One Murder For Another

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Chapter 25


This chapter gets a little....cliche, but I think you’ll like it. Please give feedback if you can, I want to know what you guys like and don’t like about the book.

Enjoy ;)

They sat in silence for so long that the light rain turned into nothing more than a grey clouded sky, the sun daring to peak out from behind the dark clouds like a flickering beacon of restored hope, but the wind was still blowing precariously around them.

“Come on” Khalil rose first, and Mina was thankful for the interruption, her butt beginning to turn sore from the hard rocky ground and Khalil’s blazer barely keeping her warm anymore. She didn’t want to be rude, but she was desperately ready to leave this creepy ground.

Khalil extended both his hands in assistance and Mina grabbed onto him, pulling herself up from the damp cemetery grass with a loud heave and Khalil wrapped his hands tightly around her waist as she stood, his eyes boring into her with an emotion Mina couldn’t recognize and she was sure her stomach had just done a somersault inside her.

“You gonna be ok?” she asked softly, her brows furrowed, eyes searching through his face as she swept strands of dark black hair away from his forehead. He followed her hand with his eyes, tensing at each place her fingers touched and she could’t hold back a small smile. A single touch and they could wash each other’s pain away.

“I’m gonna be just fine” he gave her a curt smile in response.

“Good” she nodded, satisfied with his reply she wrapped her arm through his, interlacing their fingers once more as she began to turn back towards the concrete path and her car, but she didn’t get very far before Khalil was pulling her back with a conniving smirk.

“Um - the car is this way genius.”

He shook his head, his smirk only growing dangerously larger. “We’re not going to the car...genius." he mimicked. “I’m taking you somewhere.” Mina eyes followed his lips, watching his tongue dart swiftly over them as he spoke and Mina prayed that she was being discreet though she knew that probably wasn’t the case.

“You know-” she pretended to ponder. “I think this is just about how every horror movie in existence starts off.” Khalil rolled his eyes with an intoxicating laugh. “Just because you’re cute doesn’t mean I’m going to follow you to my death.”

“Death? Why would I kill you when you finally broke up with Asher.” So he had heard that too then. Mina bit the inside of her cheeks in embarrassment, her eyes dancing toward the damp ground, but Khalil only seemed to find humor in her discomfort, taking her face into his hands so that she was forced to look up at him. “It’s my turn now” he whispered, his thumb tracing small circles over her cheeks and her breathing hitched in his chest. This was a dangerous game the both of them were playing at and, eventually, one of the was going to lose.

“And I suppose you’re taking me into those woods?” Mina attempted to diffuse the thickness, ignoring the elephant in the room and eyeing the woods scattered at the very edge of the cemetery.

“Don’t you trust me?” he teased, confirming her assumption. She would probably follow this damaged boy anywhere, but she didn’t say that, instead she nodded her head with a sigh and pulled her face away from his hands. “Don’t make me regret it.”

The woods were even scarier inside than they looked from the outside and, though it was the middle of the afternoon, the gray and clouded sky cast intimidating looking shadows onto the trunks of the trees and brush and Mina found her eyes roaming everywhere but straight ahead. It seemed as if the entire forest had eyes fixed on her.

“How much further?” she whined, hoping Khalil could detect the anxiety in her voice.

“Why?” he teased. “You ready to turn back already scaredy cat.”

“Yes” Mina nodded without hesitation, this boy was going to be the death of her. She pulled his over sized blazer tighter around herself as she crept over fallen branches and crunchy fallen leaves, pausing at every rogue rustle she heard. “How do you even know we’re going the right way? This place is a maze!”

“I used to sneak out of my foster homes to come visit my parents over here and, one night, it got to late for me to find my way back and I somehow ended up wandering into these trees lost. But once you know how to find your way around, the place isn’t so scary anymore and you can find a lot of hidden places like-” he trailed off, covering both her eyes with his hands and Mina yelped in surprise.

“Khalil!” she exclaimed trying to bat away his arm and, in the process, almost tripped over a fallen tree root. Still with one hand covering both her eyes he moved his free hand to her waist, holding her steady as she wobbled back and forth. “This is really starting to fell like a kidnapping now.”

