The Path To Love

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Chapter 4


I started drifting back from sleep. It was the first day in a while when I could sleep properly for more than a few hours. Nobody needed me today, no unexpected meetings to attend. So I could fully spend the morning with the only woman besides my family or staff that stepped foot in my apartment. I never brought women here 'cause I didn't want them to know where I lived so they could stalk me later. But she made me feel she deserved more than a hotel room.

A feeling of excitement washed over me once with the memories of last night. I've never met somebody as charming and seductive as her, everything about her screamed feminine and grace. The way her lips moved when she talked to the way her mouth told something while her eyes said an entirely different story. I could look into those eyes for a long time trying to figure out the mystery behind them. She was so bratty, so unexpected, and she made me feel more alive than I've felt in a long time. Just a touch of those lips on my skin and I would fire up instantly. The way her body felt against mine, how it begged me to please her, and those goddamn dimples.

A new wave of desire floated over me and I reached, with my eyes closed and a content smile on my face, for the female whose perfume still lingered on my skin and my sheets. But she wasn't there.

I sat up quickly looking for her with more attention. Nothing, no sound in the bathroom, nothing but dead silence. I put on some pants and went searching for her in the whole apartment. I was tempted to call her name if I knew it of course. It didn't cross my mind to ask her, 'cause I usually called all of them, baby or something.

After a few minutes of searching, my good mood was replaced with frustration, anger coming to the surface.

"Where the hell is she?"

I passed through the living room and noticed that her dress and shoes were gone. "Maybe..." No. No way. She wouldn't have left. It was impossible.

But after a few more minutes of searching, I had to face the truth. She really left! She simply took off. No woman has ever left me before, not that I ever stayed the night. After I had fucked them, they constantly tried to catch my attention for more, all of them begged me for a date before I would leave the hotel and never see them again.

I headed to the direction of the phone with my fists clenched, fury radiating from me.

"Mr.Scott?" the man at the front desk answered the phone.

"Has a woman left the building this morning?" I asked him, running my hand through my messy hair.

"Beautiful, brunette in a red dress? " he chuckled pissing me off even more. "She left 15 minutes ago."

I squeezed hard the phone in my hand and ended the call without giving further explanations.

How did she dare? She just left like last night was nothing, like she didn't blow my mind. No woman was so perfect for my needs like she was last night and she just left. No name, no idea who she was, nothing. I kept looking through the apartment for a sign that she was really there, that I didn't dream everything.

I went back to my room to take a shower and get dressed. Her sweet perfume was hardly present in the air, remembering me of how it was to taste it on her skin. I still couldn't believe that she was gone...

But if she thought she escaped after this, she would be so wrong. I always got what I wanted and right now I wanted her. She was so infuriating, talking back and insulting me, but that just made me want to have her more and find as many ways as possible to shut her pretty mouth. She seemed so innocent at the beginning, blushing and looking away, but she was no shy at all. Every time I closed my eyes, I saw her smile, her eyes, begging me to let her come.

"Just wait, dimples. I will find you and soon you will be back in my bed screaming my name," I promised myself.


"Yes, baby. Ah, just like that," Tiffany screamed riding my cock fast and hard.

"Quiet," I said squeezing her throat. Jesus, she was so loud, so not classy. Not at all like my dimples.

No, no "my dimples". I've been looking for her at first, trying to find her. But she didn't want to be found, that was obvious. She was nowhere to be seen, her beautiful face didn't get caught on the security cameras and not even Jones could get a hold of her. If she wanted to, she could have come back, she knew where I lived for fuck sakes, but she didn't. That's probably her thing, fucking with people's heads before vanishing.

"Fuck," she made me so angry, the thought that she did this before was infuriating, and that's how I ended picking up Tiffany here, or at least I believed her name was Tiffany. She practically threw herself at me at the bar downstairs of the hotel.

