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Chapter 4

Allie had decided to take a breath of air and so he decided to do some shot at the basket.

"I didn't know you liked basketball."

Allie turned around. Will was right behind her.

"And I that you are a soldier."

"In fact, I never told you." Will looked at her with a questioning look.

"Er ... my father told me."

"This explains everything."

"So ... are you really a soldier?" The girl asked.


"How long?"

"4 years."

"Is it hard?"

"It depends on what you mean."

"When they send you to war ... having to shoot people ... and sometimes witnessing the loss of other war companions ..."

"Yes a bit'."

"Have you ever ... killed ... a person?"

"No." Allie breathed a sigh of relief. "I usually shoot on their arm or leg."

Allie smiled at him. "But it's a great role."

"You think?" Will looked at her curiously.

"Sure! Fight for what you believe. Save lives, bring peace, give hope to people. "

Will smiled at her. "But it does not always ensure long-term relationships."

"Because there are no people willing to have them."

"You look like a professional."

"Er ... something like that, I think."

"Did you have ... disappointments?" Allie, feeling a little under pressure, nodded to him. Both sat on a nearby bench. "If you want to talk about it ... or let off steam ... it could make you feel better." Allie looked at her hands nervously. "Perhaps you'd prefer me to tell you about my sentimental experiences first to make you feel better?" Allie looked at him: "Ok." "Ok ... let's see ... where to start ..." Allie smiled at him and looked at him curiously as if to encourage him to continue. Will, sensing that gesture, continued: "There was a girl who had an interesting Canadian accent that fascinated me a lot. I introduced myself and began to know each other. When she found out what I was doing ... in life ... she never spoke to me again. And now most of the girls who know about my story stay away from me. "

"I'm sorry. Evidently she hadn't noticed the ... good soldier she lost, "Allie told him, feeling a little embarrassed.

"Thanks." Will smiled at her. "How can you be so sure? After all ... you don't even know me. "

"You are right about this but my mother taught me that it says a lot about a person's appearance and bearing. You tend to isolate yourself from others, like ... a protection. "

Will looked at her curiously. "You don't seem social enough to me too ... Allie."

"Touché." Allie went on.

"So what happened to this girl?"

"I'll tell you if you'll tell me your story."

"Hey but this is cheating!" Will waited and Allie, shocked, continued: "All right. But there is not much to say ... "

"I'm all ears." Will smiled at her.

"Ok. Ehm ... It was just a kind of crush among teenagers where every kind gesture a girl receives tends to mistake it for love ... well ... the mentality of teenagers is that. One day I decided to write him a letter declaring to him the feelings I felt towards him since to tell him openly it was very difficult for me but unfortunately I discovered that he liked another girl and that she reciprocated him and now they are also getting married and ... "

"So you never told him how you feel about him?"

"For what? It was too late now. And then I had ... so to say ... scared. "

"About what?"

"To ... be looked at differently and then ..."


"When you realize that only who is mentally ill confess to you ..."

"You can't define anyone who is flirting on you a mentally ill person."

"No, seriously. They were followed by educators .. "


"Yeah. And so when these things happen you start thinking that there is something wrong with you and ... "

"No, no." Will said as soon as he saw Allie bow her head as if to cover her face with tears. "Don't think about anything like that at all. You have nothing to do with this story. Obviously ... this guy ... they needed a pair of glasses. "

Allie smiled and looked at him: "Thank you."



Allie turned to him.

"I see you have company."

"Good evening, Mr. Dawson."

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