The Billionaire's Baby

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Two months ago Jessica left home to go live with her mother. Now she's back and finds out that she's pregnant for her one true love. *This is a short story*

Romance / Drama
Ruth Stevens
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Chapter 1

Jessica's Point of View:

A nervous wreck that is what I am right now. Today is the day of my interview and I'm praying to God that I will not mess this up. I roll over in bed to check the time on my alarm clock. It was now 4:45 in the morning, my interview is at nine, so I have lots of time to get ready.

My name is Jessica Allen and I am 22 years old. I used to live with my parents and younger sister, Jennifer, at home but I moved out and rented an apartment with my best friend Layla.

Layla and I have known each other since diapers and it's actually an interesting friendship because we are complete opposites. She has long brown hair, brown eyes and is 5ft 6inches tall.

She's very outgoing and loves making new friends. She always looks happy to the point where she starts glowing.

I on the other hand have long blonde hair, blue eyes that sometimes looked grey and smooth tanned skin. I am also 5ft 6inches. I tend to avoid making new friends because I'm not really good at it but I'm glad I took that chance with Layla.

Startled out of my thoughts I jumped when I heard the song, I set for my alarm start to play. I quickly slap a hand on the alarm clock, pull off the covers and jump out of bed. Its 6'o clock now which means I have at least two hours to get ready and leave.

I put my hair in a bun grab a towel and head straight for the bathroom inside my room.

I quickly strip my clothes off putting the water regulator on hot, I took a quick shower. I nearly scream when I saw Layla in my room going through my walk-in closet.

"Layla, what are you doing in here?" I ask her.

"Well....good morning to you too Jess," she replies.

"Yeah, yeah, good morning, now tell me why you are going through my clothes?"

She looks at me a full minute before turning her back to me. I sigh moving further into my room. I picked out a set of underwear and put them on. I turn back to face Layla to see that she already as an outfit out for me. I smile at the black suit she picks out. I hug her briefly and put on the outfit.

I check my wristwatch to see that it was now 8 o'clock.

Shit, I cursed inwardly

I spot Layla in the kitchen making pancakes.

She glances at me when she hears me approaching.

"Are you staying for breakfast?" she asks.

"No, I'll be late if I do," I reply grabbing my phone and bag and head through the door.

Here goes nothing.

I arrive at Novak incorporation at exactly 8:55. I rush past the receptionist at the front of the building and quickly step into the now empty elevator. I press the button for the top floor where Mr. Novak’s office is located. I marvel at the fact that I have a chance of being his assistant.

I take a deep breath just as a ding sounds from the elevator signalling that I am at the top floor. I clutch my purse tightly to my side as I step out of the elevator and head straight to the chairs that are set out against a wall facing the secretary's office.

Just as I settle myself into the seat the door opens, and a beautiful middle-aged woman steps out. She walks over to me and I quickly stand, she extends her hand for me to shake and I grasp it eagerly.

"Hello, I'm Janet we spoke on the phone about this interview"

"Ah yes I remember I'm Jessica by the way," I greet her dropping my hand to my side.

"It’s a pleasure to meet you Jessica"

"Likewise, Janet"

"Well just walk through that door Mr. Novak is waiting for you"

I smile shyly at her and move closer to the door. I knock on the door before opening it.

"Come in," a husky male voice says.

I slowly walk inside to find a dark-haired man hunch over some papers silently reading to himself. I must admit that voice sounded very familiar.

I silently walk over to the chair directly in front of his desk and stand beside it.

I was just about to ask if I can have a seat when the man looks up and I feel as if my life just flashed before my eyes.


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