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PLOT  Jace was now sure that no one could replace his ex-girlfriend, but with Emma he finally feels that he was given another chance.

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Chapter 1

West of California, overlooking the sea, near the rocks, was a villa occupied by mermaids and their companions: Hanon and Shrai, Rina and Masairo, Madam Taki, Nikora (owner of the house) and Jace.

Emma had just moved from Indiana, now tired of the usual desert. She was a nineteen year old girl, 1.75 high and weighed 60 kg. She had short, slightly swollen and light brown hair like her eyes and two enormously fleshy lips (the only thing she appreciated about herself). She liked to wear overalls of different colors a lot (she couldn't stand the ones in one color).

“It’s as my crystall ball showed me many times. It must be her.”

“Are you sure?”

Jace was talking with Madam Taki, he was sitted on the sofa while she was in front of him in the living room in the house.

“I have no doubts, Jace. She’s already here but she doesn’t know about her destiny. She’ll discover it sooner and you need to keep watching her making sure she’s still in safe. There are many dangers for her now.”

“Yeah. I’ll do it.”

Jace stood up and was walking close to the upstairs in the direction of his room, in that moment was almost midnight and he was very tired.

“She won’t make you suffer.”

Jace turned his gaze to her and he smiled a little to her.

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