Stay with me (only you series part two)

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Continuing Taylor and Bella's story

Romance / Action
FleX Fr3nZy_YT
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"You got me tripping"

*Taylor's Pov*

I finished wrapping my arm up and walked outside. The paramedics showed up and came over to me and anyone else hurt. I released a breath I didn't know I was holding.

I can't believe it.

The paramedics started tending to my arm and my cuts.

*few minutes later*

"Alright miss you are all patched up. Just take it easy for a few days. Only a few minor scratches but nothing too bad. Just rest and drink plenty of liquids. You are free to go." The woman said softly.

I hopped out of the ambulance and walked over to my friends.

"You guys ready to go home?" I asked timidly.

"Yes but you have explaining to do" they said in unison.

"Alright..?" I looked between them their gazes making me uncomfortable.

*10 minutes later at my house*

"Make yourself at home as always guys I'll be right back." I yelled.

"We'll be out in the back yard." Jeremy yelled back at me.

I started thinking. Why are they going outback? You'd think they would be yelling at me or something.

I took off my shoes and put them on the shelf. I had to get out of these clothes.

I chose a to put on a short sleeve tee and some shorts. Soon enough I was outside and as always she caught my eye.

She was over there laughing at a joke Jeremy had said. But I was mesmerized.. in fact too much and I tripped on rock. A freaking small rock. I fell on my arm that's wrapped up. Ugh.. gimme a break please. I silently screamed.

"Taylor are you okay?" Callie rushed out running towards me. I wasn't paying attention to tell her that there was a rock and she also tripped over it falling onto me.

Well isn't this ironic, I thought.

Well as I was still trapped in a freaking dream I didn't even notice Callie got off me and tried helping me up repeating sorry to me.

"It's alright Callie calm down" I said to her.

That's when I heard loud laughter coming from Jeremy and I know it was directed to me. He was cracking jokes about it too. I realised what he was trying to do.

I gave him a death glare but he only laughed harder. He was trying to make Bella laugh at me. I seen her lips slightly turn up.

"How do you trip over a freaking small rock?" He laughed out.

"Ignore them and go sit down we have to talk to you." She said somberly.

Always acting like my parents, I thought.

I grumbled as I sat in between Bella and Jeremy, who was still laughing at me. Soon enough it got quiet.

Here we go again..

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