One Murder For Another

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Chapter 23

“Fuck!” Khalil cursed, wincing as he tightened his grip around Mina’s waist.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” she immediately began to apologize, snatching her hand away from the prominent bruise Beau had left on his jawline. He knew she was only trying to help, but her doctoring was only making him more sore and it didn’t help that they didn’t have a single first aid kit in this god awful house. Mina had had to make do with a warm damp washcloth and a squirt of alcohol in the upstairs bathroom and, Khalil had never thought he would think it, but he wished for nothing more than for Mina to take her hands off of him.

Her free hand gravitated to the back of his neck again as she spoke “I’m going to go again ok?” she whispered, and Khalil gave her a curt nod in return, afraid if he opened his mouth all that would come out would be loud pain filled groans. He braced himself for the pain, but it seemed even worse the second time around.

“Ow” he winced again, digging his nails into her skin for a second time as Mina made contact with the bruise on his face again and he could hear her let out her own groan above him. He was sure he was leaving marks all along her abdomen and hips.

“Ok” she threw her hands up in the air in defeat, throwing the wet washcloth down into the ceramic sink in exasperation, she seemed to be taking this entire situation worse than he was.

“Ok, I-I can’t.” she stuttered out. “I’m stopping. I’m stopping” she ran her hands across her face and Khalil mimicked her motions, rising from his seat on the toilet as Mina let out a heavy breath. “This- this whole thing is just all so-” her voice was wavering again and she sounded as if she wanted to burst into tears once more. “So messed up!” she exclaimed and Khalil couldn’t have agreed with her more.

“I know” Khalil nodded quietly. He was surprised at how understanding Mina had been, how eager she had been to dismiss Beau’s accusatory words, how comforting she had been after the fight. He had assumed she would have been scared of him, afraid to touch him, afraid to go anywhere near him, and she had for a split moment, but then she had come running into his arms with tears streaming down her face, babying him all the way up the stairs and into the small cozy bathroom. At this point Khalil wasn’t sure there was anything anyone could say to get her to leave him, anyone but him anyway.

“I just- I can’t believe she’s kicking you out-” she exclaimed, pacing back and forth in the small space now and just watching her was making Khalil’s head ache.

“Mina.” he tried, but she was on a roll now, her anxious pacing suffocating the bathroom.

“I mean Beau started the fight!” he wasn’t even sure she was talking to him anymore. “He came after you, y-you were just defending yourself and now they’re trying to take you away. Now they’re trying to take you-” a single tear had begun to roll down her cheek again and Khalil had a feeling more weren’t far behind.

He reached out for her, grasping her hands between his, stopping her on her runway track. He pulled her so close to him that their chests were touching, he could hear her heaving breaths in his ear, her chest rising and falling rapidly as she gasped for air that didn’t seem to be there.

“Mina” he squeezed her hands in his, his eyes fixed on hers as he spoke as he laced his fingers in between her own. She was warm. “I’m not going anywhere” he drew out each letter, each syllable of each word ringing through the air as they fell from his lips.

“B-but that lady said she was calling Brigit and-”

“Mina” he grabbed her chin forcefully between his forefinger and thumb so that she was forced to look up at him.

“Trust me” his eyes bore into hers and her sniffles stopped as she stared back at him. “I’m not going anywhere.” He was slow and precise with his words, watching intently as Mina drew her bottom lip into her mouth as she listened. She had begun gnawing on the inside of her cheeks once more, and all Khalil could do was hold her tighter.

“I promise.” Her arms wrapped tightly around his torso in response, squeezing him as hard as she could she brought them even closer together, if that were even possible.

Khalil sucked in a breath between his teeth at the touch, his midsection still sore where Beau had kneed him in the stomach, and Mina’s hands immediately flew back once more at the noise, her eyes darting back and forth from his stomach to his eyes and back again skeptically.

“I’m fine Mina. I’m fine-” but his lie was far from convincing and the irony of the situation wasn’t lost upon him. Before he could stop her, she was clawing at the hem of his ripped and bloodied shirt, pulling it up and over his shoulders in one swift motion and if he hadn’t been so sore he might have had a different reaction.

An audible gasp escaped Mina’s lips as she reached her finger out to touch the toned skin of Khalil’s now purple and green stomach. It looked ghastly and it hurt even more.

“Khalil.” she breathed, tiptoeing on more tears.

“Hey. No. No” he shook his head, taking her chin in his hand once more before she could be overcome by her emotions yet again. He had seen Mina cry more tonight than he was comfortable with, “Don’t worry.” he attempted a small smile, but the bruises on his face wouldn’t let him.

“Don’t worry.” he repeated. “I’ve dealt with worse yeah?” Mina’s lips dared to turn upwards at his words. “I’m going to be ok.”

He couldn’t help himself, his eyes traveled down to her gaping lips, parted as if she were waiting on him to make a move and and a soft sigh escaped his parted lips.

She daringly inched closer and Khalil’s lips twitched threatening to break into a smirk, she was eyeing him just as hungrily as he was eyeing her. All one of them had to do was close the centimeter distance still left hanging between the two of them. All one of them had to do was lean forward just a smidge and their lips would come crashing down on top of one another’s.

“Just do it” Khalil willed himself. She seemed to want him just as much as he wanted her, and the tension circulating throughout the room was beginning to become to much for Khalil to resist anymore. Just do it.