She moaned as I felt her tightened around me, her eyes closing exhausted, but I didn't care. I turned her on her fours on the bed before pushing her dress up to gather at her waist. I thrust back into her and she screamed my name and I honestly felt like covering my ears. What the fuck was that sound? Was it supposed to be hot? I squeezed her neck back to stop the scratching sounds.

My eyes fell above her ass. "You don't have dimples," I said barely registering my words.

She tried to say something, but only incoherent words came out. I eased the pressure on her neck. "You are into that?"

"Apparently," I growled and tried to fuck her harder, but it wasn't working, nothing was unless I was thinking about her.

I sighed frustrated and pulled out of her not realizing she came again. I went to the bathroom and threw the condom in the trash before starting to dress.

"What are you doing?" the woman asked me through hazy eyes.

"I'm leaving, Tiffany," I said texting Jones to wait for me in the front.

"Asshole," the woman mumbled as she picked her stuff right when I opened the door to get out.

I looked at her confused while she headed in my direction furious, passing me by on her way to the elevator.

"My name is Bethany, you dick," she said leaving me there.

Okay, I was a bit more off than I thought. 'Who the fuck was Tiffany then?' I wondered as I reached the car and Jones drove me home.

As soon as I put a foot in my penthouse, I went straight for the shower, taking my clothes off in fast movements before burying my body under the hot water. Footage from the security cameras replayed in my mind. All of it hiding her beautiful face. I didn't know anything about her besides how good she was behind closed doors.

I felt useless, I couldn't find a woman who walked out of my house as easily as she entered, of her own desire. Everywhere I looked in the apartment I felt like I saw her. And every time I closed my eyes I couldn't stop thinking of the way her body entwined with mine like she was made for me.

"Who are you?" I whispered to myself.

When I closed my eyes I could remember perfectly the moment I saw her. I was upstairs in the VIP sections, closing a deal with some important clients when she walked into the club. She was gorgeous, dark skin and hair, perfect curves, not too much and not too little. I felt my dick rise to attention at the memory.

She was wearing a red dress and my cock steered, the same as now, at the thought of having her in nothing less, spread on my bed and tied up, completely at my mercy to do whatever I wanted with her. I harden more than I was all night with Tiffany at the simple thought of her.

I needed more, I had to get closer. I offered her a drink so I could approach her. I saw her surprised look when the bartender gave it to her and I definitely saw her checking me out with desire on her face. I was about to go and take her out of there when she just turned around and just ignored me. My fists clenched and I wanted to punch something or someone. Did she just refuse me? If that wasn't clear, it certainly became when the guy brought me my drink back. Rejection.

I was so irritated with her at first, but I definitely loved the challenge. I grabbed my cock and start moving my hand slowly up and down. I remembered the way she acted when I trapped her against the wall outside the bathroom. Nobody talked to me like that, I was pissed off, but I've never been so fucking turned on in my life either.

I couldn't stop a moan imagining her bratty mouth around me instead of my hand.

The way she moved, the way she smiled, promising me only sinful things, was driving me mad with desire. I had to kiss her and I did, her body fitting perfectly against mine as I explored her mouth. The taste of cherry on her lips and her perfume were intoxicating. The look in her eyes was making me mad and I knew I had to take her from there before I ripped her clothes off.

I moved my hand faster, images with her naked body flashing through my mind. How good she looked with my tie around her wrists and my hands all over her body. My handprint on her gorgeous ass and those crazy little crazy dimples driving me over the edge.

My balls tightened and I started coming with the moans and little sounds she made in my ear, replaying like a broken cassette. I growled deep in my throat and turned off the water before going to my bedroom and falling on the bed.

I tried all night with Tiffany and nothing could make me fall over the edge, and now the only thing I needed was her memory.

"Shit," I whispered in the silence of my room.

It took me a lot of time to fall asleep last night, and even when I succeed it was with her in my head, but at least I had a few hours of surprisingly good sleep.


My phone rang, and I glanced from my laptop screen to my phone.

"Mother," I said cautiously knowing what this was about.

