Seasoned with desire

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Sasha Richards, a 19 year old girl with a bold attitude and guts enough to blow anyone with her harsh words. kindness isn't her style, loving things the bad way was what made her more of the devil kind. Wanting no love drama in her life she lives her life to the fullest. But what will happen if she met someone exactly the opposite kind. Will she ever fall for someone like that?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

"You ain't doing this to me, c'mon I've already been here for 7 hrs and moreover I've completed my shift . I am not gonna stay here for another hour."

"Sasha it's only an hour we are talking about and besides that I will be paying you extra. I know the crowd is exceedingly extra today but I'm sure you want to help Becky right?"

"Oh Dan, you're such a manipulator. Fine I'll stay but you better be paying me extra and you better don't think this as change of heart this is just for Becky."

"No offenses but I know someday that change of heart will happen sooner or later it will."

I shrugged off walking towards the bar again. I was really tired today but you can't do anything when it comes to returning a favour and I owed it to Becky. She brought me into this club when I was totally wrecked, out of money and lonely. So this was the least I could do for her.

"2 shots of vodka for the lady and a martini for me" said a guy across the bar. Handsome and in early thirties but clearly someone not of my interest.

"Here you go sir." I said handing him over the drinks.

I could clearly see him with his girl not that hot but yeah surely cute. He was totally into her and she into some other guy sitting over the bar right now. You know this is what sucks about love . You never get what you deserve , a one way trip with a bonus of heartbreaks.

I wish I had poisoned her drinks before handing them or could've punched her right in her face. But since this is the only source of money I have. I couldn't do so, though there was another aspect of a little dizziness and headache to why I didn't do so.

And before I could think of any other thing I don't know how but everything seemed to blur out followed by darkness I could feel other staff people rushing towards me saying my name in a "Sasha" and with that everything went black.

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