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Photography, Everybody knows what it is. It's one of the most beautiful art styles in the world. Lots of people take pictures of lots of different things some take pictures of objects, others take pictures of living things, and Some take pictures of humans. One of my favorite things to do is take pictures of humans, or well, I mean, A human. My favorite form of photography doesn't necessarily have a name, so I gave it one myself. I call it hidden photography. It's definitely one of the most beautiful forms of art to ever exists. Because every single picture is of the most beautiful human I've ever seen in the world. Even though he may never know that I'm taking pictures of him, I am. And they're beautiful.

Romance / Drama
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Everyone has a hobby, something they love to do; a thing that reminds them that, they have a purpose. Like Painting, cooking, collecting or even reading. Like everyone else, I have a hobby. My hobby is what I like to call 'Hidden Photography'. Now you may be thinking, this is some kind of cute picture of a woman, taken behind some leaves to make her seem hidden, but I can ensure you that is not the case...

I leaned up against a tree not too far from where he and his friends were playing basketball. I held the large heavy camera in my hands, it was on and I was waiting for the right moment to take the perfect picture of him. Once his friends step away and he's all alone. That's when I'll get the perfect shot.

He had on black shorts and no shirt, his hair was a mess and he had the cutest smile, it was the perfect time to take a photo of him. All I have to do was give it a few more minutes once all of his friends went to get some water then he would be all alone on the court. I could snap the most beautiful picture ever seen.

Maybe later tonight, I'll wait till about 4 am maybe even 5 am and get a cute picture of him sleeping. He gets up for school at 6, so I might even stay till then so I can get a few we'll he's changing.

I’ll take those pictures and I'll print them out in my darkroom, and hang them in there designated spots on my wall.

The basketball ones will go in my Milo sports area, the sleeping ones in my sleeping Milo area, maybe the sleeping ones can go in my cute Milo area. Not too sure yet. But the hopefully naked ones, will go in my secret box under my bed rather than on the walls.

I had it all planned out, it wasn't that hard to plan out though; I do this every day.

Milo is quite literally my life, I probably know more about him than he knows about himself.

Authors note:
I feel the need to inform people that the prologue is short but each chapter will be long.
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