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"what did you do to me mctinny? I don't know why but i can't fucking control myself whenever I'm with you, damnit!". He cursed uncontrollably as he ran his fingers through his hair, raging with anger. "if I ever see Lenny's hair on you, I swear I'm gonna be a murderer that day. I'll make sure I beat heaven and Earth out of his body and send him to hell". "He didn't do anything to me I promise. He jus-" He took my hand and suddenly pulled me into a long warmth hug. I could smell his sweet strawberry flavor perfume and I felt safe again. "Promise me you'll never leave me". I pulled back from the hug. " Don't you trust me?" "It's Lenny I don't trust. Hell! He can go as far as kidnapping you to pull me down". He pulled me close tightly. "You're my weak point". He whispered sweetly behind my ear and tightened his grip. "Don't ever leave me like that again unless you want to see me go crazy".

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1- first day

It was six in the morning and dark had began to surrender to the inevitable. She rolled out of bed and ended up crashing herself alongside with her night stand on the floor. She groaned and flipped the cover that rolled with her earlier on the bed. She stood up five minutes later and yawned
I look like a mess haha. She laughed at herself as she stared at the mirror. I need to dress up or I'll be late for first day. She thought and went into the bathroom humming a song she doesn't have an idea of.

She came out dressed in her casual outfit. A jumpsuit that had 'i love you' on it and a white inner top alongside with her trainers that her dad had given her on her 15th birthday. She felt more comfortable in clothes like this instead of the fancy short dresses most girls would wear. She always thought that she wouldn't be able to sit, run, and do everything properly with clothes like that or maybe she wasn't just used to those clothes like that on.

"Good morning Mom" . She greeted.
"Good morning" . Her mom turned around and sighed looking at her dress code.
Mctinny smiled and walked closer to her mom, gripping her shoulder slightly
"Mom. I told you to stop worrying about it. Now that I have a part time job, I'll be able to buy my uniform in two days. You've done enough already. Sending me to that prestigious school is more than enough. And that reminds me". She dropped her hands off her mom's shoulder and folded it "where did you get the money to send me to that school. We could have just gotten a simple regular school elsewhere. The tutor fee is really huge and we still have lot of debts hanging on our neck. We could have just used half of it to pay it off. Heck! That money could pay off everything"

"Mind your language". She warned

"Sorry Mom but if we were to gather all our incomes for five years, it's still wouldn't be up to my tuition fee. Where did you get the money?"

"Why do you have so much in your mouth. I told you to stop worrying about it. All you have to do is go to school, is that too much to ask?" . She yelled at her and turned around to avoid more questions

Mctinny's pov

Yeah and that's the problem with her . That's the reason we don't get along with each other. Always turning an issues into a big offense. She can't seem to control her anger when it comes to me trying to understand her. She hates it when I try to understand what she's going through and always want to meddle in mine .

She turned around which obviously meant I should stop talking and leave. But I still wanna stay a little bit I haven't had breakfast

"My breakfast" I blurted out

" I'll try to look for a job today so that we can at least eat tonight. You can eat from the school during lunch. I don't have a penny at hand"

"We didn't eat last night too mom"

"I know. Look I'm sorry but it's also har..."

"What about McKenna, her school doesn't give lunch for free you know". I demanded almost paving way for tears. I know she would give me a useless excuse so I could just leave for school but not today

"I-I will find a way .. don't worry about it. Just go on your own". I could hear her voice shaking as she spoke

"I'll be a fool to believe you" . I said and walked to McKenna's room. She was in the bathroom obviously. I pulled out the money I earned from my part-time job yesterday and shooved it in her backpack where she could easily see it. I knew mom was not gonna do anything about it. She had been giving the same excuse everyday especially when it comes to money. It's been months or close to a year she lost her job and had always been looking for a the so-called job she uses for an excuse. I've been the one feeding my family ever since she lost her job. Paying McKenna's fee, buying food stuffs, paying rent and the likes. It's been on me ever since she lost her job. And instead of dividing my tuition fee into half, using it to start a business and paying off debt, she wasted it on my school. I wonder where she got it from.

I walk past her mumbling a 'see you later' and walked out. I climbed down the six wooden stairs and hoped off the last two ones. The morning was bright and colourful. The morning air blew in my hair making it dance to the rythm of the air. I was facing up to the sky the whole time I was admiring the weather. When I looked back down at my neighborhood down the street, I felt like crying and wondering how I ended up living in this shit. There were litters of beer can, cigarettes and garbage bin everywhere. The entire street was a mess. There were also broken bottles and scattered woods on the floor. I got to a point in my street where I started covering my nose to avoid the mixed odour of cigarettes, alcohol and stinking gabage cans. I had to run out of my neighborhood before those drunkards sees me covering my nose

I entered the huge school that felt like heaven and came across the school parking lot. I saw students coming out of their cars. Some were taken to school by their drivers while some rode themselves to school. It was glorious! Only if I had rich parents
I shook the thought off my head grabbing my bag strip and walk inside

Hell!! Everyone is in uniform!!!
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