"Hello to you too, darling!" She responded chuckling. "Cheerful like always I see."

"I have to go back to work, what is it?" I said in a calmer tone.

I heard her inhale loudly before she started talking again.

"Look, I know you work really hard, Aiden. But have you given my wish some thought?" she asked hopefully.

"Not that voice, mother. Please, it kills me to have to say no."

"Then don't. I just want you to give her a chance, honey, a real chance. Please, I barely got an appointment with her today, just once. You go once and if you don't want to see her again it's your choice," she pleaded with me.

"Why are you doing this again?" I asked even though I had a vague idea. "If it's about the piano, I had sent it to repair."

"It's not just about that, Aiden. You don't let anyone close to you and I was there when you destroyed that piano. I thought things were better, but you scared me Aiden, I've never seen you like that," her voice sounded sorrowful, in pain.

"I... I'm sorry," I said eventually. She and Richard raised me when I was left with nothing, they saved me and I hated feeling like I was letting them down or hurting them.

"Please, darling. Once... that's all I ask. An hour," she said in that voice that stopped you from saying no, not that I dared anymore.

"Ok. But just one time, an hour and that's it. When I have to be there?" I asked.

"6 pm. I'll text you the address. Take care of yourself, darling. I love you."

"You too," I said ending the call.

I sighed closing my laptop and getting up to prepare for this appointment with this mysterious woman who could help me resolve my problems. How foolish of her to even imagine that.

I got out of my car telling Jones that I would be ready in an hour. I entered the building taking the elevator to the top floor where apparently it was this shrink's office.

I was greeted by a short woman that looked a bit surprised staring me up and down. Was she waiting for someone else? She went back to her professional side immediately before walking me there. I was impressed, I had to admit, the building looked good and the top floor seemed made for a CEO, styled and classy but screaming power.

"Why is the psychologist's office on the top floor?" I couldn't stop the question from coming out, I was intrigued.

"Well, because Ms.Smith is the founder of all this. She put the bases of the most prestigious organization for mental health in the country and she realized the best way for helping people with any sort of emotional or other problems. She is a true inspiration, you'll see. I'm sure she can help you," the woman said, her eyes shining when she talked about her boss.

"We'll see about the help part," I murmured.

She opened the door announcing "Mr.Scott is here," before letting me in and closing the door behind me.

The walls were a soft, neutral shade of blue while the floor was a little darker. Her desk to the right, bookshelves full of books on the left, white couch and chairs in the middle. The coffee table held some magazines and a box of tissues. I almost snorted, but luckily stopped myself in time. It was quite a simple office, minimalistic.

"Hello, Ms. Smith," I said eventually as I glanced at her behind.

She was looking out the window and I checked her out. I felt my body getting more excited about this meeting. Maybe I wasn't broken after all and just needed someone new that wasn't Tiffany. She finally turned to greet me.

Or not, still fucked.

"You," I whispered.

She was really in front of me, looking even better than I remembered. She barely had makeup on but she was stunning a natural beauty. Her lips were parted and she seemed stuck, not realizing I was really here. Maybe, it really was one night for her and nothing more, but here in front of me with that shirt that hardly hid anything, I found myself getting aroused for her. Good to know that some things never change.

"It's good to see you again, dimples. Missed me?" I said approaching her as the shock slowly faded.

"I... What are you... What are you doing here?" she looked lost and I almost smiled in victory. I knew it wouldn't last.

"I am your appointment," I whispered getting closer to her.

I took advantage of the state she was in to get right in front of her and pin her against the window. She gasped watching me shocked wondering what I was doing. Honestly, I had no idea. I just knew I had to taste her again, to find out if she was still as sweet as that night.

I was glued to her, no centimeters between us, our faces inches apart. I could feel her breath against my lips. I could see the internal struggle, she wanted me if I was to judge from the way she was staring at my lips instead of my eyes. But she didn't know what to do, as she took her bottom lip between her teeth. So, it wasn't just a trick to get me, she was nervous.

