms until he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me more closer to him.Our bodies were pressed together that I could feel the warmth radiating from his skin beneath his clothes.My arms snaked around his neck while my fingers tugged on his hair.He groaned and I enjoyed playing with his hair.

With each passing seconds our kiss became more and more intense.Aarav bit my lower lip stealing a sigh from me.Volts of electricity ran through my body and I felt my knees turning into a mass of jelly.

We broke apart for want of oxygen.

"I love you Myra!" He whispered as his upper lip brushed my lower lip.

"I love you too Aarav!" I caressed the corner of his mouth.

"You know you're my first love" He leaned closer to my ear such that his hot breath fanned my ear lobe sending jitters down my spine.

"And You're My First Love too" I smiled snuggling closer to him for escaping the cold surrounding us.

"What are you doing to me Buttercup?" He breathed against my mouth.

I bit my bottom lip "I-I didn't---"

Aarav's lips were on mine before I could complete the sentence.I responded back with equal fervour.His tongue darted in exploring every corner of my mouth.Our tongue danced rhythmically to the tunes of our ecstatic heart beats.

It was an urgent and more aggressive one but I had no complaints because I was kissing My First Love right under the snowfall as I had dreamt.

My First Love reciprocated my love and was kissing me like there was no tomorrow.

What more could I ask for?

First love is the first dew drop on a cold winter morning,

First Love is the first bloom of flowers in the spring,

Reciprocal of first love is the first rain drops satiating the parched earth.

Thank you all for reading my work.Please do let me know about your reviews in the comment section.And please do vote for this one shot.

Love to all

Your writer

Sangita :)

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