In His Trap

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Just 25 years old and barely a part-time PRA, Jules is not ready to be a mother, she is definitely not ready to marry the man who selfishly impregnated her because she refused to fall victim to his demands. After laying eyes on her at a nightclub, multi-billionaire, Keith Phillips will do anything to make Juliana 'Jules' Weathers his. He will do anything even as far as getting her pregnant to have the woman submit to him.

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Nikizaq Brigite
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Chapter 1

It was finally Friday weeknight. It was finally time to shake the stress away from work. Not that I don’t love my job--with a fine boss like that, I know I would love to hit that. I laugh at my ridiculous thoughts.

“Hurry up you snail!” Right now my friend Sera and I were getting ready to go to ‘Heavys.’ Heavys is a nightclub 15 minutes from my house. Sera and I are practically normal customers since we attend every Friday night.

We promised that since we are too busy with our jobs, we will try to have a girls’ night by the end of the weekends. So here we are in my little apartment getting ready to head down there.

“Oh no, you did not just call me that, you giraffe-turtleneck,” I playfully snapped back at Sera. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Julianna Weathers but my friends call me ‘Jules’. I am 25 years old and live on the outskirts of San Fransico near the beach.

My parents are millionaires but I barely ever get to see them since they live across the country in Houston. I am a part-time PR assistant at Smiths Corpse Inc. filling in for a sick staff who should be returning in about a month or so.

“Ouch! What was that for you beast?” I directed the question at my friend. She is so aggressive. This bitch practically just threw her dirty shoe at me. She better hope I don’t get any blemish on my beautiful skin.

“Suck it up bitch.” She smirked and pointed the middle finger at me. I watch her turn around while trying to put on the little short black dress she just bought at Melrose. While she was busy putting on her dress, I started thinking up ways to take revenge.

I look across the floor to find the lingerie she just bought as a surprise for her boyfriend, Daniels. Then a great idea just popped in. I walk to the bathroom connected to my room and grabbed a pair of scissors and snip. I cut the little thing into pieces.

“Oh hell no. Don’t tell me that those are my new lingerie!?” I watch Sera’s large brown eyes widen. Haha! Payback is a bitch sis.

I shrugged. “Okay, I won’t tell you!” Her face looked grim. I know she is angry but she will get over it soon. With all that money her family has, I know she will get a new one in no time soon.

“You will pay for this Jules.” I want to laugh because we do this all of the time until one of us realizes that we are being stupid. After staring at me for a while, her eyes widened in astonishment. “Jules! why the hell is you still in your undergarments!” She shrieked like a cat. Damn no need for that.

“Girl shush! I dress fast like sushi, unlike you.” And I do get dressed fast. After I put on my sexy black high hills that match my tight, backless, and short blue dress that leaves little to the imagination, we are in the line waiting to enter Heavys. The club is so popular I think the whole town of San Fransico attends only this club.

As soon as we got into the club, we are greeted with loud music and sweaty bodies grinding against each other. Just being here makes me want to lose myself in the moment.

Sera and I make our way to the bartender and order the usual. A tequila with lime-cherry and salt on the rim of the glass. “God this is so good.” After I gulped the drink, my eyes roll to the back of my head like I’m having an orgasm. Maybe I am if you consider a drink orgasm as one.

“I know. And look at all those fine hunks of men over there.” I stopped drinking and tried to look towards where Sera was facing. Indeed there were hunks of fine men in a corner near the end of the bar.

Although I was drawn to one of them. The one with hypnotizing grey eyes that draw me to him. I drink him in and notice how tall and lean he is. Although with the tight black tee he got on, I can tell that he works out. And damn can a girl dream.

I took a breath in and Sera stared at me. “Damn girl, you look like an animal in heat.” I glared at her while she busted out laughing.

“What are you talking about?” I tried to seem clueless but I know she saw me staring at him who in return was looking my way.

“Girl, please. You two are practically eyeing fucking each other.” I almost choke on my drink. Eye fucking each other? That obvious?

“No, I was not eye fucking no one. I was merely staring like everyone else including yourself.” I raise my empty glass at her before turning around to get another refill of the same drink.

“Well, be prepared for this ride.”

“Prepared for what ride?” My friend does not make any sense right now. I think she had too many to drink and it’s not midnight just yet.

“He is coming over,” She whispers in my ear and I turned around to see the man that I was supposed “eye-fucking.” Oh! oh! He is indeed heading this way.

“And it’s my cue to leave.” Sera slipped off her seat before disappearing into the massive crowd. And, of course, leaving me with mister fine ass over here. Not that I would admit it to anyone.

I will so kill her. What kind of friend leaves her friend with a stranger?

“Is this seat taken beauty?“I will definitely kill her now. With his husky voice, who knows what kind of trouble I can get into?

“Uh, uh!” I was lost for words. I’m not that type of girl. No matter the circumstances, I always have something to say. Since at a very young age, I was very bold and never shy away from a conversation. So what the hell is happening to me right now?

“No, no one.” I squeaked. I want to laugh at how ridiculous I sound. I can’t even answer the man a simple question. How embarrassing.

“Can I order you a drink?” I shook my head no. I don’t know what type of guy he is. Just the way he oozes around the club as he owns it, suggests that he is a very powerful man. Without sticking around I stood off the barstool and try to disappear into the crowd.

Before I could make a second step, I felt arms tug me backward and I came in contact with a hard chest.

“Don’t fucking touch me,” I tried in an attempt to wiggle myself out of his grasp.

“Sweets, why so scared. Afraid I’m gonna bite?” He whispered huskily in my ear. Something in me wants to turn around and smash my lips with his. But I know those are some dangerous thoughts.

“Ha hahaha!” Instead, I laugh at his ridiculousness. Me? Me, Julianna Weathers afraid? Not by any chance. “I’m not scared of you.” He roughly but not enough to hurt turned me around to face him. Now my front was to his front.


“Then why are you running?” His face looked grim. For some fucked up reason, his nose was flaring like an animal while his breath was coming out heavy. God, he was angry. I don’t understand why. Which infuriates me.

Well, I will be damn! “Have you ever heard of a thing called ‘Stranger Danger?’” I quoted the famous words that every child should know.

“Seriously? Of course, I fucking do woman.” Due to the position I was in, which is him holding my waist to his front, made me very uncomfortable. But a good comfortable if that makes any sense. In this position, I can feel every spec of his muscles. But my body was more attentive to his erect member down there poking my crotch.

“Well then I’m avoiding you, the ‘stranger and the danger’.” He smirked at me. He is fucking smirking at me like the Cheshire he is.

I started to wiggle in his grip which he refuses by tightening. “Stop struggling beauty!” Oh his goddamn voice and this stupid betraying body that for some reason is drawn to him.

“Stranger, I will fucking scream if you do not let me go,” I tried to scream but he silenced me by covering my mouth. I should be scared but I’m not. Something tells me that he wouldn’t physically harm me. But I’ll take my chances.

“Stranger is not my name. But if you stop struggling, we can introduce ourselves. Okay?” I nodded but as soon as he let me go, I will bolt out of here with or without my best friend. Besides she owes me anyway.

As soon as this stranger let go of me, I bolt and try to blend into the crowd. But I didn’t go far enough to not hear him shout ‘You will be mine beauty.’ I didn’t think too much about that. Instead, I ran to our car. Surprisingly Sera was right behind me. So I drove away from Heavys and hopefully from that guy who owns those hypnotizing grey eyes.

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