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Pain, dirtiness, sorrow, unhappiness, regretful, revenge,that's all I feel in my heart ,I blame all to myself, to my parents I was just sixteen that dead full thing had been done to me, which made me unable to speak again. I Never hate a person as I hated him, if only I could just listen to mother and stay at home but I was angry, and what had happened I will Never tell anyone or it will be a disgrace to my family I will Never forgive father or that man, how should I say that I was ...!!. RAPED. But I never knew that hating someone that much you could also love someone that much. And I had hoped that I would never see him again but fate bought us together but ask yourself one to love each others or kill each others.

Romance / Drama
Sophia Cosmas
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The past


I remember very well that night, we we're just returned home,jona was running around shouting, mother telling him to not shouting while turning to me saying I should go changing my clothes fast and come down to dinner, and also call Dad, I wanted to change first then call Dad but I heard voices of laugh at my parents bedroom so I changed my mind and went there first but as close I reach I heard moans,and laughter as I opened the door and saw dad with Aunt Elaine I was stuck, my legs shaking, tears coming out my eyes, of course I know what they were doing am sixteen for God sake i was so lost that I couldn't hear mom's calling.

" Afraid what are u doing?" Asking father!, Mom was already there I could see Mom shaking, trying make herself believe it was just a dream suddenly she attack aunt Elaine father was shouting, I also panicked that I was shouting. Tears coming out my eyes I didn't know that I was talking.

" You said u were busy working that's why u couldn't make it to my party but u.....!!" .Couldn't finish and walk out the room i heard very well mom's calling even dad's but I couldn't stop, I run very fast I run and run and run until I noted I was in the forest it was very dark I heard a sound and I stopped crying and listen I looked around to see if there is anyone else here with me but it was so quiet then I took a breath and started to walk back where I come from but again I heard a sound of broken steak I look around again, now shaking sudden I heard foot steps in front of me I started taking a little walk from nowhere a man charge into me, he was kissing me , holding me.I was now crying, shouting calling mother for help, he was too drunk that I lost my strength and we then fall down I took a steak and beat him with it while trying to get up but he was too strong that he pulled me down again I defend myself by beat him with my everything, I was able to kick him ,he was down so I started to crawl at the ground but he then hold my leg, and I knew there that I was done I couldn't help myself the Man I hated I called him for help"FATHER". That man pulled me close to him ripping my clothes out of me I scream, I begged him not to do this to me I begged him I don't want this I don't want my first time to be like this this will destroy me I really did everything to save myself but he wasn't listening and there he did what he wanted to me and left me there to die.

GINA ( prove)

As I woke up in my nightmare seven years now has passed why do I still dream about that, getting out of bed, I live with granny, when that thing had done to me I called granny to come and pick me she was very shocked she asked me what had happened to me I said nothing I tried but I couldn't speak so she helped me and took me to her home when cleaning me she saw everything so she just sat there and crying with me since that day she never ask me what had happened to me or done to me, my parents never knew what had done to me since they thought I runned to granny so they came and took me beg me for forgiveness, they took me to see sycologist, different doctors, but nothing helped I had nothing wrong with my voice is just I wasn't able to speak so they took me to a school of people who can't speak so that I can learn. At home I could see the love of my parents is gone but just staying together because of us. Because of me, I had no strength in me, I wanted them to feel the same pain I felt I wanted them to stay together so that they can kill each others I blamed them for what had been done to me.

Suddenly I was out of day dreaming again someone was knocking at my door

When I opened it was Sydney

" U see I knew u were just doing nothing look we will be late at our first part time job do hurry pls".

I just great her since she couldn't do the same to me and told her to wait while smiling I could understand her very well since I went to school and my parents are rich, but why am I looking for work that will be another question later.

I went to the bathroom I removed my clothes and looked at myself naked at the mirror I was angry, dirty, I have scars, and Everytime I look at myself i scratch myself very hard that it's starts to bleed, so I make a fresh wounds that's how I feel better my body has scars but no one can see, the most big scar is in my heart.

" Ms Montgomery don't tell me ure still showering,if u take even other five minutes I will get in there and kill you do u hear me !"

I went down stairs looking for granny she wasn't here I signed Sydney where is granny she told me that she Left early today.

After done taking breakfast we left while walking Sydney asked me

" Why do u take much time in the shower?"

I stopped walking and look down for seconds.

" Ohh! It's nothing am a woman I need to take time to clean myself" I answered her while laughing hard she was naive, stupid but she is still my friend.


Well it's a first chapter 😅 tell me if you want more and I will be updating every after two days

Feel free to comment 😊

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