Troubled Memories

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Guilt is perhaps the most painful companion of death. We can always forgive others but not ourselves. I made a mistake, now I'm living with the consequences. I regret it, I really do but it doesn't change anything. After all this, I woke up with new hope every day because I know that my past doesn't define my future. Anna is a 16-year-old girl who has a happy life but what happens when her mother's best friend died and everyone is blaming Anna for her death. She thought her life could not get any worse but fate has other plans for her. She has a terrible life and After 5years her life haven't changed a bit but what happens when she met chase?Will he be the one who will break the walls around her heart? Chase is 26 years old playboy. He is your typical billionaire. He has just taken over his family business. He is cold and ruthless and for him, feelings don't matter. What will happen when their worlds collide? Will he be able to save her before it's too late?

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Chapter 1

Anna POV


I am sitting in a restaurant waiting for my 2 best friend's. My parents don't allow me to leave the house except for college and last month was my graduation, so now I can't meet my friends that frequently. Today is Saturday and they are gone to a party so here I am.

"Hello," piper said while waving her hands in front of my face. I abruptly looked at her.

"Hi" I replied. Piper was a very beautiful girl with golden hair and light brown eyes. We have been friends from high school.

"What we're you thinking?" She asked while pulling out a chair.

"That, as usual, you guys are running late. You know I have to be home before 9:30 and it's 7:50 right now." I said.

"Oh I'm sorry, I will drop you home so you won't be late." She said. She knows all about my situation but she never judged me. That's the thing I like about her.

"Hey, guys!" Evelyn said while coming towards our table. Evelyn became my friend in college but she also knows all about my family. She is also very pretty with black hair and light green eyes.

"Hey," we both said in unison. She pulled out a chair and sat down. We ordered our food and talked for some time. Shortly after our food arrived and we all dug into it.

"I need to tell you something," I said.

"What," piper asked

"Dad is not going to pay for my university and he is forcing me to get a job," I said while looking down.

"What? Anna, you can't do this. Wh-What about your dreams and career?" Piper asked bewildered.

"Yeah and you said yourself that you want to study more," Evelyn added.

"I know but he said that he can't pay for me and my brother's expenses anymore," I said.

"Expenses? What expenses? He only pays for your education and now he is not even doing that. Tell me once again why you are not moving out?" Piper said angrily.

"Harry doesn't want to leave. He wants to live with his parents even if they beat him to shit and do you blame him, he is a 9-year-old kid who wants to have a happy family and I can't leave him there." I said. Harry is my little brother.

"Anna but your parents are abusive. I know you are doing all this for harry but think rationally he is not having a normal life there." Piper said softly.

"Piper how can I explain this to him. How do you expect me to tell a 9-year-old that his parents don't love him anymore? When dad beats him, I always tell him that we can move out but he says that they will change. He wants to live with his parents." I said.

"So what will you do?" Evelyn asked after some time.

"I have an interview tomorrow at an architect company for the PA but I'm not sure if I will get the job," I said

"Why not," Evelyn asked.

"You know I have no confidence," I said

"It's ok you will do just fine," Piper said while placing her hand upon mine. I smiled at her. I'm quite shy around new people.

"So you will work as a PA? You were studying designing. Why don't you do an internship?" Evelyn asked.

"I want to but interns usually don't get any pay but even if they do their pay is not that much," I said.

They both sighed. I know they were getting angry that I don't take stand for myself in front of my parents but to be honest I'm scared of them. They despise me so much that they won't hesitate before putting an end to my life. We talked for some time and then went our separate ways. Piper dropped me home as promised. I don't like to go home alone late at night because......... I don't want the history to repeat itself.

I reached home on time as mom and dad haven't arrived yet. I am very exhausted and I just want to sleep but I can't as I have to make dinner for my parents and harry. I went towards harry's room to check upon him. I opened his door and found him sleeping. I sighed while leaning against his door. I would have made him food before going but we are not allowed to eat before our parents. I don't know why they hate harry though, he hasn't done anything. He is a very disciplined child but they still get irritated from him sometimes.

I went towards his bed and quietly sat beside him.

"Hey, wake up," I said while slightly shaking him. He slowly opened his eyes and looked at me. We both have dark blue eyes. I think we both got this gene from our grandmother.

"Come on I'm making dinner, go get freshen up," I said while running my hands through his hair.

"I'm not hungry anymore. Can I sleep?" He asked.

"No, you have to eat," I said.

He groaned but get out of the bed and went to the washroom. I went back to the kitchen and start making some pasta. After a while dinner was ready. I was just about to set the table when the doorbell ring. I went to open the door.

"Good evening." I greeted. My parents ignored me and went inside. I closed the door and went to serve the food. I serve them their food and then I give harry his food. I'm not allowed to eat with them so I went to the kitchen to clean the dishes.

After dinner, mom and dad were sitting in the living room while Harry went to sleep. I was just about to go when dad called me.

"Yes, dad?" I said.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to call me dad." He screamed. I flinched but looked downwards. He had told me to call him sir but it's very difficult for me to call my father sir.

"I'm sorry...sir," I said.

"What happened about your job?" He said now a little calmly.

"I'm having an interview tomorrow," I said still looking downwards.

"Hmm now get lost." He said. I looked up at him with tears in my eyes but he was not looking my way. After 5 years I should not feel bad anymore but it still hurts to see the man who should have supported me, loved me behave like that. People usually say that their father is their superhero but my superhero had hurt me in many ways.

"Didn't you understand? He said get lost then why are you still standing here." My mom sneered at me. I looked at them one last time and then went back to my room. They won't change so why a part of me still hope that they would?. I went to the washroom and wash my face. After that, I changed my clothes and take out an outfit for tomorrow. I climbed into my bed and went to sleep.

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