Rising Devils

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Can Zavia take the heat of the devil or will she back out into the wrong hands??

Romance / Action
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The Meeting


I’m down stairs waiting for the others. I have been ready for an hour now. “Come one you guys before we are late. “ Coming!!!” The girls shout. “I’m already ready”. “ grate someone who can be one time.”

“ Hey we heard that” said Chloe and Luna. “You were suppose to... are you sure about the skirt Chloe?” “Yeah” “okay let’s go.

At the Club

“What your shift like today Zia?” Gabriel asked. “ ummm... half and half so I’ll be here at the bar some and then serving.” She said while stocking the bar and cutting up fruit. “ K” said Chloe as she walked to the back to put her stufff away.

A few moments later *in the Spongebob voice*

“Alright let’s do this” said Chloe as she amerged for the the back clapping her hands together. “ Wow never see. You so excited to work.” Zavia teased. “ ha ha ha” mocked Chloe as she walked away with a tray.

The Black House

“Yo hurry up A**hole’s we need to go!!” Yelled Damon. “ I’m ready man I wasn’t trying to deal with your wrath today.” Said Xavier. “ See some one who can be ready on time. Thank you Xavier.” Damon said calmly. “ hey we heard that a**hole.” Said Spencer as he came down stairs with Alexander.

“You were suppose to stupid,now let’s go.” Said Damon sternly. Damon walked off to his car. “Someone needs to get laid.” Whispered Spencer. Damon rushed at Spencer Xavier held him back as Spencer ran behind Alexander. “ I don’t care how old you are you are never to young for and a** whopping!!” Yelled Damon.

“ Clam down man” said Xavier calmly. “I’m good man let me go.” Said Damon calmly. Xavier slowly let Damon go wants Damon was out of Xavier grip he walked out the house.

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