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My name is William jumper and I have cancer. I don't have long to live. I just want to see my sister get married.

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Danielle Martin
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My name is William jumper. I’m 30 years old. I have a baby sister named Lisa jumper. Lisa doesn’t know that I have cancer and she lives in New York with her husband. I live in Florida with my friend Jake. He takes good care of me when I don’t have anybody to help me get to my doctor appointments. When are you going to tell your sister about your cancer? I will tell her when she comes home to visit. Is Lisa inviting you to her wedding? Yes I already got my invitation. What about you? Are you coming with me Jake? Yes, who else is going to support you when you tell Lisa about your cancer? True bro, good night Jake. I went to bed thinking why my life has to end so fast ? I woke up and took a shower before heading to work. I’m the CEO of the most beautiful building called the jumper corporation. We help the children that’s in need and families. Hey Jake I’m heading to work. Okay don’t work too hard. I walked out laughing. I got a call from my sister, hey lil sis how you doing this morning? Hey will I’m okay. That is good. How is Josh doing? He’s not doing so well. I’m so sorry, is there anything I can do? Yes, do you have a job opening? Yes I do we need a manager for my youth file department in my building. I had to fire Julie because she was stealing files. Wow hopefully this will help Josh? What happened? He was accused of stealing from his job. What? Yes the lady there lied to him. Wow I’m so sorry. He’s more welcome here. Well I’m at work. Tell Josh to call so we set up everything. Okay I love you will. I love you too Lisa. We hung up and I got to work. It’s finally time to go home. I walked out of my office and said my goodbyes. When I got outside I saw Jake waiting for me. Hey Jake, how was your? Good i saw Julie she looked Hella mad. Yeah she be okay she was stealing kids files and selling them to people that do human trafficking. omg that bitch is so cruel. I know right? What are we having for dinner? I made my famous fried chicken with home fries. Okay let me take a shower and I will be down to eat. I went to my room and got into the shower. I started feeling dizzy and couldn’t stand no more so I called for Jake’s help. JAKE HELP ME!!!. I heard footsteps running up the steps. Jake, I can’t stand up. hold on will i get you. Okay one step at a time buddy. Want me to bring your food? Yes please Jake, okay i be right back. Jake got my food and came back. We finished dinner then we watched a movie. Then we said our good nights. Jake, I don’t forget I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning and afternoon. Okay, good night buddy, good night Jake. I woke up before Jake and he is always late waking up. Hey Jake it’s time to wake up. 5 more minutes. No Jake. I can’t be late, Dr. Jon will not wait on me. I need to know how bad the cancer is and how long I have to live. Okay I’m up I’m sorry I had a long night and I couldn’t fall asleep. It’s okay Jake but we need to get going. Hello Mr. jumper h, I Dr. Jon how are you doing today? I’m okay thanks. How are you feeling, Mr. jumper? Yesterday I was in the shower I was about to get but I felt dizzy. I had to yell for my friend here Jake to help me out of the shower to my bed. I’m going to run some blood work and get an MRI on your chest to check your lungs. Okay Dr. Jon. Jake what kept you up all night? My brother called and said no man would want me and you are crazy for letting me live with you and he’s ashamed to call me his brother. Well Jake, your brother is wrong because I’m glad you live with me and I’m glad you’re my best friend. Okay Mr. jumper follow me to the lab to get blood drawn and then they will come get you for the MRI. Okay Dr. Jon. We walked to the lab but started to get dizzy again. I reached for Jake’s shoulder and said I feel dizzy. Jake grabbed a chair for me and told Dr. Jon I got dizzy again. Mr. jumper are you okay? I feel dizzy and thirsty. I got you some water. Thank you Dr. While I waited on getting my blood drawn, Jake was talking about how to tell my sister how i have cancer and i have been getting treated. She needs to know that her brother is not doing so well. I know Jake. I hope we get some good news because Lisa’s wedding is next month. I just don’t know if i have time. That’s why I need to know how bad it is or if it’s gone. I know William but it’s best to tell her now then never telling her at all. Okay Mr. Jumper let’s head to the MRI and see how the treatments are doing for you. We were walking to the MRI room to get my lungs checked. My chest started to hurt but not too bad. They took pictures of my chest and told me to wait in the room for the Dr. to give me a result. Okay Mr. Jumper your cancer has easy up some treatments are doing its job. That’s good news. I have a question Dr. Jon, how long do I have to live? Right now we give it a year to 3 months because we don’t know how long the treatments will last. Okay i understand but it’s great that it easy up thought. Your next treatment is next week on Friday at 1:00pm. Okay Dr. Jon see you then. We left and I felt better that I will make it to my sister’s wedding but I still have to tell her that I’m sick. This will break her heart because I never told her. How about we invite your sister over for dinner tonight and tell her tonight to get it done and over with? What are we having for dinner? I was thinking about ordering out. Okay Chinese is my favorite. Okay I will order it while you call Lisa. Okay Jake. I picked up my phone to call Lisa. The phone is ringing, hello will how you are doing? Hi Lisa, I’m doing okay. Lisa, I was calling to invite you to dinner over at my place. I have something to tell you that’s really important. Okay i be there William. Okay Lisa is on her way. Okay they will be here in 20 minutes. Okay Jake, thanks for supporting me in this. You’re my best friend and you would have done the same for me if I had people that cared. Lisa, I’m so sorry i kept this from you but I’m sick. What do you mean? Like a cold or dying sick? William has cancer in his lungs. We don’t know how long he has because we don’t know how long his treatments will last but the Dr. said he will have a year or 3 months to live due to not knowing how long the treatments will last. William, why didn’t you tell me? I was scared Lisa. i didn’t know how to tell you that your only family member that is living is dying. I’m so so sorry I kept this from you for so long. It’s okay, I will be by your side. We all will get through this William. I have to go now but thank you for telling me William. Never be scared to tell me anything okay? I nod to agree with my sister. Good night Lisa thank you for coming. Good night Jake and William. I love you guys. We love you too. We went into the house cleaned up and said our good nights. Thank you Jake for tonight and for being such a good best friend. Anything for you bro. I finish cleaning and you go get some rest. Okay good night Jake. Good night will. I went to my room and laid down and drift off to sleep.

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