The Path To Love

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Have you ever loved somebody that didn't love you back? Have you ever been there for someone unconditionally but they didn't seem to notice? If so you will understand the beginning of Aby's story. Aby was there to put Ryan back together when nobody else cared, but she lost herself in the meantime. Unfortunately, he didn't seem to notice, for him she was just a good person and an amazing friend. But what happens when Aby is forced to give up and move on? And who will be there to help her, will it be her one-night stand or her new patient? Or are they the same? *if you can't read explicit content some scenes from this book aren't for you*

Romance / Erotica
T. Norwood
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Have you ever felt the loneliness while being surrounded completely by people?

Yeah? Well, me too.

"This place is sick," he screamed in my ear and I just nodded my head as I kept rubbing my sweaty body on the other people.

Alcohol pumped through my veins, the beat almost destroying my hearing, but I didn't care, not anymore. I felt free, free as a bird. A bird that flies. Fuck, I was drunk.

I saw Andrew smile at me through my half-closed eyes. My limps felt like concrete with every move I made, but I kept going. I had to keep going. I smiled back at him, probably coming more like a grimace, but he wasn't even looking at me anymore. His side was facing me as he plunged his tongue in some guy's mouth.

"Gross," I whispered before bursting into a maniacal laugh, shooking my head side to side.

Oh, shit. Bad move, bad move. I stopped moving as I grabbed my stomach, covering my mouth with my hand. Okay, maybe I drank a bit too much. I turned and walked, wanting to run, but any rush movement brought everything in my mouth like a rollercoaster.

I didn't even bother to let Andrew know, as I pushed the door to the bathroom open. It hit the wall with a loud thud, or at least I thought it was loud. A new wave of nausea hit me and my vision blurred as I started running the last steps to the toilet bowl. Falling to my knees I puked everything out. Fuck, that was why I stop drinking after college, it was madness.

I slowly stood up pressing my palms hard against the wall. My legs felt like leaves in the wind, weak and useless, but I pushed through making my way to the sink. I brought my hands together to splash cold water on my face. I felt like covered in dirt, and stupid, really stupid. How did I let Andrew get me drunk so easily in such a short amount of time?

"Fuck," I exhaled smelling my own breath. Disgusting.

I rinsed my mouth with some water, hoping the smell of drunk death would leave me alone a bit at least, before making my way back in the dark hallway leading me back to people.

"What can I get you, hon'?" the bartender asked way too cheerfully as I sat down at the bar.

"Water, a lot of water, please?" I leaned my head in my arms praying for a magical way for the alcohol to get the hell out of me.

"Right away," he smiled knowingly and brought me a bottle. I opened the cap and with thirst, I didn't know I had I gulped it down before asking for another one.

He complied and I started slowly drinking from it, as my mind became clearer with every sip. I didn't even understand how it happened. I had five shots, only five shots, and maybe a Martini too, but that was hours ago.

I pulled my phone out of my purse to check the time. 1 a.m., great, that should be enough socializing for one night. I was ready to go back home and fucking sleep. Now that I was kind of awake, I remembered why I hated clubs in the first place, so many people, so many people touching you, so many sweaty people. But, I was losing myself slowly and my friends saw it, so they decided on an intervention as soon as I got back home.

Andrew loved clubs, so here we were. Sam started the night with us, but eventually, she left, going back to her fiance before the whole drinking thing took off completely. She wanted home the second we stepped into the club. But she had someone to go back home to, I understood why she wanted to leave. But me? Why did I want to be even more alone? Here at least it was loud, busy, so much happier than the silence, so much easier to deal with.

My phone buzzed before I had a chance to really get sad. It was Sam, what a coincidence.

'What are you doing?'

'The bar. Aren't you suppose to be with Julian? If you can still text me, he is doing something wrong'

'He did everything right, but I was worried about you'

Great, just what I needed. make the only people I actually still care about, worried. 'But I see you're fine, I mean you are still coherently and able to text'

'Yeah, the autocorrect works perfectly'

'Haha, very funny. Do you want to go home?'

'I think so. But I'm getting kind of horny right now,' I laughed, remembering our own inside joke.

'What are you waiting for? You are in a place full of people'

'And none of them hot. It's really frustrating'

'Well, go find someone bearable that gives you the vibe of "Oh, I surely know how to use this stupid thing between my legs, sugar"' I burst laughing at that one.

'That sentence alone grossed me out on a whole new level of grossness. But I promise I'm going to try looking for that guy'

I won't, but she didn't know that.

