The Billionaire's Baby

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Chapter 9

Tristan’s Point of View:

"Jessica I know that we haven't had the best experience over the last few days but I want you to know that I wouldn't ever want to go through it with anyone else.

I see a part of you in me and a part of me in you and that's why I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Marry me?"

She slowly wiped the tears from her eyes and took a step closer to me. Taking a deep breath she spoke, "I don't think......"

My heart all but stops when I hear those words come from her mouth. I can't believe that this is happening to me. I thought she loved me just like how I love her. Almost as if in a trance I get up and turn to leave. I was just so distraught that I don't even hear her calling me. I quickly hail a cab and tell the driver to take me to the nearest club. As soon as we reach I take out a twenty and hand it to him.

I am just about to step through the door when I realize what I am doing. I can't drink my problems away like a drunken fool.


I have to be a man about the entire thing and suck it up. I refuse to wallow in self pity, instead I'm going to go home and think about things. Stepping away from the club door I walk all the way home, since it wasn't that far away.

As I enter the drive way I look around in dismay. Silently walking up the pavement I walk up the steps and pull out my keys from my pants pocket. Quickly opening the door I close it after I walk in.

I turn around only to be surprised that Jessica was sitting in a chair facing towards me. I slowly walk towards her completely hypnotised by the look in her eyes.

"What are you doing here?" I ask through clench teeth.

I watch as she looks down at her hands that were currently right on top of her slowly growing stomach. I can literally feel my heart sink even more from the thought of not seeing my child. I jerk my head in her direction when I hear her next words,

"I want to know why you left?"

"I left because you don't want to marry me," I mumble.

It is quite obvious she hears my words from the shocked gasp that escapes her lips.

"I didn't say that!" she exclaims "you didn't let me finish my sentence"

I step away from her as soon as I realize that she is indeed right and I assumed her answer.

"What were you going to say?" I ask.

She sniffles as tears escapes her eyes "I was going to say that I don't think I would dare say no"

As soon as those words leave her lips I drop to one knee.

"Marry me?" I ask.

She smiles through the tears pressing her lips to my own, "Yes"

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