He chuckled in her ear. “You’re so dramatic!”

“Excuse me if I don’t want to die!”

“Stop yelling or you’re going to fall again.” his grip tightened on her waist and she humphed in silence, a small laugh emanating from behind her at her obedience. “Wise choice, now take two more steps forward and then three steps to your right.”

“Khalil? What-”

“Just do it.”

Two steps forward. Three steps to the right. She felt Khalil’s hand slowly begin to lift from her eyes, and she dared to peek under, his caramel colored eyes meeting her on the other side. He was still sporting a wide smirk. Stepping back one, two, three, four steps he held his hands up in the air as if to say “Ta-da”

“Welcome to my childhood oasis.”

“Is that a hot the middle of the forest?” Mina pointed, noticing the giant stone structure behind Khalil for the first time, her jaw dropped in awe. Completely erected from stone in the ground, a large pool-sized tub sat steaming in the midst of the shaded forest.

“Hot spring" he corrected. “But sure. Sure”

“H-how” she was in such awe that she couldn’t even formulate coherent sentences. “How does this place exist?” Khalil shrugged laughingly, and it was nice to see him return to his old care-free, only slightly anxious, self.

“I don’t know. You’re the rich one, isn’t this your area of expertise?”

“I didn’t even know these things were real! I thought they only existed in-in m-movies and books!”

“Huh, guess you’re not as rich as I thought” Khalil teased and Mina pretended to laugh sarcastically.

“Ha ha ha. You’re very fun-” Mina trailed off, left in unrequited awe yet again, her heart beating out of her chest as her eyes fixed on Beau’s undressing figure in front of her. This was not the way she had expected things to play out, but as much as her brain told her to stop him, the rest of her wanted nothing more than to see how this would all play out, besides, she wasn’t sure her mouth would comply with her at the moment.

His trainer and socks already tossed to the side, his white button up uniform shirt was the second to go, his arms slipping from the light material and pushing it to the leaf-littered ground with ease. Mina’s eyes roamed his bare chest, memorizing every rippled line and muscle, she couldn’t tear her eyes away. He reached down for his wrinkled khakis next and Mind jumped at the sound of the button popping open, and it was of course at this moment that Khalil decided to look up, taking in Mina’s flustered appearance in utter amusement. A laugh danced on the edges of his lips.

“Wh-what-what are you doing? It’s freezing.” she tugged his blazer tighter around her body as his eyes roamed her from head to toe, she felt naked under his gaze.

Khalil didn’t falter as he spoke, still unzipping his pants, his eye fixed on her figure. “I know” he smiled, slipping one leg after the other out of his khakis before throwing them to the ground with the rest of his clothes. He was only in his underwear now and Mina couldn’t the air to breathe anymore. She couldn’t even look him in the eye, to focused on the rest of his naked body in front of her and her eyes followed him all the way to the hot spring, jumping back as his body splashed down in the steaming water. “Get in.”

Mina opened her mouth to speak before closing it back again, open and close, back and forth before she finally broke into stream of chuckles, rolling her eyes. “You are out of your mind, you know that.” He smiled at her apprehension.

“Come on” he sung, turning over to float on his back in the water. “The water is really warm, it feels so good!”


“What happened to making your own decisions MJ. What happened to taking back your life. Tell me, when’s the last time you actually did something fun, something that your parents didn’t force you into?”

Mina twisted back and forth in her spot, contemplating over the naked boy’s word. She knew he was right, he was always right, but a part of her was scared of what would happen if she slipped into that hot spring beside him. A part of her was scared what would change.

She chewed on her bottom lip in thought and she watched Khalil’s gaze fixate on her again, desperately waiting for her to join him in the steaming hot water and she would be lying if she said that the urge wasn’t killing her.

Still chewing on her lips, she slowly began to slip her arms out of Khalil’s blazer, dropping it to the forest floor and she hoped he didn’t notice her shaking as she slid off her wedges one by one. She could feel his eyes boring into her as she worked, but she didn’t dare look up to meet his eyes, afraid she would back out at his intense stare. She wanted this. She slide her skirt down next, watching as it pooled at her feet, leaving her bare thighs exposed to the chilling fall air until her white buttoned uniform blouse was the only piece of clothing shielding her from Khalil’s gaze.

