One Murder For Another

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Please don’t skip!

I know. I know. It’s not a chapter, but I have some really good news. YOU GUYS MADE IT!
You’re more than halfway done with the story!

I’m using this time as a sort of....collaborative constructive criticism area...sorta! There are only about seven or eight more chapters of the book to go ( ten more at most) and I want to hear from you guys.

How have you enjoyed the story? Do you think it’s lacking anything?

-more murders?

-more romance?

-more mystery?
( I was thinking about taking out Khalil’s point of view, since it does give away most of the story by association)

-more of Beau? ;)
(He’s my favorite, but you’ll find out why......eventually)

Anyways, please leave some comments on this “chapter” of ways I can improve the story and, if you’ve made it this far, thank you so much for your support!

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