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Chapter 2

For Will those two weeks had passed too quickly that he found himself at the airport towards home. When he arrived, he saw a sign with his name and all his family members ran to hug him.

His car was quite spacious, he noticed Allie sitting in front, while Jason was behind and his father in the driver's seat.

"I would say we can start with the house rules: no going out late, no new kids at home ..."

"No problem." Allie realized that the father was giving those rules especially to her.

"No problem?" The father looked at her doubtfully.

"Allie hasn't any boyfriend."

"Jason!" Allie turned to him and glared at him.

"Really?" The father looked at her curiously.

"All the boys were busy or not interested."

"Jason shut up!"

"What do you want? I said the truth!"

"Get it over!"

The father smiled.

When they got home, they started to take their bags from the trunk.

"Love is complicated, Allie."

Allie turned to him. "I didn't think it's easy."

"The important thing is never to lose hope. You will find the right person even when you least expect it. " Her father smiled at her.

"Can I ask you a question?"


"How did you realize that mom was the right person?"

"I felt it" the father put his hand on his chest "in here. Your mother was the only one who made me laugh, she stood by me in difficult moments as I tried to be in her. Even if she didn't want me to visit her, I called her every day and we were chatting for hours and hours without ever getting tired. He said it was me and our children who kept it alive for as long as possible. "

A tear flowed over Allie's cheek. The father put his arm around her shoulders and they went into the house together. His father approached the stove when Allie stopped him.

"Leave. I'll handle that."

"How long you cook?" The father looked at her curiously.

"I've always cooked for ..." Allie couldn't pronounce her name again, the loss was too hard for her. "Yes, right, it's true."

"So .." the father continued. "Someone told me we don't go out so often, eh?"

"From the conditions she had ... it didn't seem convenient."

"Yes, it is true, and I assure you that I do not judge you badly for this. You've been very good with her, Allie, I have to say. "

"Thank you."

"So I thought ... how about if we go to the sea tomorrow?"

"I do not.."

"At the sea? Really daddy ?? Yes, I want to go there! ”

Jason started bouncing around the house.

"You see it? Your brother would also like to go there. I think it will do the three of us good time to go out a little. "

Allie didn't know what to say.

"Allieeee, pleaaaaaseeeeeee !!!" Jason yanked her shirt.

"Ok, as you wish."

"yeeeeeeee !! Let's go to the sea!!"

"You made the right choice."

The father smiled at her.

Once on the beach, they got out of the car and approached the umbrellas, they were trying to get past a basketball court, when one of the boys, excited by the game, involuntarily struck Allie in one eye. The girl screamed in pain and her father rushed to her rescue. The girl noticed that she was sitting on the sand and that everyone was staring at her. He felt someone touch her shoulders. Then a male voice.

"Cabbage! Are you OK? I'm sorry. Mike you idiot !! ”

The girl realized she was scolding her friend. Allie turned her head slightly and saw a boy kneeling next to her and that he was also bending over her, he had ocean-blue eyes and blond hair, almost golden, very light, strong arms and nice abs, Allie immediately turned her head for not to watch. He felt himself mocked by some boys and immediately felt ridiculous.

"Don't worry, Will. It's all OK. Now I'll take you for a visit. "

Allie recognized her father's voice, understood that boy's name and felt four arms lifting her from the ground. Then she felt only two arms that were taking her away.

"I have not done it on purpose!" Allie heard a distant voice.

"You gave her an idiotic punch !!" She recognized Will's voice.

"Look at the light. Follow her."

Allie was in the hospital, sitting on a stretcher with her father leaning against the wall looking at her and the doctor checking her. He followed the light that was pointing at her with his pen.

"Nothing serious. It did not cause damage to the retina. I'd say we can end up here. "

"And for the bruises? When will they disappear? ”Asked his worried father.

"In a week you'll be like new." The doctor was still addressing Allie.

"Well. Thank you. How do you feel? " Her father was right next to her.



"Do you have sunglasses on you?"

"Sure. Do you Want them.."

"Only until they are completely gone." Allie pointed to the eye.

"Of course." The father looked for his glasses in his pockets. "But know that for me you remain the beautiful woman you are."

"Thanks, Dad." Allie smiled at him.

"How do you know him?" Allie suddenly asked her father.


"That boy on the beach, who talked to you."

"Ah, Will. We are neighbors of the country. See you some times because he is a marine and therefore depends on the moments when he is called on a mission and has to leave the country. Why do you ask me that?"


"You're interested, aren't you?"

"I ... what? No! How does it come to mind? "

The father laughed. "Look, it's not a problem for me. He's a good boy. I've known him for a long time. "

Allie was about to reply but shook her head and walked away. The father smiled at her.


Allie turned around.

"Do you know that I already see you getting better?"

Allie put her hand to her eye. "Really?"

His father nodded and Allie smiled at him.

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