'Great, talk tomorrow then. Good luck and bye' she texted followed by kissing emojis. Yack again.

I put my phone back in my purse, back to being alone.

I finished my second bottle, replaying Sam's words in my head. Maybe I actually needed a guy, like really needed one. Someone who could make me feel good, only that. No falling in love with assholes anymore. Shit, I didn't even know how I could have been so blind, so in "love" that I didn't see the type of man he was. I thought I found a good guy, a friend, somebody who cared about me, but he wasn't more than a cheater, a liar, a complete jerk.

I glanced at the dance floor to see if my friend was still there and he clearly was. He was having fun, no strings attached, ending with a guy or a girl tonight, or with who the hell he wanted to, before moving along with his life. I had never had that, I wanted to. Somebody who could make me forget absolutely everything for a while, just a night without nightmares and regret. I needed it, I needed to find myself, once and for all, no more mistakes.

I was about to get up when the bartender beat me to it and brought me a drink.

"From the guy over there," he tilted his head to my right before winking at me.

I smiled at him politely and then slowly turned my head to the place he showed me. Blue suit pants, white shirt, the sleeves rolled up, leaving his strong arms for me to ogle at. He had the body of someone who definitely worked out, like every day. Like naked chest, sweat dripping type of workout. I think I honestly drooled a little, but I swallowed fast as I looked up at his face. Messy brown hair, a perfect set of lips to kiss, and really blue eyes. A dark stubble that I wished to feel on my skin. Would it tickle making me laugh, or would it be abrasive making me wet? His jawline was prominent especially from this angle and I wanted to grab it hard as I would hold him where I wanted. Okay, maybe I wasn't kidding with the horny joke.

I risked looking into his eyes. He was smirking at me and that was when I realized I was staring. I turned fast, feeling my cheeks getting flushed. Stupid girl, that was not how flirting was supposed to be going. I was so embarrassed that I asked the bartender to get the drink back to him.

"You sure, hon'?" he gave me a chance to change my mind, but I nodded.

Better to be over with it faster. Give his drink back and get out of there. Easy, especially when all of that water came back.

I watched from the corner of my eye as the mysterious man took the glass. He said something and the bartender just shrugged shaking his head before walking away. The stranger's body tensed and irritation flashed over his features. Of course, he was mad. I took my purse and left my seat as I walked towards the bathroom, again. I had to walk past him.

I felt his eyes on me, but I kept my head high and not once made eye content with him. I was kind of proud of myself, to be honest.

I felt high, a smile covering my face even though I was in a bathroom peeing two bottles of water. I didn't give in, to a man. I was feeling like my old self back and I finished fast ready to go find someone with who I didn't blow my chance yet. I felt powerful, it was addicting.

I opened the door of the bathroom, just to collide with a hard chest.

"Oh, sorry," I murmured as I tried to move away, but an arm came in front of me blocking my way. "What the hell?" I looked up furiously at the man I hit and gasped. "You?" I looked into his blue eyes staring back at me with mischievous.

"I don't usually get refuse from people, especially from women," he put his other hand too against the wall, trapping me.

His voice had a rough edge to it, gravelly and masculine like he just got up from bed, and I imagined it for a second how it would be hearing him moan and groan in my ear as he would push me deeper into this wall.

Fuck. I turned to the side, feeling a blush creeping up my face. Did I really just had a fantasy with a stranger?

He watched me carefully, his eyes gliding down from my face to my chest and lower to my bared legs, before coming back up to rest on my face, a soft smile playing on his lips.

I clenched my legs subtlely, but he saw it and smirked confidently.

"So, what do you say? Let's get out of here and find a hotel?" he whispered with an arrogant smirk on.

An egocentric asshole. Of course, just my luck. I pushed him away with a scowl and made my way back to the bar ready to pay the bill for the night.

"Ready to head out?" the man behind the counter smiled lazily and I nodded handing him my credit card.

I checked back on Andrew as I waited. Still having fun. I smiled at the sight and heard a cough from behind me.

"Oh, you're still here?" I raised my eyebrows at him as one of his hand was in his pocket as he leaned on the other one against the bar.

"Why are you still sitting instead of walking?" he asked glancing at Andrew.

"Oh, excuse me. Walk where exactly?" I said flatly.

"Out of this club, in my car, ready to take this dress off for me," his hand raised to touch the strap of my dress, but I grabbed his wrist before he could do it.

"Hands off, big guy. You don't own me, so I'm just gonna keep doing my own thing," I pushed his hand away. "Alone if you don't mind," I added.

