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PLOT  Will no longer had any relationship with anyone except his family, his only support he now thought he had lost. The life of a marine was not as simple as he thought. He no longer knew what to fight for until I met Allie, a girl who also happened to receive two of spades, but he never imagined that a boy like Will would have kept her in a long distance relationship.

Naomi Ruth Caramia
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Chapter 1

Will never imagined that one day he would be a marine but as his father said, it was to maintain the honor of his country but sometimes he thought he did it only for the honor of the family. He always liked being able to give hope to people by bringing peace but losing his comrades in the war ... this had not foreseen it at all. It was now a couple of weeks away and finally he would have returned home even though the last time he returned to California it was not a good memory since he had almost strangled his younger brother because he had asked him to play but he with risky moves he had regarded it as a surprise attack. It was also for this reason that he no longer had relations with the girls since the incident had spread everywhere in that place. He had never forgiven himself for what he had done to him, now his little brother was afraid of him as well as fear appeared to the whole family. Will hopes he can improve this time. By now the suitcases were almost ready but the boy would never have imagined that from there on his return his life would change.

Allie had already predicted that that terrible day would come, her mother kept getting thinner and tried to calm down her eight-year-old brother, Jason. "Cancer", the nurses had defined him, had only another week to live. But her mother nevertheless continued to smile even though she did not understand why, once she asked him, she replied:

"Because you are mine joys. "

Even if Allie found it absurd, given that soon she would no longer be next to them. Before she left, her mother asked her to talk to her in private without Jason being able to hear her, especially at her age. Her mother was lying on the double bed in the blankets while her daughter sat next to her. "Allie" her mother started talking, with a little weakness since her illness was eating all her energy. "It is useless to pretend, we both know that soon I will leave and I have a single wish that I would like you to realize .."

"What is it about? Do you want me to take you to France by asking "wishes"? "

"No, darling. By now I think he has had enough travel. I want you and your brother to move in with your father ... "

"What?? No! He left you! "

"Honey, I've already called him. And what I told you about between your father and me ... isn't ... totally true ... "

"I do not understand. What do you mean? "

"The truth is that I left your father ..."

"What?? Why??"

"I didn't want him to suffer ..."

"And he didn't beg you to change his mind?"

"Until exhaustion. But he respected my choice. "

Allie was speechless. Sad, angry and confused. Three things at once too difficult to manage.

"I know it's hard .."

"No, you don't know!"

"I need you to promise that you will stay with him."

"But mom ..."

"Promise .."

"Yes .. I promise you."

His mother squeezed her hand with all the strength he had smiling at her, Allie was frightened to see her, so small and so delicate. "I won't leave, honey." Her mother continued. "I've never left and I'll never leave you. I will always be here "his mother touched her chest with one hand" inside, in your heart. I'll always be there. " Allie felt tears in her eyes. "Now darling I need to be alone, please."

Allie nodded and got up slowly from the bed and went to the door.


Allie turned around.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

For Allie those words were terribly difficult to pronounce.

The following morning, Allie went to wake up her mother, as she did every morning. He shook her shoulders gently but no response, so I touch her wrist, no beat. Allie felt empty, burst into tears and hugged her mother. Then he called the ambulance. The funeral would take place two days later. To Allie it all seemed so empty, the talk of the speakers so far away and she didn't feel like talking, she stared at the flowers resting on her grave. Until he looked up and saw a man dressed as a tuxedo meeting her, Allie recognized him after a while, he was his father. He gave her a warm smile. Unexpectedly, as he approached her, he put his hand on her shoulder.

"Hi Allie."

Allie opened her mouth but was abruptly interrupted. "Dad!"

"But look who you see! Who is this handsome young man? "

Jason ran to him and jumped into his arms, his father hugged him tightly. "My car is out here." His father turned to the girl. Allie nodded. All three went to get their luggage. "She left earlier than expected."


"She didn't even want me to visit, think a little."

Allie nodded.

"But how are you, Allie?"

Allie turned to him in surprise that he was interested in her life. She realized she could not talk to him.

"Hey." Her father told her like a whisper but he realized that the girl was suffering. His father approached her and hugged her, incredibly Allie burst into tears in front of him, tears she had held for too long. Her father massaged her back, whispering comforting words.

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