“Come here” Khalil held his arms out to her and, with a deep breath, she tiptoed across the textured forest floor to the edge of the steaming hot spring where Khalil floated. He pulled her legs underneath her, sitting her on the very edge of the stone structure and Mina shivered at the feeling of his fingertips grazing over her bare legs as her toes dipped into the warm water. Khalil hadn’t been lying when he said it felt amazing, but she was finding it hard to decide which was more amazing: the steaming warm water or the sensation of Khalil’s hands roaming over her body.

Reaching up for the buttons on her blouse, Khalil began to undo them one by one and Mina watched his fingers as he worked, moving higher and higher and higher, until the material practically slid off her body, leaving her fully exposed to the fall forest air. She sucked in a breath at the chills that rushed over her body and her arms immediately rushed to cover herself, but Khalil was having none of it.

Reaching for her wrists, he tore Mina’s arms away from her body and, to her surprise, leaned in to place his lips gently against the skin of her stomach again and again and again. Mina’s eyes fluttered closed as he dropped her wrist, moving instead to grip her hips tightly as he lifted her from the edge of the stone spring and swung her down into the steaming water with ease, never letting go of her.

“See” he whispered. “Doesn’t it feel good?” It felt really good. “You ok?” he asked and Mina suddenly remembered that her eyes were clenched closed. She didn’t want to open them, but she did and she wasn’t disappointed. Khalil’s shy smiling face met her on the other side and Mina wrapped her legs tightly around his waist underneath the water, pulling him closer, if that were even remotely possible and he let out a soft grunt beneath her, digging his fingers further into her sides.

“So-” she dug one hand into his hair as she spoke, twirling her fingers around each strand. “How many girls other girls have you snuck up here besides me?” she teased, trying to distract herself.

“Why?” he cocked his head to the side questioningly. “Jealous curiosity?” he smirked, and Mina rolled her eyes.

“You’re not that special.” she scrunched her nose at him in response, but her playful demeanor had just as quickly evaporated as Khalil began to lean in closer to her, closing the short inches of distance they had managed to retain and suddenly she found herself gasping for oxygen once more. This game he was playing at was making her crazy and she was suffering a major case of deja vu, her thoughts rushing back to the night at the foster home where he had teasingly brushed his lips softly against hers before leaving her wanting more. She wondered if he had the same plan up his sleeve this time.

“If I say no one will you let me kiss you.” he whispered so quietly against her lips that she had to wonder if she had heard him right, but nevertheless the butterflies in her stomach returned regardless. Mina opened her mouth to him, a choked and broken sound escaping as she waited for a sensation that never came. He was smirking.


Mina grabbed the back of his neck with both her hands and, before he could give her any more aches, she slammed her mouth into his, folding into him like the missing piece of a puzzle and she couldn’t bring herself to get enough, and apparently neither could he. He had been taken off guard at the sudden action, but as soon as her lips had touched his he was moving just as hungrily against her as she was against him. His hands roaming from her thighs, to her hips, to her stomach, to her neck, sending shock waves through her body every where his hands dared to paint their masterpiece and Mina only gripped him tighter and tighter each time.

She let out a sigh as her back slammed against the warm stone wall of the hot spring and, without thinking, she dug her nails into the exposed skin of his shoulders, kissing him harder at the sound of him groaning into her.

Pulling away from her lips, Khalil began an assault of kisses from her chest, to her collarbone, finally trailing up to her neck where she gasped into the nothingness around them as his teeth grazed over her skin over and over again and she could feel his lips turn into a smile against her. She tangled her fingers deeper into the folds of his dark shaggy hair as he pushed the stray strap of her bra aside, replacing it with his warm mouth instead. No one had ever made her feel how this one boy had and, though she wasn’t familiar with the sensations rushing through her body at the moment, she knew that, whatever it was, she didn’t ever want it to end.

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