He frowned as he watched me weirdly. "Do you love somebody or something?"

I froze as the bartender returned my card. "Not that's any of your business, but no, I don't love anyone." Not even myself.

"Then why? No woman had refused me before," he said more to himself than to me.

"Then, welcome to the real world, big guy," I patted his shoulder as a goodbye.

"Enough, what's your game?" he grabbed my arm as I wanted to leave, turning me towards him.

"Game?" I smiled widely trying to stop laughing. "I thought you are hot, then you opened your mouth. Simple as that."

His eyes darkened, his hand tightening on my wrist. Then he did something unexpected, he chuckled. And that simple sound made me press my thighs together. Okay, he was still hot even though his ego was probably bigger than his dick.

"You didn't see shit from what I can do with my mouth," he said darkly and my core tightened. Not the moment girl, I was trying to be a strong independent woman.

"I've seen enough to know I don't want to hear you talking anymore," I tilted my head higher to look into his eyes as he towered over me.

"What a coincidence, I'd prefer to see you use that pretty mouth for something else than being a brat," his hungry eyes watched my lips as I bit my bottom one under his scorching gaze.

His tongue darted out to wet his bottom lip and I traced the movement with my eyes. Just one more asshole, one time, only tonight.

"Just to clarify, you are an asshole and I won't have to see you ever again after tonight right?" I whispered closer to him than before.

He chuckled deeply. "You keep reading my mind, baby."

"And you won't talk? 'Cause your ego is a big turn off, just so you know, " I stated and his free hand grabbed the back of my neck as he brought us closer.

"You're a very annoying woman, had anyone told you that before?" his hand on my waist slid lower, stopping above my butt.

So, annoying. Was I annoying with him, that was why he chose her over me?

"Hey, you okay?" he caught my attention back and I nodded. "You sure? I didn't mean to sound harsh, I was joking. You are annoyingly interesting."

I snorted and he smiled, like really smiled. "I doubt that's a thing. But you are not here to worry about my feelings. You are supposed to be an asshole so don't start being sweet now, okay?"

He smiled wider. "Thank God you are not into nice guys," his hand tightened into my hair as his hard-on pressed against my center and I shivered, the amusement from his eyes, replaced by pure lust.

"Why?" I asked breathily.

"Because baby," his fingers inched higher up on my inner tight making my skin tingle. "I don't make love, I fuck, " my breath hitched and my heart beat faster. His finger brushed the side of my neck and I gasped.

He took advantage and crushed his lips against mine not wasting any time on a slow pace. He deepened the kiss immediately, pushing me as close as possible as I wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him back like he was my lifeline.

He started pressing kisses from my jaw to my collarbone. I moaned softly when he nipped at the sensitive spot right below my ear. I could feel how eager he was from the way his fingers dug into my skin while his other hand kept going to the zipper of my dress as he could hardly restrain himself from taking me right there on the bar. His lips returned to mine, and I kissed him lustfully before biting his bottom lip pulling his hair a bit harder, which delivered me a growl from him.

"Shit, sorry," I apologized embarrassed.

"Fuck, let's get out of here before I lose the last bit of my restrain," he said out of breath.

I simply nodded and followed him. His hand rested on my lower back as we made our way outside the club towards a black car in the front with a middle-aged guy waiting to open the door for us. I should've asked this stranger's name before leaving with him.

In a daze, I grabbed my phone and texted Andrew the car's number and that if I don't respond in the next 24 hours to call the cops.

"Are you serious?" he snorted from behind me as he closed the door behind us.

"Making sure you don't get away with kidnapping me," I shrugged and he chuckled as he grabbed me and made me straddle him.

"Who knew you could be funny instead of just annoying?" he laughed.

I started tracing an invisible path with my fingers on his neck and chest.

"Stop laughing at me," I mumbled as I started tracing the path with my lips too when I heard his driver talk.

"Where to, sir?"

My soon to be one-night stand looked into my eyes before answering with one word "Home".

"Home?" The driver asked.

"Yes, home. Now, drive!" The man under me replied sharply before catching my lips in a kiss full of desire.

We were in the middle of a make-out session and I didn't realize the car stopped until I was pulled out by an eager stranger and led to the elevator. I was so caught up in trying not to stumble over my own two feet that I barely looked around the parking lot. The doors of the elevator closed and he pressed a code before he turned around and pinned me against the wall taking my lips in a fiercely kiss. He moved his hands down over my butt and gripped me right below it, making me wrap my legs around his waist while he started pressing kisses along my neck biting softly my skin. I moaned as I felt his hard cock rubbing against my thigh. My body needed him. I've never been this turned on in my entire life.

