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He found the one who will see through all his needs , his family's , his son's and in return her life is altered ... not for the best niether for the worst . A journey which he binds her to travel is of pain and agony .. but not without pleasure . She sacrifices , he takes .. she tries , he breaks , She wants to please and believe in hope ..he seeks to destroy everything in her and her belief in good hope and God and build only his essence around her.. she's kind sweet fiery talented and warm with intelligence and appeal and character , will and talent ... he a renowned litigator , doesn't care about good or bad .. has the bend for challange and excel ..bathes in power , money and inflicting pain and misery on his enemies and the one who derives pleasure from others pain , talented , cold , dominating , authoritative . He seeks to posses and own .. while she only wants to be loved and be truly appreciated for once in her life ... The journey of dominance and submission .. he thinks he wins while she only sees loss .. he forgets love can evade the hardest of walls and win is not always a win ..

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1


It was done and over. I sat in the room which was cold as ice with decorations all around, beautiful flowers, their scent everywhere. But the dark furniture and decoration of the room couldn't be completely hidden by them. The dark maroon carpet, olive green and chocolate brown walls large windows on the left side of the room which gave way to the balcony toward the west side of the room were hidden with heavy deep blue curtains .. I haven't seen it for myself but I was told by my sister-in-law about them while she pointed out in their directions. The one massive book shelf in one corner , music player and no television and a discreetly hidden changing room were there . Though I was told that the tour of this room would have to wait till tomorrow let alone the house or whatever they call this big place .

All the while observing I couldn't overcome the scent of the man who was beside me just one and half hours ago. It was embedded in my mind . The beautiful flowers scent did nothing to help me overcome his imposing presence which was not a while ago. My sister-in-law , Yamini told me that he was quite different with me, and that I should refrain from touching anything before his arrival! Different with me... I hardly think it's meant in a good sense. Until now everything seems to shock me and that's one of the last things I wanted to be right now. She told me he's very particular about things, their specificities and specially his routine. So, just to be on the safer side I should sit still until he arrives in this room! Great I didn't actually have any strength left to stand up and tear down this place. I was a little happy at her suggestion! She suddenly laughed and said she's messing with my head. I wanted to tell her it's messed up alright! It was then I realised the chill in room was too much to bear, I asked about the cold temperature and could it be altered ? She answered well it suits him, but here's the remote and I can certainly increase the temperature . I chose to leave it as it is . I sighed..

Girls were all around teasing and chattering ..giving final touches here and there, but I couldn't contain my anxiety. I still remember the way his intense eyes looked towards me ....as if he has extensively planned all this, how his callous hands felt when he held me close to his chest when the rice was stuck painfully in my toe nails while the pheraas ... it couldn't have been more embarrassing ! People said I was lucky .. I myself can't believe he likes me so much that he married me! I mean I am likeable but to marry me, that has to mean something. Isn't it? Whenever I caught glances of him he was watching me, always watching, his eyes held secrets and seriousness which made me fear him and become nervous around him which I have never been in my entire life. I have been outspoken, introvert in front of most people but extavert in front of handful of people.. they know the real me .. but he gives me goosebumps, his mere thought does that. He's different .. how I don't know yet. I think I know how he's different but at the same time I can't exactly explain how. But he has me now and I am Mrs. Yashveer Pratap Singh, this makes me hyperventilate and gives me tingles all over. I don't know how it came to this. It's still feels as if a dream. He courted me for a month and I was already in love with him. Oh my god I am in love with HIM ! This was a realisation .I could do anything for him, which I wouldn't do for any other man! I want to make him see and feel my love for him before I tell him verbally! I...

Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted, I looked sideways towards the door in the right side of his room, my heartbeat increasing rapidly. Mini told me she will have to leave now, take lots of money from her brother and then I can meet him all alone and she winked suggestively.

I was scared and anxious and feared his presence both in a good way and a bad way. Bad because he was ... what should I say ? Umm Yashveer and his mood and ways were unpredictable, he spoke less unlike me he was an observer or what I just can't say. I heard his footsteps approaching, coming closer and closer. My stomach cramped, I tried to calm myself... long deep breaths Ira.. yes. I knew I was yet to confess my love to him! I would wait for the perfect moment and I smiled to myself .

And then I heard the door click. And one last time I shut my eyes to skip the inevitable..


I can't believe I am still amongst these people . Sometimes I am not sure they are my family ! The continuous chatter is giving me a headache . The mindless joking teasing ... that for fucks sake I have to endure all this in the name of customs . Here she comes .. finally Mini is here my ticket to my room ... Before she and her stupid friends can eat my ear of I give her her cheque as a gift to letting me go inside the room .. I scoff at the stupidity because if I wanted to just go I would have gone straight to my new possession ! Yes that's what she is and slowly I will make her realise it . Besides that I gave them ,my annoying family importance and their customs because I want my aunt and grandmother to be happy! But I know my aunt she's been there for me and watched over me while I was a kid . I know she knows the marriage is solely a way to complete my and my family's needs and I am not what I project . But what can she do ? She will try to warn my baby but my baby will be owned by me by then and it will be too late , by then she will act ,think and do the things the way I want my baby to do . Oh Yes , it's late that's what I am now . But let her anticipate and wait some more and be anxious for me . I enjoy the look on her face confused and surprised, my little baby . All this long my little sister Mini's mouth is shut .. Hahaahaa ! Shut that's how "her" mouth will be . It will be entertaining .. very entertaining.

Finally I walk towards my room , finally .

My agony and hard work of 5 damned months has payed off ..Everything was planned wonderfully and executed with perfection . Great work .. that's it . But

Oh god I can't forget how she looked today and her hurting her toes during those marriage rituals was a chance for me to hold her close . And look more closely at her expressions , though I didn't even try to see where she was hurt! Because I chose not to ,little pain is good , very good and it was nothing to what I have planned for her to teach her her lessons well . And yes I will do as I please ..Why ? Because she was mine the first time I saw her and that was when she unknowingly insulted me . I couldn't forget her , the way she spoke then but now I can teach her how to respect her master .. oh I like the sound of that "master " . And to have her life in my name I did what I do .. I planned .Tonight I claim what's mine and give her few guidelines and keep her on edge .Edge that's what makes fucking life entertaining and interesting .Keep people on edge , make them realise they are your pawns. My sweet innocent Ira here I come .. I can only wish you are prepared ! The door clicks . The game begins !

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