She frowned continuing to stare at my mouth and I couldn't stop myself. I crashed my mouth against hers. She didn't react and I grabbed her waist bringing her even closer to me. She gasped and buried her hands in my hair pulling slowly. I moaned at the familiar feeling, barely containing myself from picking her up and fucking her against the wall. The same cherry taste and perfume surrounded me, her scent, and I growled pressing her against the wall. Maybe I would make my fantasy come true after all. She moaned softly and I growled in despair. She was killing me.

"Fuck, I missed that sound," I whispered against her skin before biting the spot on her neck that I knew drove her mad.

And then out of nowhere, I was pushed away, getting deprived of her sweet, welcoming body. She moved and sat down on a chair, not looking at me. What the fuck?

She would look like nothing had happened if it wasn't for her rapid, shallow breaths. I eyed her strangely but she wouldn't meet my eyes. What the hell?

I sat in front of her on the couch waiting for her to say something while trying to make my dick understand that it wasn't the right moment. He definitely was happy to see her. 'Me too, buddy, me too.'

"We can't do this. I'm... I'm sorry, I've never had a one-night stand before, but I think it is supposed to stay a one-time type of thing," she said seriously and I had no idea how much I needed to know she didn't use to do things like that.

But once the relief was gone, I was pissed. "Do you want me to act as nothing happened? 'Cause I can't do that, not when every time I close my eyes I see you naked in front of me," I said furiously.

"You are my patient today, let's keep it like that," she said calmer and I felt like I wanted to punish her for saying stupid shits like that. God and what a punishment would that be.

"Well, we can meet when I am not your patient. That is approved," I said trying not to lose my shit. Didn't she want me again?

"I don't want to see you again. You are here for an hour... 50 minutes now. We don't need to see each other again after this. So let's be professional for those minutes and talk about the reason you are here in my office."

If she wasn't so stubborn to piss me off I would have kissed her again by now.

"So let me get this clear first. If I am not you're patient, you won't see me at all, correct?"


"Then, where do I sign my name for a new appointment?" I asked with a smirk on my face.

"What? No, no, no. You can't do that."

"Why not? I thought you live to help people in need. And dimples, I really need help."

"Why are you calling me dimples?" she asked and I smirked.

I could see the moment she realized why. "Oh," her cheeks turned a nice shade of pink, making me even more turned on as her lips formed an o. Well, fuck me now. Like for real, could she?

"So tell me how do you do this? You ask questions and I answer?" I asked trying to think of something else.

She looked at me suspiciously as if she didn't know if I was serious or not. I just needed some thinking, deciding, plotting.

"Well, I try to make my patients feel comfortable and safe. So I usually start the first session by simply talking and getting to know them while letting them do the same with me. We can just talk about random things until you feel comfortable around me."

"I think we both know exactly how comfortable I feel around you, don't we?"

I said enjoying the blush coloring her cheeks again, imagining it spreading lower than just her face. Jesus, Aiden, pull your shits together. I coughed to get rid of the huskiness present in my voice.

"So let's get to know each other. It will be like 20 questions."

"Okay. Do you want to start or should I?" she asked way to nicely and I just signaled her to begin. "Okay. Let's see... What's your favorite color?"

I snorted. "Only you could ask questions this boring."

She glared at me, and I wanted to smile harder. This was so easy. But before I knew it, she closed her eyes and opened them again smiling patiently. What the fuck? What happened with the woman from the club?

"I don't care about colors, so, I guess I don't have a favorite one."

"But how-"

"Oh no," I shook my head at her. "It's my turn to ask," I interrupted her and she closed her mouth obediently. Okay, for real, what happened?

"Then ask," she said sweetly, but her eyes showed me how annoyed she was.

Yes, there was still hope.

I smirked and she narrowed her eyes. "How many guys had you have sex with before me?"

Her eyes widened and a blush flourished on her cheeks. "That's not professional."

