MINE(sequel to YOURS)

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Ashton was abandoned by the one person he truly loved,Alec. Left alone and helpless he decides to take charge of his life and stop being the pathetic little weakling everyone saw him as. He changed his name and address and made a name for himself among the rich. He thought he had moved on and forgotten his past, until his now best friend introduced him to his fiance, and he comes face to face with the one person that took everything away from him. The one person he thought he'd never see again, Alec! What will he do? Two star-crossed lovers meet once again. This time will their love conquer all or does fate have other plans? Stay tuned to find out.

Romance / Drama
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" Please don't leave me, Alec, you're all I have left... "Ashton cried, lurching out to grab the older boy's arm to prevent him from leaving. But Alec was stronger and defeated him in both height and muscle. Easily prying his arm free of Ashton's grip. He turned around and held the younger boy's gaze. He could see tears already lingering in his eyes and that pained him. It hurt him to know that he played a big role in the younger boy's sorrow. Ashton had trusted and beloved in him, even loved him at some point. But he had gone and betrayed all that,shattering Ashton's heart and killing all his hopes. So how could he stay knowing well that he regretted his actions more and more with each passing day? The guilt would surely take him to an early grave. He knew that his presence only brought back painful memories of the past and he couldn't take it. He had to let go of Ashton, by taking himself away, well aware that however much it hurt, it was the only way Ashton would ever be happy again.

And so taking the younger boy's face into his hands, he gently brushed away his tears from his now pinkish cheeks. He looked him straight in the eyes and said,

"I will always -ALWAYS - love you, Ashton. " With that and a quick peck on the forehead, he was gone,never once looking back.

Ashton, still standing where he was, crumbled down like a bag of potatoes. Of all the three people he had lost that day, this one hurt the most. He loved Alec too much. He had always known this and now the ruthless world was throwing all his excess love back at him, ungreatful. He couldn't help but ask himself if he was crazy. How could he continue loving a man who had caused the death of his last two remaining relatives; his beloved sister, Bianca and father? After all that had happened, he expected to loathe Alec's very name, yet here he was, drowning in sorrow at his departure... How pathetic was he? Even love had it's limits, but he feared his was limitless. It was time he manned up and took control of his own life.

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