The doors opened and we entered still kissing each other. When we broke apart for air I finally saw his penthouse and wow I was at a loss for words. It was obvious that a single man lived there, but definitely a man with a lot of money. The furniture was dark like the marble floor while the walls were light making a perfect contrast of color. The lights were making the space welcoming while the pieces of art gave it personality. And a wall of glass right in front of me, separating the small terrace from the inside. I crossed the room in a few strides leaving my purse on an armchair and stopped in front of the glass which showed me the most breathing view that I've ever seen. The city lights seemed so small from there like little fireflies lighting the cold night.

"Wow," I murmured amazed.

"Really beautiful, isn't it?" I felt him right behind my back as he bit my earlobe softly. I shivered before turning around to see him looking into my eyes.

We were so close that I could feel his hot breath on my lips and inhale his masculine scent. I was lost in the heat emanated from his body as I licked my dried lips. He touched my lip with his finger, slowly, teasing me before cupping my neck and slamming his lips on mine. I opened my mouth and he didn't waste a second as his tongue started a battle of power with mine. He kissed me and kissed me until I forgot everything except him and the desire I craved him to take care of. I could feel it burning at the surface waiting to be unleashed and rewriting my knowledge about pure addiction. His body was the most tempting drug I've ever seen or taste and maybe I just wanted to take as much as I could, I wanted to be greedy just for a night.

I snapped out of my thoughts when I felt his hands pulling down the zipper of my dress leaving me only in my black underwear and black stilettos. I smiled while he still stared at me, his eyes darkening further. I stepped out of my shoes and dress. I moved my hands over his arms feeling hard muscles. I was about to take his tie off when he picked me up making me wrap my legs around his waist and started climbing the stairs towards his bedroom. I clenched my hands in his silky hair pulling on the strands just a bit so I can kiss his neck. He grabbed my butt harder and a small moan left his mouth as he went faster to reach his room. I couldn't help but smile at his loss of control.

We finally got to his room as he pushed the door shut with his leg and thrown me on the bed. He looked at me like he was starving, pure lust shining in his blue eyes. He untied the blue tie and put it next to me on the bed. He started undoing the buttons on his shirt showing me more and more of his tanned skin. When his shirt touched the floor followed by his pants I couldn't help but gasp at the perfection of his body who really looked like it was sculpted by a God. I've never seen a man who looked better than he did. He was truly magnificent and I couldn't move my eyes from him.

"Hands above your head" he ordered and I clenched my legs together. Okay, maybe I liked it when he talked.

"No. I want to touch you," I told him stubbornly.

He looked at me for a second before getting on the bed above me and starting to kiss me with the same desire as before. I pulled my hands around his head but he took them both, put them above my head, and tied them with his tie before kissing me again. He ran his lips over my neck next, then going lower to my hard nipples who were begging for attention. I felt his mouth on my left nipple, his teeth scraping across the tip before licking and sucking hard on it while his hand played with the other, massaging before tugging and rubbing it between his fingers. I moaned loudly when his other hand slipped over my panties.

"Fuck, you are so wet, baby!" He said in a husky voice before he went lower and lower with his mouth pressing light kisses over my stomach while taking my underwear off. He spread my legs and kissed the inside of my thighs getting closer to where I needed his mouth. My clit was throbbing for attention, pounding along with my raging heartbeat. Then finally I felt his mouth on me. My back arched high, a loud cry leaving me at how good it felt.

"Oh, God!" My words a choked cry. His tongue lapped at my lips, licking every drop of my wetness.

Goosebumps popped up everywhere on my skin, little noises coming out of my mouth as I closed my eyes in pure pleasure when his tongue moved up to the hard bud of my clit, flicking it quickly and driving me to the edge so fast I was shocked.

"You're gonna make me come," I moaned out.

He pulled away slightly, meeting my hazy eyes for a moment before he bent back down, taking my clit between his lips and sucking on it at the same time as he pushed a finger inside making me cry out loud.

"More," I said breathlessly.

I gasped when his finger was replaced by his tongue. He kept thrusting it faster and faster inside me until I climaxed without warning. I screamed loudly shaking in full-body spasms as the strongest orgasm of my life consumed me.

I was breathing hard, staring up at him and by the wide grin on his face, I could tell he knew exactly what he did to me.

"You liked that, didn't you?" His voice was teasing but rough like he loved making me feel good but barely had a grip on himself.

