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Charlotte was about to knock on the massive, dark wood door in front of her when suddenly it was whipped open. Out stepped a tall man, wearing a gray suit and talking rapidly on the phone, taking no notice of her. The stranger turned and gave her a confused look. "Hello, my name is Charlotte Stein," she said adding a smile. "Oh yeah," said the man gesturing for her to walk inside his apartment , " You must be the new maid." "Maid?" Charlotte asked with extreme confusion, "I am not a maid" she stated. "Were you hired by my brother Max ?" he asked. "Mr. De Luca, why would your brother hire me ?" "Hire you for you know...." His voice trailed off as he shifted his head to the side. Charlotte gasped loudly, realizing what he meant. She closed her eyes wondering just what she got herself into. ------- Charlotte Stein works at a well established au-pair agency that looks after and tutors the children of the city's most affluent families. When Isabelle De Luca, a friendly but persistent woman approaches her with a job offer, she has no choice but to accept. Charlotte assumes that Isabelle hired her to look after one of her grandchildren but is shocked when she soon realizes that she was not hired for that purpose. Not at all...

Romance / Humor
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Firstly, I really appreciate you taking the time to read my book, and I sincerely hope that you thoroughly enjoy it.

I am in no way a professional a writer, writing is simply a way for me to share my thoughts and dreams with the world. If you happen to come across any grammar or spelling errors, help ya girl out and don't hesitate to point them out.

This book is a work of fiction; straight from my dreams and imagination, any similarities between any of the characters or situations that occur in this book are completely coincidental.

If you enjoy reading then please make sure to vote or leave me a comment because I's love to hear from you guys.

Happy reading, Sade xx

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