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Chapter 3

Allie was looking for the products her father had asked her to take from the supermarket near her home. She put on her hood and wore sunglasses so as not to show others her face. Will had peered into all the rows and missed the last one to take the last products he needed, until he recognized the girl he had rescued the day before; the same blue sweatshirt and the same black sweatpants and the same white gym shoes, and then those full lips he liked so much. Allie, turned around and noticed that there was a boy, she recognized him, the same one who had helped her the day before; in the same black short-sleeved shirt and the same jeans. To avoid certain humiliations, she tried to pretend not to see him by turning around and trying to get away from him by pretending to look for another product.

"New look?"

Allie felt as if during a game of hide and seek, they had already found where she was hiding. He turned to the boy. "Well .. I didn't have any alternatives, did I?"

"I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry for what my friend did to you ..."

"What's this? Has your friend failed to make his apologies in person and so he sent you? "

"No, I came of my own free will."

"Oh.." Will took a few steps toward her. "It doesn't seem so necessary to me though." Allie realized that Will meant his hidden face.

"It is if you look like Frankenstein's monster."

"You don't look like Frankenstein's monster at all." Will took another few more steps until he was a few feet away from her. "Can I see?" Will held up a hand but the girl stepped away from him, stepping back.

"What?? No!"

"Why not?"

"Because, seriously, I don't ... have a good ... look, believe me!"

"Try me."


"Because what punched you is my friend and so I feel responsible too."

Allie was surprised and a little frightened not knowing what to say. Will approached the girl and with a single movement of his hand, took off her hood, Allie took a shot from the speed of that gesture. Will noticed the hair that fell over her shoulders and was a light brown color and then, with both hands, gently grabbed her glasses, Allie felt the warmth of her fingers brush her cheeks, and took them off; even his eyes were brown like the first time they looked at him, the bruise was all around his left eye and a little on his cheek. Allie saw that the boy was peering at her and felt embarrassed. Gently he touched her eye with his thumb, Allie held back a grimace of pain and closed her eyes. "Does it hurt?"

"Only if ... it's touched."

"Sorry." Will immediately withdrew his hand. Then he smiled at her. "As I told you before, it doesn't seem so serious to me. Indeed you are not at all as horrible as you think you are. "

"You're kidding me or .."

"Never been more serious." He handed her the sunglasses. "Seriously, these are not necessary."

Allie took them. "Yes, if people look at you badly."

"People always look bad and will always judge. You must don't take care of them. " Allie looked at him confused and after a while he put his glasses in his pocket. "I'm Will by the way." Will held out his hand.

"Allie." Allie shook it.

"Nice name." Will gently squeezed her hand.

"Thank you."

"Even if I never imagined I knew a person like this and in this place ... there is always a first time, isn't it?"

Allie laughed. Will looked at her intently and the girl felt herself blushing. Suddenly the phone starts ringing. Allie immediately leaves his hand and takes his phone from his pocket.

"He's my father. I have to go."

"Steve Dawson is your father ??"

"Ya. How small is the world? "

"Indeed. See you around?"

"Ok," she answered, a little hesitant and walked away.

Will smiled at her.

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