Sam & Henry

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16-year-old Samantha Miller is simply your average high school girl, who doesn't want anything to do with boys. Especially the most popular boy in school, Henry Lincoln, who just won't leave her alone. Can she get rid of this boy who won't take a hint? Or will she end up wanting to be with him in ways she always wanted to avoid? Join these two complicated lovebirds in their story; the story they call Sam & Henry.

Romance / Drama
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To my best Inkitt friend, @Atobiii, because you inspire me everyday and always keep me full of happiness whenever we talk. I couldn't ask for a better friend.

Thanks, girl. :D

If you don't follow her, I'll make sure your toes no longer exist on your feet.



Hey everyone! Leyla here.


This book contains alcohol, but no drugs, a little smoking, a lot of violence, a LOT more romantic stuff, like make-outs sessions. There is sex involved, but it will not explain the actual intercourse; it'll just skip over to the next morning. I assume you know how it works if y'all like to read, because you wouldn't have this app if you didn't.

There is swearing, with only two, maybe three people using it strongly. But it'll be there because it's, well, a high school. Can't do anything about that; just trying to make it as close to realistic as possible without crossing the line.

If you have any questions, just take a look at my account. You'll find my email easily. Follow me if you want, I just hope you enjoy my writing.

If you decide to follow me on here, don't forget to follow me on Wattpad! Everything is the same as Inkitt: username, profile picture, background, et cetera.

Thank you, and I'll see you guys in the next chapter!

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