Hunters Prey

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Hunter had it all up until 3 years ago. He was uprooted and moved cross country because his whore of a mother decided Daddy Hutchison wasn't "man" enough for her. Now Hunter sees all women as whores, objects to be used and abused however he wants. If that's what it meant to be a man he had it on lock, but ever since he moved next door to her he can't control the terrible urges he has to hurt her, to fuck her, to own her. Every day he sees her. Perfect house, perfect family, perfect body. Everything so perfect. Just like his family used to be, how his mom used to be. He's going to make personally make sure she suffers. Show her what the true purpose of a women is. To be used in any way he'd like. That perfect little innocent act doesn’t fool him. His mother was that way too until one day she showed her true self. A worthless whore. Soon enough bullying her won’t be enough and he’ll NEED more and he will stop at nothing to get it. He will OWN that perfection and nobody will get in his way. Nobody. ⚠️⚠️⚠️AUTHORS NOTE: TRIGGERS⚠️⚠️⚠️ WARNING/POSSIBLE rape, sexual assault, abuse, harassment, suicidal thoughts, etc. We'll find out together! I DO NOT condone nor feel women or men should accept this behavior but you wouldn't be here if you didn’t want to read about it. DARK THEMES AHEAD! Turn back NOW if you don’t like this type of book!

Romance / Erotica
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0. ⚠️Author’s Note: Triggers ⚠️


WARNING/POSSIBLE rape, sexual assault, abuse, harassment, etc. We'll find out together!

I DO NOT condone nor feel women or men should accept this behavior but you wouldn't be here if you didn’t want to read about it.

DARK THEMES AHEAD! Turn back NOW if you don’t like this type of writing!


I wanted to address some of the comments I’m already getting.

This book isn’t for everyone and it’ll make you feel different things, as it is different for everyone.

I’ve put a warning in the summary and I’m guessing I need another just to be more clear.

The book will have situations that aren’t acceptable as it is a darker themed book, and if you feel you can’t get past that then I recommend trying another book as this one may not be for you.

You can comment whatever you’d like I won’t argue. Opinions are very welcomed and needed for future writing.

I just want you as the reader to be aware this book will have themes you may not agree with that.

My respecting your choice to comment anything you want should come full circle, as you should respect what I’ve chosen to write and the warning I’ve given in case this is something that may trigger you.

I do accept and appreciate constructive criticism, but will not tolerate mean comments after the warning was given.

I’m not easily offended so the comment would just have to be down right awful and rude for me to even address it by deleting or blocking said comments. I have thick skin so it’s okay.

With that said I hope to see you all follow Hunter and Claire’s journey as individuals!!!!


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I really hope you enjoy it babez!

I get so excited and happy when I see you liking and commenting and even adding it to your library to follow!!!!

Its such a rush I love it!!! Anyways I’ll get back to givong you more of what you like.

Hunter and Claire!!

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