How we met and fell in love

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Just a love story about how a gang leader, who's afraid to love and a nursing student, who's afraid to be hurt again meet in the most unusual way and find love in each other.

Romance / Adventure
Alexis Beyer
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First meeting

~Kat's P.O.V.~

As I'm walking home from my night class I look at my phone. I see it's 10pm and I sigh from exhaustion. When I look up from my phone I see a 6 foot man walking my direction so I stop. I squint my eyes a little and I can see he's hurt because he's holding his bicep and I can see blood seeping through his fingers. As he stops at a bench a foot away from where I stopped I have a 3 minute debate with myself about if I should help him or not. I finally decide to walk over to him. "I can help you" I say with confidence once I'm in front of him. All signs of my exhaustion gone. "Why would you help me? I could be a murderer" he says as he looks up at me with his eyebrows furrowed in confusion "You could be, but if you were I'm pretty sure you would've already killed me. Correct?" I say as I look him in his steely blue eyes with a smile. "True. How do you think you can help me pretty lady?"he asks as he smiles at me. "Well I can remove that bullet from your arm and stitch you up. Unless you want to go to the hospital" I say with a smile as I sit on his injured side. He looks at me, with shock filled eyes, as he asks, "How did you know I'd been shot?" "I'm not dumb. I can see the bullet hole and all the blood" I say with a smile as I point at his arm he's holding. "No I guess you aren't dumb are you. I'm Joseph by the way, but people call me Joe. What's your name?" he asks with a flirty smile. "I'm Kataleenah, but people call me Kat" I say with a blush as I smile a little. "It's nice to meet you Kat" he says as his smile widens. "Nice to meet you too Joe. Now can I fix your arm?"I reply as my blush darkens and as I look at his arm. He smiles and nods so I nod back, take my backpack off to put it beside me, and take out my first aid kit. I pull out my tweezers and some napkins as I look up at him and say, "This is going to hurt so I apologize in advance." He smiles at me, moves his hand, and nods as I take my tweezers and start to dig into his wound to catch the bullet. I hear him groan out in pain and after about 2 minutes I finally catch the bullet. I hold it up, smile triumphantly, and say, "Ha!!I got you!!" as Joe looks at me and laughs. My cheeks flame pink in a blush as I put the bullet and tweezers down as I take out my surgical needle, thread, and start to sew him up. Once I'm done, I take out my gauze and wrap his now fixed bicep. I look up at Joe with a smile and say, "All done" as I pat his back. "How'd you learn to do that?" he asks as he looks at me with shock filled eyes. "I'm a nursing student at N.Y.U. as well as an intern at St. Michael's hospital. Oh and I'm also really accident prone so I figured why not go to medical school and learn how to patch myself up" I tell him with a wide smile. "Well thank you very much Kat. I know we just met but as repayment for fixing my arm, can I take you on a date?" he asks with a smile. "You're welcome Joe and there's really no need for a repayment, but I'll take your offer for a date" I say with a wide smile and a blush. Joe smiles again, takes out a piece of paper and a pen as he writes down a number. He then hands me the piece of paper and I blush as Joe smiles wider and says, "When you're ready text that number and we'll work something out Ok." "I will" I say with a smile. "I better be going. Thank you again Kat and I hope to hear from you soon" he says with a smile of his own. "You're welcome Joe and you will" I tell him as my smile widens. I watch as Joe walks away and I smile wider as I take my phone from my pocket and put his number in it. Then I start to walk home with extra pep in my step be wise a handsome man just asked me on a date. As I'm walking I get this feeling of being watched, but it wasn't a creepy feeling it actually made me feel safe with this person watching me.

~Joe's P.O.V.~

As I walk away from the bench I look back again and see Kat putting my number into her phone and I can't help but smile as I watch her. *She's so beautiful* I think to myself. From the corner of my eye I see some movement in the shadows and my smile instantly drops. I growl lowly when I see him slowly stalking towards Kat. I cut him off while in the shadows and shove him back hard as I look him directly in his eyes and say, "Don't you even think about hurting or stalking her. Don't even just think about her again or I'll cut your balls off and feed them to your family. Got it?" with so much malice in my voice and I can't help but smirk at the look of fear in his eyes as he rapidly noda his head and runs away. I look towards the bench again to see that Kat is gone so I look around frantically and see that she started walking home again completely oblivious to what just happened, so I follow after her to make sure she's safe. For some reason I feel this overwhelming need to protect her and make sure she's happy. As I follow her, I see her approach a nice-looking house, so I hide behind a tree and watch her as she fumbles with the lock for a little before she finally gets the door open. I stand behind the tree until I see her walk inside and I see the light in what I assume is the living room turn on. Once I see that she's safe I smile as I start my walk home.

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