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Chapter 10

Allie was about to lie down, began to feel the taps on the window, it was raining, she noticed. She went close to the window and saw under Will who threw pebbles at it and signaled her to come to the door. Allie, confused, walking on tiptoe so as not to wake her friends, reached the door and opened it. Will appeared in the doorway.

"Will? What happens? You have…"

"Would you let me in?" Will asked hopefully, a little drenched.

Allie turned around behind her and then turned her gaze back to the boy and moved to let him pass, as soon as the boy entered, she closed the door.

"What happens? You're all wet. Why are you still around at this time? "

"I couldn't sleep." Will turned to her.

Allie, looking at his appearance, said to him: "But you can't stay so wet. You will get sick. Wait up. I'm going to get some Phill clothes. "

Will did not have time to reply that she had already left.

After a few minutes she returned with a blue sweater and a pair of jeans.

"The bathroom is there in front of you."

Allie pointed him and handed him the clothes Will took, brushing her hands, which she immediately embarrassed as soon as he noticed. Will went to the bathroom and Allie returned to the room, lying on the bed, with a lamp light on to read her favorite book: "Shadowhunters The Origins The Angel by Cassandra Clare".

After a couple of minutes she heard the door swing open and Will appear in the doorway, quietly entering and closing the door very gently so as not to make any noise.

"Uh, you can put your clothes on that chair you see near you,"

Allie said, noticing what Will was carrying. Will obeyed and joined the girl sitting at the foot of the bed.

"Will, can you tell me what happens?"

"I told you, I couldn't sleep. I kept walking until I realized that I kept going to the same place all the time, which is your home. I kept thinking about what happened before, about how you are .. "

Allie looked at him in amazement. "What do you mean?"

"You know very well what I mean. Every time I try to get close to you, you keep moving away as if you wanted to put a barrier between us. You tend to run away, but you don't do this with your friends, do you? "

"It's late. You'd better go. "Allie told him with a hint of sadness.

"No, I will not let you go another time." Will started to come close the girl moving some step and not looking away from her. Allie began to feel tense and nervous and blushed (she thanked the darkness that did not allow Will to scrutinize his color well). The boy placed both hands on the wood of the bed, close to her shoulders, so as to trap her with his arms, his face was a meter away from her.

"You are afraid. I know. I feel it. You are afraid of me."

"I don't know ... what you're talking about." Allie told him nervously and she felt her heart was beating very fast than before.

"Yes but. You know. Indeed, you are not afraid of me, you are afraid to fall in love. You have already calculated that between us it would not have worked and so you would avoid another disappointment. But it doesn't have to go that way. Things can change. " He brought his face close to hers.

"What ... what are you doing?"

"I would like to kiss you."

"I might not be able to."

"Oh this is absolutely impossible."

Will narrowed his eyes and came close, the girl bowed her head towards him and finally their lips touched; Allie abandoned herself to him, stroking her hair with his right hand and holding her face with his left hand. Allie felt in seventh heaven as if she could touch the clouds with a finger. Will broke away from her after a while, Allie looked at him shocked, speechless.

"I better go."

That said, the boy got up and was closing to the door.

"You don't have to leave ... if you don't want to."

Allie said nervously and punched herself in the stomach feeling as she had said some terrible words. Will turned to her and smiled at her, after a couple of seconds he joined her. The boys chatted and fell asleep.

Mary entered Allie's room to wake her up, when she opened the door she was shocked by what she saw: Will sleeping next to her and holding her by the arm.

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