"I loved it," I said, voice trembling. I palmed his erection through his boxers. A painful sound left him as he threw his head back, and he quickly grabbed my wrist to stop me from stroking him. I gave him a puzzled look and he shot me a smirk.

"I didn't put up with your brattiness just to come in my boxers."

I pulled my hand free from his grip before running it over his abdomen. I pressed my mouth to his ear and whispered softly before biting his earlobe. "The deal was, not talking."

His eyes darkened dangerously. Next thing I knew I was flat on my stomach with my butt in the air. My left cheek was pressed on the bed and my hands were still tied above my head. I heard him taking his boxers off before spreading my legs wider.

"Dimples?" he sounded surprised and I looked behind my shoulder.

"What?" I said confused as he kept talking instead of fucking.

"You have dimples, right here," he said as he put a hand around my waist to cup my wet sex while his other hand traveled down my spine to my butt stopping right above it and slowly caressing the skin there before leaning and pressing two light kisses over my-

"Dimples," he said again like tasting the word on his tongue.

"Yeah. Do you have a thing for them or something?" I asked frustrated.

A split second later, a sharp sound echoed in the room, and I registered the sting a moment later.

"I do now."

"Did you just spank me?" I turned my head back to him, with my mouth open in shock while the excitement was shining in my eyes. He studied my face for a moment before caressing the tender spot on my butt.

"I did, now turn around and stop talking, baby."

I turned my head back and as soon as it hit the covers, his hand landed on my other cheek. The pain was closely followed by sparkles of pleasure, different ones than anything I've felt before. I moaned into the bed when he spanked me again.

His hand that cupped my sex moved lower, his two middle fingers pushing between my folds so he can feel how wet he made me.

"You're soaked," he said while his fingers kept teasing me.

I pressed my hips back rubbing against his cock and thrilling at the sound he made. He knew what I was asking for and he didn't waste a second to give it to me.

I moaned in pleasure at the feeling of his long fingers inside of me. He wrapped an arm around my waist and thrust slowly in and out of me with the other hand. Every time he moved he hit a spot that made me close my eyes and curl my toes.

I was close again, I could feel it. His arm around me, his fingers inside me and his cock grinding against my butt were too much to handle.

"That's it, baby, I want you to come for me now."

A soft cry flew out of me as I came on his fingers. I hardly even registered a package ripping before his cock replaced his fingers.

"Fuck, you're so tight," he whispered under his breath as he pushed inside completely.

I felt him still inside my body, giving me time to come back from the high he'd send me to. The first thing that registered was his arms around my waist bringing me up so my back was to his front, my tied arms coming around his head, trapping him between them. Then I felt his lips on my neck biting the same spot as before probably leaving a mark but I couldn't care less right now.

He knew when I came back and he exhaled in relief before asking me gently "Are you okay? Do you want me to stop?"

"No, please don't stop," I shook my head rolling my hips for some friction.

"God, you're fucking perfect."

I let out a chuckle as he pulled out slowly. Then a loud moan as he pushed himself back into me.

"I think you need another orgasm as appreciation."

"No, I don't think I can take another one."

He paused inside me then grabbed my neck lightly to hold me in place as he began fucking me at a steady pace. His other hand started to rub my clit in small circles and to my surprise, I felt another orgasm start to build up.

"If I want you to come for me again, that's exactly what you're going to do. Understand?"

"Ah," I moaned out loud in response.

Speeding up his thrusts, I started pushing back on him at the same time he was pushing up, building a fast rhythm. He tightened his hand around my neck just enough so I can feel it and I answered by squeezing his cock. I felt him growl before picking up speed again and fucking me harder than before. His fingers were rubbing my clit harder and I felt my walls begin to shudder.

"Come for me, dimples. Show me you're mine tonight," he said and that was all I needed as I clenched around him in a constant rhythm.

"Fuck," he swore as he jerked inside me.

I was still trying to find my voice as I was coming down from the most powerful orgasm I've ever had. He laid me down on the bed untieing my wrists before he got u to discharge the condom.

I leaned back on my elbows as I watched him come back and slowly make his way between my legs, his cock hardening slowly.

"We are not done here?" I asked with wide eyes.

He chuckled. "I'm really sorry you are used with guys giving you only three orgasms a night. I prefer to find out how many you can have tonight. Aren't you curious?" he smirked as he spun us around making me straddle his hips.

He grabbed my butt, slowly grinding my core against his cock as he retrieved another condom handing it to me.

"Let's find out then," I smiled excitedly as I pressed my lips against his.

Not alone tonight, not anymore.

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