Ever so slowly and gently he leaned forward, his thumb digging into the skin of her cheeks he brought their lips brushing against one another. It wasn’t a kiss, but it was a start and the tingling sensation that shot throughout his body was unmatched by anything he had ever felt before, but he wasn’t satisfied. He wanted more. He wanted so much more and apparently so did she. She became bolder at his touch, both of her hands coming to rest against his chest, tracing every dip and curve that characterized his torso and Khalil shivered under her touch. She had no idea just how much control she maintained over him.

Their lips still barely brushing on top of one another’s Khalil darted his tongue out of his mouth, daring to run it across Mina’s bottom lip teasingly, and he could feel her lips threaten to turn into a smile against him.

“Cotton candy” he hummed against her lips, and she chuckled underneath him.

“What?” she laughed, all trace of agitation gone. Khalil pulled back, brushing his thumb across the line he had traced with his tongue, his eyes never leaving her lips as he spoke.

“Your lips.” he smirked. “They taste like cotton candy.” His free hand, the one not attached to Mina’s lips, snaked around her back and down to her waist, dancing along the waistband of her cheer shorts and Khalil took notice at her sharp intake of breath at his touch. He had just as much control over her as she had over him.

“Beau!” a yell emanated from the other side of the door and Khalil’s eyes dashed towards the noise, the intimacy of the moment broken by one four letter word. “Beau, the trash!” It was Donna yelling. “Beau!”

His eyes still fixed on the sounds coming from the other side of the bathroom door, he dropped his hands from Mina’s face and waist as if nothing had happened. “We should- we should probably get out of here.” he cleared his throat and he didn’t miss the disappointed look written across her face. He was disappointed to, but as much as he wished he could stay locked in this bathroom with Mina forever, he had bigger problems to deal with at the moment.

A soft “Oh” was the only sound that left her lips. Khalil quickly pulled his shirt back down, fixing himself in the mirror before he pulled the white door open in silence, gesturing for Mina to make her way out first.

She hesitated, clearly confused at Khalil’s rapid change of mood. He hoped she wasn’t upset. Bending down over her, Khalil pressed his lips against the corner of her mouth lightly, a reassuring gesture that restored her usual giddy smile as he pulled back. “Come on” he nodded his head toward the open bathroom door, following closely behind her as she went.

“Do you want something to drink?” he asked, gesturing for her to take a seat on the patchwork sofa in the living room. She sat obediently, shaking her head no at his request.

He opened his mouth to speak, quickly closing it once more at the sound of a door opening before slamming shut once more and his head immediately snapped back towards the kitchen, where he was sure the sound had come from. He was losing time.

“O-ok” He was trying his best not to stutter in his anxiousness. “Well, I’m going to get something to drink” He attempted a smile, hoping that she couldn’t read the guilt on his face from what he was about to do. Everything would be better once they could be together without any distractions, without any people like Beau and Noah and Chris breathing down their necks at every second. Everything would be better, and suddenly that vicious rage that had plagued him earlier came rushing back at a tenfold.

Trying not to run into the kitchen, Khalil took care to make sure he was alone before slipping through the side door and into the crisp fall Dallas air. He tried not to make much noise as he crept, but it was only when the cool night air left him shivering that he realized he hadn’t thought his plan through at all.

Maybe he could blame it on Noah. That was unlikely, but it never hurt to dream. He would just have to improvise.

Scanning the dark concrete and trampled grass beneath him, he grabbed the biggest rock he could find from the ground, heaving it into his arms with an audible grunt and he cursed himself for being so loud. There was no turning back now.

As quietly as he could he made his way around the brick corner of the building, taking care to tread lightly, to where the trash cans stood on the other side, and sure enough as he got closer the sounds of Beau dumping trash grew louder and louder until he was practically right upon.

There was no time to think, to time to assess the situation like he had with Chris, but he was sure if he could push a boy off a balcony in the middle of a raging party, he could get rid of Beau in the dead of night.

“No thinking.” he whispered to himself, before bringing down the small boulder he had found pounding down into Beau’s unsuspecting skull. There wasn’t even a groan in response. Beau’s back had been turned, he had never even seen it coming.

Just for good measure, Khalil brought the boulder down onto his head once more, this time closing his eyes as he made contact. The last thing he needed was a zombie Beau coming back to life to testify against him in court sending him to jail. This had definitely been long overdue, and any remorse that he found himself yielding was quickly diminished by the knowledge of Mina’s innocent figure sitting on the couch waiting for him. She was his, and nobody could take her away.

“You’re back.” she smiled, her hands still clasped together in her lap just as he had left her.

“I’m back.” he quipped, mimicking Mina’s contagious smile as he sat the bottle of water he had pulled from the fridge down onto the glass coffee table, falling into her lap on the couch with a smirk. He felt fearless again, and Mina laughed at his nonchalant mood, cradling his head in her lap with a chuckle.

“Hey?” she hummed, pulling her fingers through his shaggy dark hair and Khalil closed his eyes at her soft touch.“Are we ever actually going to do any Physics?”

His eyes still closed Khalil smirked, “Eventually” but for now, all he wanted to do was wallow in her blissful ignorance, enjoying the feeling of her hands pulling through his hair.


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