"And that's not an answer. You didn't mention anything that couldn't be asked. If you want me to talk and trust you, you have to let me get to know you."

"That has nothing to do with getting to know me," she hissed.

"Of course it does, dimples. Now, c'mon, we are wasting precious time," I smiled glancing at my watch.

She narrowed her eyes again at me. She was cute, had to give her that.

"Fine," she eventually agreed. "Two guys, you were the third. Why does it matter?"

"Just curious, but you just wasted your second question."

God, I loved this game.

"What?" she raised her eyebrows. "But I didn't intend to-"

"Pay more attention next time, Ms. Smith," I advised her. "Now, was I the best sex you've ever had?"

Her mouth opened shocked and I wanted to laugh. Who knew she could be so entertaining?

"You weren't," she mumbled slowly sounding more pissed.

I chuckled. "I've never lied. So, why do you? How could I trust you with my secrets if you are a liar, Ms. Smith?"

I didn't move my eyes from her, I had no idea if I was even blinking. I was hungry for any of her reactions.

She swallowed looking embarrassed as she looked down. "Fine, yes you were," she whispered under her breath.

"I was what?" I pressed more.

"The best sex I had. Happy?" she said louder staring at me with furious eyes.

"Very. Now, my fourth question-"

"Wait a minute, it's my turn," she interrupted as she hanged at the edge of her seat.

"You asked me if I was happy. You wasted it."

I was so grateful for all the business skills I learned in the past years.

"And you asked me to repeat my answer when it was my turn to ask something. You wasted yours too. It's my turn," she smiled victoriously and I had to give it to her. She was a quick learner.

"Why did your mom sent you here?"

She really learned fast.

"Anger issues. Would you sleep with me again?"

"No. Since when do you have anger issues?"

"Highschool. Would you sleep with me again if we were only two strangers in a bar?"

"Yes," she answered fast as we both started an unspoken competition of 20 questions. "What triggered the first outburst?"

"A stupid kid. Why did you leave in the morning?

"Because it was a one-night stand. What did the kid do?"

"Insulted me," I wanted to be more pissed, but the fast rhythm was stopping me to think more. "Do you regret leaving?"

"No. Did you want me to stay?"

"Yes, I wanted to fuck you again. Did you think about me since then?"

"Yes. You?"

"Yes. What did you think about in particular?" I smirked enjoying this more than I wanted to admit.

She blushed deeper. "Everything, the way you made me feel."

"I can make you feel like that again," I whispered as I stood up walking towards her.

She was caught off guard as I leaned in pressing one of my hands on the back of the chair and one next to her bared knee.

"I can make you feel really really good," I murmured leaning closer to her lips. She pressed her thighs together and I smirked looking down.

My finger slowly traced her outer thigh as her skirt rode up a little. She bit her lip as she stared down at my hand. "What do you say?" I leaned lower to brush my nose against her rapid pulse. At least I knew it wasn't all in my imagination. She wanted me too.

I waited for her response as I slowly pressed my lips on the spot behind her ear and a soft whimper escaped her. I smirked feeling my cock harden.

I kissed her jaw slowly making my way to her lips, she tilted her head back a bit, our noses touching. I could almost smell the cherry on her lips, her perfume invading my senses. The same perfume that lingered on my sheets. I brushed my lips slowly against her and she moaned deep in her throat making my dick jerk. Fuck. How was that so erotic? I leaned further ready to make her mine again right here, right now.

"No, wait," she pressed her palms against my chest pushing me slowly away as she turned her head away from mine.

"What?" I looked dumbfounded at her as she stood up from the chair, still pressed to my body as I didn't move an inch. I was still trying to process the fact that we weren't kissing right now.

"I'm sorry, but we can't do this and it's final," she said with a finality to it that made me wanna punch something in frustration.

I was frustrated, my body was frustrated, she was frustrating. Fuck this.

"I'm leaving, this was a waste of time," I said and she looked surprised as I turned around and stormed out of her office and out of this stupid building.

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