The Path To Love

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Chapter 2

"Mm," I groaned softly as I wrapped my hand more around his hard body.

Wait! What?! I jumped, fully awake. Of, fuck, this was bad, so bad.

I had fallen asleep in his bed, and it was morning. This was not supposed to happen, I told him I have to go and he just started kissing and touching me again. He definitely took the challenge seriously 'cause after the tenth orgasm, I stopped counting or wanting to leave.

My head was hurting and I struggled standing up on steady legs.

I knew that once he woke up, he would try very nicely to tell me to get out of his apartment and I couldn't let myself be humiliated like that. Why the hell I fell asleep in the first place? Oh, yeah, physical exertion.

I picked my underwear from the floor putting it on before closing his bedroom door behind me.

Shit, I was sore. I probably looked ridiculous walking, the hangover slowly forming wasn't helping either. I picked up my dress from the floor and I was trying to put it on while looking around, seeing the apartment better in daylight. It was a nice apartment, that was for sure and there was an empty space by the glass wall, like something was supposed to be there, but it was missing. Hmm, curious.

No, not curious Aby. Probably he just didn't find anything to go with the space yet. Nothing interesting.

With my dress back in place and my shoes in my hand, I shot one last look at the city beneath me that was starting to hum with life, before heading to the elevator.

While the doors were closing in front of me taking me away from the handsome man sleeping soundly in the bed, I couldn't stop a smile from appearing on my face when memories from last night occupied my mind. He definitely ruined the idea of sex for me, and I was internally thanking him.

One week later

I turned on the other side, and the other one again, and again.

"Ugh," I groaned frustrated.

I tried to fall back asleep for the past hour, but it was completely impossible. Every time I closed my eyes my thoughts were filled with memories. But not that was unusual, they always were. Today though, it was different, I woke up from a wet dream. I've never had a wet dream in my entire life, and the protagonist of it was no one other than my one-night stand. I tried to stop myself every time from thinking about him at all, but they were times like this when I thought about him and I needed to do something about it.

With the realization my sleep was forever lost, I stood up lazily from the bed and decided to prepare a bath. Jasmine fragrance invaded the space, the heat fogging the mirror and the window to my right almost trapping me between them. I sighed closing my eyes as I let the warmth surround me.

I let my mind wander, with no regret anymore as I pictured his hands on my body, grabbing me, moving me around as he fucked me. He was right, he didn't make love, I even started to believe it would be impossible for him to ever do that. The way he moved, kissed, touched, there was nothing sweet about it. Only primal, he took what he needed from you, not caring if he fucked you into oblivion.

My hands slowly made their way over my body getting closer to my aching core. Ah, only the memory of him made me feel like this.

I imagined his hands instead of mine, his fingers circling my clit as he breathed harder in my ear, his raspy voice talking dirty to me. I remembered the way his touch made me squirm in pleasure and I touched myself faster and faster, thinking about him, till my legs shook and I moaned loud, my eyes closing in ecstasy.

I panted trying to get my breath back in check as I slowly lost his image from my head. God, I hated how he was a one-night stand, but if he would be in front of me right now, I wouldn't mind a repeat.

I was drying myself with a fluffy towel when I heard my phone ringing.

"Yes, Andrew?" I answered the phone with a scoff as I caught a glance of myself in the mirror.

"Oh, someone should get laid soon. You sound grumpy," I heard his response as he panted.

I pulled my phone away to check the time, 8 a.m. "Oh my God, what are you doing?" I asked hoping our friendship didn't get to that level yet.

"Just finished running," he paused before some other sound heard. "Drinking some water now. Why?"

"Oh, nothing. What did you want?"

"Oh, your secretary called me to inform you that you have a new appointment today at 6 pm. By the way, why is your secretary calling me not you?"

"Because she knows better than disturb me on a Saturday morning," I let the innuendo sink in, but he kept going.

"So, yeah we should meet today. Lunch or something? I still wait for the details about the club guy."

I sighed. "Bye, Andrew."

"Text me--"

I hang up before dialing Sandra's number. The moment she responded I muttered, "I hope you have a good reason scheduling appointments on my free day".

"I do have an explanation," she said unfazed. She knew I would never fire her. "I know it's your free day, but they insisted and I tried to tell them you aren't available today. Then they wouldn't let me alone and when they kept offering more money than they should and I had to accept. They wanted an appointment as soon as possible."

"Who are you talking about?" I asked wondering who would be that desperate and in need of a psychiatrist. Whoever was, they were willing to pay more than the already quite expensive bill for my services. Why?

