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Viola is a 17 year old girl who doesn't explain her emotions and doesn't believe in love. Ever since her mother left, her father (who runs a powerful business) raised her to be a strong woman and to not let feelings get involved. As Viola begins her last year of high school, she is determined to finish strong with no drama or boy problems. Will she meet someone who can finally crack her shell by the end of the year? Luca is an extremely handsome 18 year old player that all girls swoon over. His charm works with every girl he lays his eyes upon. However, Luca has a bad temper and has done things that led to his family moving to another country. Will his past come back to him or will his temper ruin his future?

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1


The morning sun was hiding behind the thick fog that covered the air. It was the most peaceful time of day, I thought. I was always the first one awake just to see the sunrise. My room has the best view because of the open windows that surrounded it. Father suggested this idea and I was sold right away. The natural light that comes in makes it better to read while being able to see the brilliant nature outside.The sound of birds beginning to chirp and inhaling in the fresh air made me feel close to living. I always believe that I am just surviving rather than living, at the age of seventeen. I went through some dark times but I bottle up my emotions and hide them. I don’t express my feelings or what’s going on because I don’t want to be anyones burden. I rarely open up to people and I try to avoid sentimental things. My alarm clock interrupted my thoughts and reminded me to get ready for school. It also made me realize that I could use a cup of coffee, or two.

It is the hottest fall we have had here in Blossom so far. I put on high waisted shorts, a black crop top, my favorite cream hair scarf, and slip on black vans. My favorite color is black, so I try to incorporate it as much as I can. It is nearly 6:45 so I decided to go downstairs and make breakfast and my school lunch. When I finished preparing, I did my daily routine of checking my emails and social media. I am very quiet in the mornings, mainly because I am enjoying the quietness and I do not want to wake Lily, my oldest sister. Lily doesn’t mind if I make noise or not, I just feel bad if I wake her. She happens to wake up as soon as I finish my breakfast every time.

“Hey Viola, do you think you can make me breakfast before you go?” Lily asked while rubbing her tiresome eyes.

I always get a feeling that she does this on purpose for me to make her food, since I am already in the kitchen. It is always just Lily and I during the weekdays. Father, Alessandro Carvelli is a very successful and powerful businessman and is gone most of the week. Lily and I do not know what exact business he does but it pays very well. I guess you could say we are wealthy but I don’t really like that word. Mother left the picture when I was around seven and never came back. Father made sure that Lily and I don't let anyone into our hearts. He raised us strict but also made sure we were happy. I guess mom leaving made him toughen up on us a bit. My parents were never married but from what I remembered, neither of them were capable of tying the knot.

Marriage or any type of relationship was something I have never witnessed in my live. Or at least seeing what to do when in a relationship. Books and movies gave tips but I don’t think I am capable of loving someone. There's like this wall I built up around my heart and I won't allow anyone in. I have only had one boyfriend but that was in 8th grade, if that even counts. I never went out of my way to get a boys attention and it was mutual. I mean I had make-out sessions with about three boys but nothing more. There were a few boys that had wanted something more serious but I knew I couldn’t give them what they wanted. I’m not scared of commitment, I’m just afraid of getting attached and they just leave me one day. Plus, father is very overprotective of me and wouldn’t be happy with me having a boyfriend. So I promised myself to stay away from relationships until college. I’m on my last year of high school and no boy is going to get in my way.

Hey! This is my first time writing so please feel free to give feedback on what I should do or what you would like to see. Thank you!!

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