Dear John modified

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Chapter 14

While Allie was approaching the threshold of her house, she saw Will in front of her, in a wheelchair. "Will" The boy, getting rid of his legs, very slowly started to get up. "What are you doing? !!" exclaimed Allie, terrified.

"Stay there. I've done it many times already. "

Allie obeyed. "Really?"

Will nodded. "You have suffered so many, Allie."

"I?! In comparison to you?! You're kidding, right? "

Slowly, Will started to take a step and Allie tried to hold back her tears. "And yet you have always been and you will always be a strong girl. Despite how I treated you so many times. You can always support me. "Will took another step as Allie was speechless. “Even in the moments when I would like to end it. You never left me. "He took another step.

"And I'm not going to do it."

"And if there were other things that would separate us ..."

"They should just try!"

Will smiled at her. "The woman I'd like to have by my side, I can't imagine anybody else, the only one I would like to spend the rest of my life." Will was finally close to her a few inches away. "Usually these things are done on their knees but unfortunately the conditions in which they are are not allowed." Allie burst out laughing with tears and a little of Will too but then looked at her in a very intense way: "Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

Allie hugged him.

"Is this a yes?"

Allie broke away. "Oh sorry I meant yes."

Will laughed and kissed her.

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