"Mr. and Mrs. Scott. They made an appointment for their son. They said it's the only time the boy agrees to come. You don't need to see or talk to him after today, just an hour at least and then he's gone."

And just like that my interest was gone.

"So you are telling me, I have to babysit a spoiled kid who just wants attention by causing trouble. Perfect, totally perfect, that's exactly how I wanted to spend my free day. "

Excellent, how lucky was I. Well, at least he didn't sound eager to be there so I just have to find out how to spend an hour with a person who didn't want to talk. What were boys into nowadays, games and girls? We could talk about Lego I guess.

I told her I would be there and hang up deciding it was time to face my best friends.

I texted Sam and Andrew to invite them to breakfast. They both agreed immediately, wanting details about last week. I put on a black flared skirt and a white shirt with a couple of buttons undone at the base of my neck. I picked my black heeled boots in a rush as I was heading for the door. I didn't have time for make-up so lipstick should do. My brown curls hang loosely over my shoulders as I grabbed the keys to my car and headed out.

At the restaurant, my friends were already waiting at the table while a waitress was taking their order. I loved this place because it was quiet, not crowded, and the food was simply from another world. I sat down in the booth telling the middle-aged woman my order.

As soon she left, my friends turned to me and said at the same time "Spit it out".

I told them what happened after Sam texted goodbye that night. How I met a crazy good looking guy with an ego big enough for a small town, but how I still ended up in bed with him.

"It was the best sex of my life," I admitted keeping all the details fo myself only.

"Well, not that you had a lot of sexual experiences, " Andrew mumbled under his breath.

"Well, haha, for that I'm gonna keep all the good details for myself."

"Oh, come on, just because Andrew is an idiot, you don't have to make me suffer too," Sam whined as she hit Andrew's arm.

I smiled realizing I missed seeing them bicker and fight, it was always a sight. Made me feel like I belong.

"Did you come? Like at least twice?" Andrew asked me before glancing at Sam. "That's how we'd know if it was good or not, " he winked at her.

I snorted. "I lost count at one point, " I took a sip from my orange juice as the waitress brought us the food.

"Like after the first?" Andrew asked and I glared at him. I knew what he was doing, getting me riled up, I taught him how to do that, and damn it was working.

"More like after the tenth."

They both stopped with their food and looked at me with wide eyes.

"How are you still alive?" Sam asked, even though I heard having a lot of orgasms a night was one of the consequences of dating Julian.

"How are you still walking?" Andrew glanced at my legs under the table.

"Oh my God, stop it. You act as if I was a virgin."

"Well, you could have been. I mean, sex isn't a big part of your life," he made a disappointed face.

"So, would you see him again, if it was that good?" Sam asked.

"I mean, you see," I paused taking a bite and chewing very slowly. "I don't really know his name or have his number or anything like that. I just know where he lives."

"You didn't exchange numbers? I mean if for you it was this good, it means that at least it was good for him too."

"I hate your sarcasm sometimes, Andrew, " I glared at him again.

"I taught you all you know, baby girl, " he laughed.

"Whatever, I kind of ended up falling asleep after all the..." I felt myself blushing. "You know. Anyways, I left before he could wake up."

"Come on, Aby. Are you serious?"

"Yes, I am. He was definitely the type of guy to kick out a woman in the morning. I didn't need that type of humiliation. And it was nothing more than sex, so yeah, a normal casual Saturday night from him, probably. We shouldn't have to see each other again."

"Have you heard about friends with benefits before? If you felt that good, impossible not to want more, " Andrew pressed while Sam kept eating as she listened carefully to us.

"Andrew, what part of casual Saturday for him, you didn't hear?"

"Oh, don't do that. Stop it," he looked annoyed.

"Stop what?"

"Selling yourself short. You are amazing, and you are right, you deserve more than a guy like that. I mean, maybe you know where he lives and could have gone back any time, but he surely could have found you if he wanted. I mean, it's not like your name it's not in newspapers and known by a good enough number of people. Anyways, if you are supposed to see him again, you will. Let's talk about something else... Bachelorette party?" Andrew wiggled his eyebrows at Sam.

"Oh, that's right. I had a proposition for you. What about somewhere with sun and beaches at day and clubs at night, and shopping and a lot of fun?"


"Well, a friend of Julian from college owns a hotel there. So, the week before the wedding? Are you down for a trip?"

"Hell yeah," Andrew exclaimed and I nodded excitedly. I missed traveling with my friends.

We finished the details of the trip before ending up talking about anything else. When we finished, we said our goodbyes, and I drove towards the park. Picking my bag with everything I needed from the car I headed towards the entrance.


"Ms. Smith?" a voice heard from behind me.

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