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“Dirty minds, wild hearts, and old souls. A tale of two love stories and friendship.” Leora Smith, a fifteen-year-old girl, manages to get into a psychology camp called Metonia in Sweden that will help her get a spot in her dream university, Stanford. Things, however, aren’t as easy as she thought it would be. From meeting her indecisive roommate Zaylee Miller with memories haunting her till present day, to meeting Calev Wilson who is head over heels with Zaylee since they were kids and seems to have secrets of his own, and encountering the most gorgeous yet dangerous-looking human, also known as Ryan Jackson, will she be able to handle all the drama she is about to face? Will all of them overcome their past mistakes and insecurities and finally accept their feelings in order to find the one thing they all have ever wanted? © 2020, Lifelight. All rights reserved.

Romance / Drama
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Author's note


Hello, my dear readers!

Thank you so much for choosing to read Erlebnisse.




The experiences, positive, or negative that we feel deeply and through which we truly live; Not mere experiences but a journey.

The book cover has ‘Peruvian Lilies’ on it because this flower represents both love and friendship. Basically, in a depressing-black and white world, friendship and love can make a colorful flower bloom

Now that we have the ideology, origin, pronunciation, and meaning out of the way, allow me to warn you. Sensitive topics will be mentioned in the book. Not in great detail but will be there nevertheless. If you think you will be trigged by it, I do recommend not reading the book.

I really do hope you enjoy this book. I will be posting some character profile cards, outfits, and other things related to the book on my Instagram. So, apologies in advance to twitter users.

My Instagram handle is: asenalicht and I have a second account too, called booksandcoffee_forever

I hope that this book will give you cries, laughs, touch emotionally, and give you a new perspective on sadness, pain, love, and friendship.

Veni. Vidi. Amavi.

We came. We saw. We loved.



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