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Chapter 11

While he was taking her home, they suddenly saw a not very friendly rotvailer emerge from the bushes to their right, growling at them.

"Will !!"

Allie clung to him with both arms in a trembling shake.

"Everything will be fine. Stay here. ”He pulled away from her. "Do not move."

Will headed for the dog.

"Will, what are you doing? !!"

"Stay there!"

After a couple of minutes, the dog jumped on him and kept biting him while the boy continued to avoid him.

"Wiiiiill !! Leave him alone!"

Allie didn't know what to do ... Will was lying on the ground and he was losing a lot of blood, Allie ran to him and raised to hug him in tears and scream his name until an ambulance came.

Allie entered the hospital room.

"Hey, hello."

Will smiled weakly; he was mostly blindfolded. Allie closed the door behind her and approached him.

"How are you?"

"Not too bad. And you? ”

Will peered into her face and waved to her, touching the outside of the hospital bed, slowly Allie sat down.

"If I hadn't brought you there ..."

"Hey," he interrupted. "Don't even say it as a joke. It's not your fault at all. "

"You didn't have to save me this time."

"And how could I have fun otherwise?"

Allie showed him a forced smile in her tears, he gently grabbed her neck with one hand and gently pushed her towards him, Allie dived directly and they embraced; the girl burst into tears as he stroked her back, whispering comforting words. .... They broke the embrace and Allie saw that a message had arrived on her phone and when she read it, she felt speachless.

I know from whom the dog that attacked the boy belongs to.

It wasn't a coincidence that it was there.

It has been ……. ...... ..

"Everything is alright?"

Allie looked up at him. "Er ... sorry, I have to go. See you? "


Allie kissed him on the cheek and left the room. Will looked at her curiously, he felt that the girl was hiding something from him.

"Allie! How are you doing? ”

The boy saw that she was approaching towards him furiously. "What happens?"

"Will sends you his greetings!"

In a moment the boy was on the ground with a swollen eye and a nose that was bleeding and meanwhile Allie was rubbing her hand turned red.

"You could have been worse, you know?"

Allie looked up and saw Will standing in the prison doorway.

"Will, what are you doing here?"

"To fix the damage you've done!" Exclaimed Will angrily and Allie looked back at the floor thinking that the worst had arrived. "Punch! Respond to a public official! Do they look like things to do? It could have been a lot worse, you know ?! "

"Yes I know." Will slowly approached her and knelt and rested his hands on the outer sides of the girl's legs. "Do you know what the guard told me?" Allie looked at him with interest and he began to smile at her. "That I am a lucky person and does not know what he would give to have such a girl." Allie looked at him wordlessly.

"You're driving me crazy, you know?" Will went on. "What should I do with you?" He whispered, looking at her with love.

"I am sorry…"

"Come here." He interrupted her and she threw herself into his arms and he squeezed her. After a while, Will released her from the embrace. "You were lucky, hooligan. Everyone knows me here and I promised them that I would help you manage your anger. "

"I have no anger problems!" She scolded him. Will glared at her. "Do I have anger problems?" She asked in shock.

"There's a reason why my parents sent me straight to the marines, there's a reason I can stay calm." Allie was speechless. "I fought with many of my schoolmates because they behaved like hooligans with others. They have trained me for this and it is only thanks to them that they are now like you see me. " Allie really was speechless. "Come on, let's go. You need training. "

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