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Chapter 5

"You know how it is, sometimes, for someone like me, it's hard to have lasting friendships." "Especially when you're not honest." Allie was going to get him caught off guard.

"Quite right."

"And then when you have to go to other places like ..." Allie turned to look at him seriously and Will looked back at her. "in Turkey."

Will gasped, speechless and realized she knew it. "How did you find out?" He asked as the girl sat on a nearby bench.

"Almost everyone knows. Except me. Why?"

Will sat down next to her. "Because I knew you would react this way."

"You're a marine, Will. What did you think? That I would never have calculated these things? "

"I didn't want to make you suffer."

Allie looked at him in surprise. "Is that, that worries you?"


"Well ... it might not happen if ... we keep in touch."

Will looked at her in surprise. "Do you mean like writing letters?"

"If is it okay for you."

"It's perfect." He smiled at her and Allie burst out laughing.

"But I warn you. It has been a long time since I have written to someone and I might not be able to.. " "This is impossible. You just have to write what you feel, which comes from your heart. "

"Ok. I'll try."

Will smiled at her.

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