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What happens when your past catches up with you? And threatened everything you have worked for...

Romance / Drama
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King’s Enterprise is expected to open a new hotel in the Caribbean

In three weeks, multi-billionaire Damion King is rumored to be opening a new hotel in the Caribbean. A source speak exclusively to VAGUE magazine, said Mr. King is expected to visit the island concerning this new venture. When VAGUE magazine tried to contact Mr. King to confirm if the rumors where true, he declined any comment.


“I swear to God above if I read one more magazine about you” Lucas placed the magazine unto the desk before his brother. “I am going to kill myself.

“That's a strong statement to make Lucas.” Damion grabbed the magazine from the desk and toss it into his top desk drawer. “You know what?”


“That’s not such a bad idea.”

“Whatever...” Lucas pouted.

“A matter of fact, ain’t you the one always in the magazine for breaking some chick’s heart?” Damion asked, signing the last of the papers on his desk.

Lucas sat back, relaxing, unto the chair. He unbuttoned his Armani jacket. “Why should I get into a relationship? I want to broaden my horizon. I see a relationship pointless, I am young I should enjoy life as much as I can. It’s not like been married is getting away...”

Damion must admit he agreed with his brother. As much as Lucas King is the youngest of three, usually assume to be the black sheep of the family, he had a point. He came this close to marrying the love of his life but things never worked out. Since he took over his father’s legacy, his company, King’s Enterprises. He has been trying none stop to coerce him into marriage.

“Is father still pressuring you to marriage that bitch of a woman?” Lucas question his brother.

“Has he ever stopped?” Damion turned his full attention to his brother.

“That woman is a demon in disguise..

...a matter of fact, the devil’s wife...” Lucas knew his brother’s frustration. He knew of a time, the first time he had fallen in love with someone. He had never confide in his brother even through they were closed. He had once loved her...Sophie Moore...

“...Elizabeth is still trying to insert herself into our family...” Damion said folding his hand under chin, thinking, meditating on the situation.

“She is a gold digger...” Lucas blurted out. “Somehow she has our father and mother wrapped around her little finger.”

“Elizabeth was once betrothed to our competitor. But once his business was sold to us due his debt. She plans to get rich quick by pesting my soul. She has even convince Father for us to get married.” Damion inform his brother in light of her devious tactic. “Getting rich quick is her scheme.”

“What an idiot, did you know... word on the street he gramble his money while putting it in bad investment.” Lucas smirk.


“So how’s the new venture?” Lucas asked trying to change topic, “I cannot believe you never told me about it...”

“I am real sorry to keep you out the loop but I was trying to keep everything under rap until I confirm.” Damion sigh.

“...And why is that?” Lucas asked.

“I have decided to open a new hotel and I wanted it to be a surprise.”

“A surprise it is... indeed...”

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