The Billionaire's Baby

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Chapter 4

Tristan's Point of View:

Please let her be okay.

For the past hour that's all that's been running through my mind. This is all my fault, if I would have just said something she would have known that I love her and only her.

I am pulled out of my thoughts when I see a doctor walking towards me with a grim look on his face.

I got up from where I was sitting, to meet him half way.

"How is she?" I ask literally shaking in my boots.

The words that come from his mouth has me on the floor in an instant.

"She's in a medically induced coma"

Through the pain in my heart I say my next words a bit brokenly "is the baby okay ?"

The doctor seems to be completely taken aback by my question. He makes a quick glance at the papers in his hand.

"Did the woman you bring in have brown hair and blue eyes?"

What the hell why is he asking me that?

"No," I reply "she is a blonde with grey eyes that sometimes look blue or hazel depending on the lighting"

I am in shock to see a red blush, maybe from embarrassment form on his face.

"T-there's is a m-misunderstanding"

"What is it?" I shout getting really anxious now.

"It appears that there's been a mix up wait right here while I go check"

"You better hurry up," I shout after him "or I will have your job"

He didn't need to be told twice, everyone in this city knows who I am. I can have his job with the snap of a finger and he knows it too.

I watch as he moves around the corner I can only hope that Jessica and the baby were alright. I really hate Linda right about now. If anything ever happened to Jess and the baby I will ruin her.

I pull out my cellphone and call my good friend and lawyer Mike. After three rings he answers the call.

"I have a job for you"

"Oh hey Tristan. I'm doing great nice of you to ask"

I swear that man takes sarcasm to a whole new level.

"Sorry about that Mike, I'm at the hospital and it's all because of that bitch Linda"

"What!" he shouts

"I can't talk about it now but I need you to deal with her because I don't want to do something stupid"

"No problem. I'll take care of her"

"Thanks Mike I owe you one"

I quickly shut off my phone and run my fingers through my hair. I curse under my breath all this waiting is driving me insane. I turn around to see the doctor approaching me cautiously. That alone had me in worry.

"Well, is she okay?"

He takes a deep breath, "she's fine"

I nearly rain kisses on the floor because of how happy I was. I've never been this relieved in my entire life. I abruptly stop my inner praise when I remember about the baby.

"Is the baby alright?" I ask for the second time tonight.

Most of the tension escape my body when I see the smile on his face.

"The baby is fine and the mother is awake but she seems stressed and has a distant look in her eyes"

I almost didn't catch his last words because of how low he is speaking. Unfortunately for me I hear his every word. Unwillingly my body becomes tense at the mention of Jess being stressed.

I already know why she would be tense and it's still eating me alive that she's in the hospital because of me. I'm even more upset because I put my baby's life in danger. I will never be able to live with myself if anything had to happen to them.

Turning to the doctor I let a small smile creep up on my face.

"Can I see her?" I ask nervously.

"Yes, yes you can," he replies hastily "she's in room 32B, don't stay with her long she needs to rest"

"Thank you...." I glance at his name tag "...Dr. Gordon"

Without waiting for a reply I turned around and head for room 32B. With a deep sigh I open the door to reveal Jess laying in the hospital bed facing away from me. As if sensing that I was looking at her she turns around to face me.

She doesn't say anything for the longest of time and we just stare at each other. Finally she breaks the silence once again turning away from me, "we need to talk"

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