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A carrier oriented middle class girl Ayat Seth was planning her whole life as simple as can it be with her mother and grandmother besides her. She wasn't expecting any prince charming to come as her knights in shining armor, but definitely hoping for a peaceful lovely life with her future partner whom her mother will choose for her. She doesn't believe in love at first sight and love stories. But what will happen when an alpha domineer billionaire bad boy Ryan Grey will come in her life and flips it upside down.... and when he comes to know about her darkest secrets. Hold on your horses friends... there will be Mystery, Love, Drama, Adult Contents And Lots of Laughter... so stay tuned with Ryan and Ayat ❤️ ____****____

Romance / Drama
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School Annual Day


It really annoys me how someone of this age group can be so irresponsible. Oops! Sorry have I mentioned I really hate my vice president?

Yes, the one and only and very much popular among teachers, even married ones. I must admit the person has a handsome persona, gives a dominating alpha male aura though I haven't seen his face yet, but he has eye-catching height broad shoulder with dynamic dressing specially in black his back looks mouth watering I can only imagine how he must look from front but how can someone ignore his incapability in time management.

Everyone has seen him, some got the opportunity to talk with him. Because he was in the board of directors panels when the recruitment for this year had been taken place. But Unfortunately I was out of town that time because my granny was in ICU. And when I came for the interview it was just me and my principal, who hired me on the same day. I was astounded but still happy to get a job.

The program has already been started which brought me back from my daydream. Every parent and even teachers are cheering for their students. They really had worked hard. One week after the annual sports week preparation for another big function of school annual day is not an easy task. But someone has to appreciate it. Everyone was expecting to come the president sir but here comes the vice president of prestige public school two hours late.

Finally, the weight is over and the program is going on smoothly. After a while again my attention is caught by something and this time this is a chair. The chair which is now empty. And now everyone is wondering where the person went missing and that also includes me.

Rather than focusing on a douche bag I thought to keep my focus on my lovely students. We are really proud of them. Within three years this school has grown to this excellent campus. May be because it's a third branch of our school, a new project our president sir prefer to go to main branch first.

Now the function comes to it's ending and time for certificate distribution of annual sport day has arrived. Again the event is finished without the VP. As we had to lead the program our principal decided to distribute it himself.

What's with this man? He always acts like the almighty king. Never respond to any teachers wish, not even give a glance to them or ever thought to interact with them. He doesn't deserve to be in this position. I hate this types of privileged billionaire boys but who am I to say anything? Why should I care? I will do my job and go back to my cozy home as soon as possible.


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